237: Start 2019 with the Funniest, Healthiest and Hottest Moments of Food Heals History!


Laughing heals – so we’ve gathered the funniest moments since we started the podcast three years ago, to bring you an episode that will make you laugh out loud. If you’ve not checked these episodes out yet, make sure you do!


What you’ll learn in Episode 237:

  • How to set goals you’ll stick to
  • What it means to focus
  • What eating a sirloin does to your arteries and your gut
  • The BEST way to begin your new year (and it’s not setting resolutions)
  • How you can change someone’s life
  • The daily habit that will make your brain 11 years younger
  • Leslie’s ultimate smoothie recipe
  • The sign of a healthy well-balanced body
  • One move that will improve your health and mood

Our favorite moments:

@6:11 Big and bold? Who cares!

@8:55 It’s a little nutty

@15:45 It’s a miracle!

@19:02 Your gut is screwed up, baby

@23:28 Mind equals blown!

@29:52 Crazy woowoo

@41:25 A little more hip action

@50:35 I cannot believe I didn’t do this sooner


Katie Krimitsos

Did you stop shaving your armpits?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/180-katie/

iTunes: http://apple.co/KatieKrimitsos


Sage & Anna-Blanca

Are you leaking Jing?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/182/

iTunes: http://apple.co/sageandannablanca


Amanda Deming

Let’s get to the wine!

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/8

iTunes: http://bit.ly/HealingCervicalCancer


John Lee Dumas

Are your goals smart?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/116-2/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/Ep116


Dr. Joel Kahn

Get out of your body’s way and let it heal.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/49/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/DrKahnDiet


Stephanie Goldfinger

Praise carrots!

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/1/

iTunes: http://apple.co/1J5dfpp


John Salley

Lion vegetarian?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/54/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/JohnSalley-Part1


New Year’s episode with Jay, Joy and Sophie

Rampage of gratitude!

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/185/

iTunes: https://bit.ly/2018wellnesstips


Drew Canole

Shamanic talk, green juice and foreplay.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/181/

iTunes: http://apple.co/DrewCanole


Gabby Bernstein

What does the world need right now?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/153/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/SpiritJunkiePodcast


Lori Harder

Have you seen Jesus’s abs?

iTunes: http://bit.ly/LoriHarder

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/227/


Dr. Masley

Leafy green sexiness.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/187/

iTunes: https://bit.ly/DrMasley


Leslie Durso

Juice cleanse or smoothie cleanse?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/96/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/LeslieDursoPt2


Dr. Stephen Cabral

What’s the sign of a healthy balanced body?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/186/

iTunes: https://bit.ly/StephenCabral


Whitney Lauritsen

Take the risk for your passion.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/21/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/EcoVeganGal3


Dr. Zagone

Improve health, happiness and sexiness with this one move.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/109/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/DrZagone


Adam Schaeuble

Things are getting hot in the studio.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/235/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/MillionPoundMission


Danielle Mercurio

Self-love or self-ok?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/207/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/DanielleMercurio


Alison Crowley

Type A personality and yoga.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/46/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/AlisonCrowley


Kate Erickson

The power of rituals – or is it karaoke?

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/119-2/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/KateErickson


Jason Wrobel

Best karaoke moments EVER.

Blog: http://foodhealsnation.com/15/

iTunes: http://bit.ly/JasonWrobelLive


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