119: How to Design your Dream Life with Kate Erickson


Commuting for hours to a job you hate, doing repetitive tasks you are completely bored with, feeling unmotivated, unappreciated, and stuck. Does this sound like you? Sprinting on that hamster wheel, unable to jump off and start living life on your own terms?

This is just how Kate Erickson felt. After years working in banking, HR, advertising and marketing, Kate realized she needed to do something different, needed to follow her own dreams. She ditched the corporate job to launch the 7-day-a-week podcast EO Fire with her partner John Lee Dumas (check out our interview with John here). Four years on, it’s a 7-figure business and the podcast generates over 1 million downloads each month! More amazing still, EO Fire makes its resources available so you can see just how to set up a successful online business. Kate is fired up about educating people about entrepreneurship, mindset and how YOU get to choose what your life will look like.

Kate is the host of Kate’s Take, EO Fire’s audio blog where you can peek behind the scenes of a successful 7-figure business, plus get step by step advice on how to create, grow and monetize your new venture. She’s also written The Fire Path, a beginner’s guide to growing an online business. She’s working on an exciting sister project to The Freedom Journal. Entitled “The Mastery Journal”, it’s all about mastering productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days – opt in and get special access to behind-the-scenes information!

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Kate’s breakthrough moment.
  • What Kate did in the 6 months before quitting her job to prepare for entrepreneurship.
  • How to find out what your strengths are.
  • Why it is we sometimes need to hear things over and over before we take action.
  • How to let go of control, and why you’ll definitely benefit from it.
  • How Allison applied Kate’s system training to both her work life and health.
  • How to fit a morning routine into your schedule – no matter how busy you are.
  • How to stay healthy while running a successful business.
  • The most important and fulfilling sources of revenue.
  • Why accountability is life-changing.
  • Kate’s super simple, antioxidant-packed morning smoothie recipe.

Kate’s Links:


The Fire Path

Kate’s Take Podcast



The Mastery Journal


Our Favorite Moments:

@5:59 Following the “normal” path

@8:40 I have so much more potential than this

@15:54 I love sharing this.

@20:30 Be your own accountability partner

@24:45 This is going to make such a difference in my life

@26:00 Can we have it all?

@35:02 Simplify everything

@35:54 Antioxidant power packed

@36:40 I cannot believe I didn’t do this sooner

@38:19 It was all about the karaoke


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Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy answer your questions on this Q&A Thursday episode of The Food Heals Podcast!

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  1. Thank you ladies so much for having me on the show! I loved our chat, and I hope your listeners not only get a lot out of this ep, but that they enjoyed tuning in!