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163: How to Tap into Happiness and Listen to Your Intuition

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158: How to Heal Auto-Immune Diseases, Rejuvenate and Detoxify Your Body Naturally

Continuing our Spirit Junkie Podcast series, today we’re interviewing a fierce warrior of health with an incredible healing story to share. Lauren Tatarchuk was so ill she was on a shoebox of prescription pills every day. She healed herself naturally and is now a regenerative detoxification specialist, biofeedback expert and spirit junkie. Read More
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157: How to Empower Women & Girls in the Digital Age with Dr. Carla Stokes

For the fifth episode in our Spirit Junkie Podcast Series we’re talking to Dr. Carla Stokes, a Spirit Junkie, transformational life coach for teenage girls, inspirational speaker and motivational business mentor. Discover the tools to change your mindset, step out of self-criticism, and attract confidence and abundance into your life. Plus, Dr. Carla shares her tips on how we can be resilient women in this digital age of airbrushing and filters. Read More
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153: Gabby Bernstein on How to Turn Fear Into Faith & Build a Mission-Driven Business

We couldn’t think of a better way to launch the first episode in our Spirit Junkie Podcast Series than with an interview with the original Spirit Junkie herself, Gabby Bernstein! A next generation thought leader and one of our all-time favorite role models, Gabby will help you dive into your mission-driven business with confidence, authenticity, and unshakable belief in yourself. Read More
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150: The Truth About Cystitis and How to Heal with a High-Raw Vegan Diet

Marina Yanay-Triner is a vegan blogger with a passion for raw plant-based food. Discover her powerful healing story and how she reconnected with her body through veganism. If you’re looking for inspiration to add more raw plant-based goodness to your life, and tips for healthy digestion, this episode is for you! Read More
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146: Life Lafter Divorce: Using Laughter to Heal and the Truth About Love

Today’s guest will have you laughing out loud with her unique take on divorce. Comedian, podcaster and divorcee Leeann Linsky has learned to turn adversity into something you can laugh about. She married the two things she knew best, comedy and divorce, to create a new life for herself and help divorcees to let go of pain and step into their true selves with love and laughter. Read More