238: Transform Yourself From The Outside In With Makeover & Dating Expert Kimberly Seltzer


New year, New You! You know what that means? A new makeover is in order. So what better way to begin 2019 than with style coach Kimberly Seltzer!


You might not realize it, but your outfits are more than just clothes. They say a lot about you. They can keep you feeling down, they can block love, and they can even give away your power. Wearing muted colors, going for the bigger size, wrapping up in layers: it all sends a strong message, both to the outside world and to yourself. That message is you are not confident and are not comfortable in your own skin.


Because of this, implementing positive change is an uphill struggle. But this can work the other way too: a great outfit can make you feel empowered, and over time this boosts your confidence and improves your mindset, so you can attract what you want – whether it’s in love or in business.


Often, we’re told that if we work on what’s on the inside – our mindset – we can transform what’s on the outside.  But the truth is, if you work on both your mindset and your wardrobe, transformation gets much faster. Kim knows about this first-hand.



Twenty years ago, she was a traditional therapist – in other words, she was totally focused on the internal side of things. But life happened; she got a divorce. Her mood was so low she couldn’t even get out of bed, let alone be a helpful therapist. Despite her knowledge of talking therapy, she couldn’t get out of her own way or change how she felt.


One day, she looked in the mirror. And she was horrified. Frumpy, wearing oversized clothes, a nursing bra and Birkenstocks. She looked like her mindset: sad and hiding in a cocoon of black. So she went shopping. Luckily, a personal shopper saw her picking out her usual uniform and intervened with a sexy little red dress. This chance encounter changed Kim’s life forever. She suddenly felt like herself again. Her confidence started growing. And the rest is history. Now, Kim is determined to help others reconnect with themselves and find their perfect partner.  


Kim’s tips for dating:

  • Be aware of your posture and body language – uncross your arms, stand tall, smile.
  • The 3 F’s:
    • FUN – stop taking things so seriously, take pleasure in life.
    • FASHION – dress in clothes that make you feel sexy and confident.
    • FLIRTING – flirt with life. Flirting is to behave as though you are attracted to someone, without the serious intention of an outcome – and that last part is most important. Don’t get hung up on the result, just be in the moment and be playful. That will act like a magnet.
  • Take Kim’s free Body Shape Guide – come out of your cocoon!
  • Check out Kim’s podcast Charisma Quotient.
  • Connect with Kim – jump on a free taster call or book a virtual makeover session.


If you want to see some of the transformations Kim has helped make happen, check out her Instagram.


What you’ll learn in Episode 238:

  • How to transform your confidence from the outside in
  • Is the way you dress preventing you from finding love?
  • The color that attracts men – and why
  • Why never to stop dating (even when you’re married)
  • The first thing to do to improve your confidence
  • Tips to attract your mate
  • How to flirt with life
  • Why we lose our spark, and how to get it back
  • What we can learn from children and animals
  • How to own your body and all that you are
  • A way of setting New Year goals that actually works


Our favorite moments:

@1:34 The shit hit the fan

@23:23 Men love women who love themselves

@37:14 Confidence is experience

@41:20 That’s the magic


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Here’s what people are saying:

Participating in Allison Melody’s ‘Rise and Bloom’ Mastermind groups have been a total game changer for me.  That’s an overused term, I suppose, but in this case it completely applies.  Starting with the small group, day-long session in April of 2018, I received an incredible amount of information…but more than that, I left that experience with the confidence needed to kick my side hustle into full gear.

After attending Rise and Bloom in April, I was able to achieve the following:
Complete and Publish my second book
Feature my new book at a book signing event
Launch my own podcast
Develop a Group Coaching Program that will launch in 2019

That was after just one day of coaching, hot-seat, and networking with other “students” like me.  Imagine what a five week program could provide!

Having just wrapped up that five week program two days ago, my toolbox is full of the things I need to make 2019 a major success in my businesses.  Allison recruits the very best talent out there, from a variety of influencers who bring all their goods to the table for us students to devour.  I would leave each and every call feeling quite full, but not over stuffed.  Because it’s always a healthy meal when it’s coming from something related to Food Heals!

I would highly recommend the Rise and Bloom Mastermind Program for any female entrepreneur  looking to up her game.  Allison Melody has been an amazing teacher, mentor, friend, and inspiration to me.  Down to the core, y’all, she’s the real deal!

Kris McPeak
CEO, SilverPeak Development


I absolutely loved Ali’s mastermind, Rise and Bloom. I learned so much! I feel like participating in this mastermind will definitely take my business to the next level because Ali shares things exactly as they are – straight and to the point! No weird strategies that don’t work. All the information she shared with us was from her own experience, and very targeted towards being efficient and effective in our business. It’s a joy to learn from her and I can’t wait to elevate my business and continue learning from Ali in the next round of this amazing mastermind! 
Marina Yanay-Triner
Soul in the Raw

2019 Rise and Bloom Mastermind INCLUDES: 
– 1 monthly coaching call with myself and experts on topics including: marketing, monetization, networking, sales funnels, Facebook Groups, podcasting, copywriting, social media, events, retreats and more.
– 3 private podcasts per month on topics like: health, business, spirituality, relationships, wellness, girl-bossing, manifestation, the Law of Attraction and more.
Sample Podcasts and Guest Expert Topics Include:
  • How to Build a Profitable Network with Travis Chappell
  • How to Become an Amazon Bestselling Author with Laura Petersen
  • How to Create Profitable Facebook Groups with Jill Stanton 
  • The Power of Podcasting with EOFire’s Kate Erickson
  • How to Create Multiple Income Streams with Alida McDaniel
  • How to Transform Relationships at Work with Alli and Suzy

And more!

Rise and Bloom Has A Six-Month Schedule, Starting On:
Fourth Wednesday of each month
Jan 30th (Technically 5th Wednesday)

Feb. 27th

March 27th 
April 24th
May 22nd
June 26th
Email info@foodhealsnation.com to get started




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