182: Stop Aging and Start Thriving: How Chocolate Can Make You Look & Feel Younger


Sage and AnnaBlanca, the gorgeous chocolatiers behind Addictive Wellness, are back to tell us all about their new elixir blends that supercharge your health from the inside out.  With their belief that everyone should be able to enjoy organic food, made from ingredients that heal and energize, the couple infuses every piece of their heirloom artisanal, raw chocolate with their love for each other, nature, and passion for superfoods. They’ve created elixirs with the same love and passion for health. Listen now!


Those who have tried Chinese medicine know that herbal tonic blends tend to taste really awful and bitter! Sage and AnnaBlanca knew that if they wanted to share their love of tonic herbs, they had to make them taste good. Their superfood elixirs are free of gluten, sugar, GMOs, nuts, dairy, and soy and most importantly… delicious!  Mixed with almond milk, they taste like they shouldn’t be good for you! These elixirs are super clean, pure, don’t spike your blood sugar and are mixed with powerful Chinese herbs like cordyceps, lion’s mane, and astralagus to support vital energy.



Addictive Wellness’ Tips for Longevity

AnnaBlanca and Sage base their health routine on the Chinese Three Treasure System: Jing, Chi and Shen. Think of it as a candle. The Jing is the wax and wick of the candle — the building blocks, the Chi is the flame — the active part, and the Shen is the purpose — your higher spirit, the light in your eyes, how positively and beautifully you can affect the world and others. The stronger and healthier you are, the more positive impact you can have on the world. How do you get there?

Here are Addictive Wellness’ tips:


  • Support your Jing, the energy reserve you’re born with (your core kidney adrenal energy) by:
    • Including herbs that support your Jing, like he-shou-wu and cordyceps.
    • Removing sugar from your diet. Sugar breaks down collagen in your skin and ages your cells on a molecular level.
    • Increasing your intake of healthy fats.
    • Identifying where you’re leaking Jing: crazy lifestyle, stress, partying, processed foods, drugs, not getting enough sleep, etc.
    • Increasing your intake of healthy fats.
    • Protecting your skin! AnnaBlanca’s secret sunscreen solution is Astaxanthin algae extract which helps your skin withstand the sun from within.


As you build up your Jing, your Chi gets stronger, and your Shen—your light and inner spirit—shines brighter. This means you won’t just feel healthier and more alive, you’ll also be able to have a more positive impact on the world around you.


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What you’ll learn in Episode 182:

  • A great herb to boost beauty
  • How to boost your vital energy
  • The three types of energy in your body
  • The quickest way to leak your Jing
  • Why and how sugar ages you
  • The best nutrient combination to rebuild your body
  • Why your genes are NOT your destiny
  • The best stem cell stimulators
  • The powerful anti-aging properties of spirulina
  • The difference between spirulina and chlorella
  • Best natural ways to chelate heavy metals from your body
  • The highest source of vegan protein
  • How to really taste and savor chocolate
  • How to use herbs to support your Yin and Yang
  • The flower to add to your diet to slow down the aging process
  • Addictive Wellness secrets to natural sun screen
  • The many roles of hormones for your body and immune system
  • The scary truth about sunscreen and cancer – and a safe, natural solution



Our favorite moments:

@1:35 Chocolate-gasms!

@23:23 Best compliment I ever had!

@26:42 Alcohol is what?

@36:23 Totally high from the chocolate aroma.

@39:45 Chocolate foreplay?

@47:50 Great herbs for sexy time.








Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database



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