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The food Heals podcast with Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy

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6 comments on “Contact

  1. Stephanie Uetrecht Sep 4, 2015

    I left an itunes review ‘sutrek’ and now would love to be entered in your amazing swag bag drawing.

    Thanks for the great show giving great information. I’m motivated to transition to a more plant based diet again. I was vegetarian for 13 years but stopped about 12 years ago. I am exploring healthy options to eat less meat. Your podcast is motivating me.

    I also ordered per your recommendation and already love the Schmidt deodorant. It smells great and actually works. Thanks for tip.

    Steph Uetrecht

  2. Good evening,
    Loved the Lorelei series. It was great. I would love to have a series on lymphedema, a condition from an interruption to the lymph flow. Mine condition is from cancer, but can come from various ways. 10 million suffer with this very depilating disfiguring condition. Kathy Bates is our spokesperson. It would be great to cover ways to manage something that has no medical cure, constant pain, sleeplessness, weight gain, secondary conditions arise from the constant swelling at the cellular level. Insight for this group about daily living, eating, sleeping, self esteem, confidence, sex, and more. I would be happy to be contacted if needed. Tammy Forchion Director 4Chion Marketing

  3. Hello Allison + Suzy!!!

    Thanks so much for putting yourselves out there on such important but personal topics. I’ve been listening to your show now for months and love the topics covered, the community you’re building is awesome. (I currently stay home with my little boy – so I listen to many podcasts 🙂 However, with yours I connect on many levels!

    I currently work as a recipe developer and designer with a few startups in the health-food sphere to build community awareness and help them grow. I have been offering my services for no charge (while off with my son). Design is my support + backbone and Natural Cheffing is a constant growing practice. I’m passionate for both – especially when used together and for a good cause!

    Would you be interested in food photography or promotional pieces like healthy recipe cards? If you are looking for mostly anything design or food-related I could probably help! Either way, I look forward to your next episode!

    Take care,

    p.s. episode #89 struck me hard, I also have family members who are and have struggled with cancer. Coming together with knowledge and expertise, we can get the message out there to prevent diseases like this from happening, so damn often.

  4. Sep 28, 2016

    hihihi –

    you had a show with a woman who mentioned a supplement she got from Whole Foods (?) that was as effective for anxiety and depression as a prescribed drug but didn’t have the side effects. it feels like she had battled multiple issues starting as a teen, maybe even heavy metal detox. when I listened to the podcast, I made a note of the supplement but I guess I put the note someplace safe. you know, so safe I can’t find it now. can you recall who that guest might have been so I can relisten to the podcast? or if you know the supplement share that with me?

    thank you so much. anxiety and depression are nearly pandemic and the side effects of those prescriptions are nearly as debilitating as the condition.

  5. Hi Allison,
    Hope you are well. You browsed past our DefenderShield booth at Expo East in Baltimore a few weeks ago and seamed to show some interest, included in co-branding. I am not sure how we may help but would like to explore, if you have the time. One question you had was, will we co-brand? The answer is yes. One example of a project is when I did a podcast with Dave Asprey of BulletProof earlier this year. Before the airing we actually delivered several thousand products to BulletProof with their logo on our products.
    Give me a call if you would like to chat. Thanks

    Cell: 941.518.3916
    Defendershield CEO

  6. Hi kids 😊, Bob the Natural Health Advocate here. I was reading your cleanse program from Healing Cancer this Century membership, & wanted to let you know the hyper links for the products aren’t working. I’m interested in following the cleanse with my wife that’s been seriously ill for 3 years. I’ve managed to get her stable through a combo of nutrition, integrative therapies and a little allopathic gobble d gook for good measure 😂 But cleansing wouybe in good order. Could you provide the links to the products you recommend?
    Thx, Bob