207: The Transformational Power of Kundalini Yoga, Stand-Up Comedy & Giving Yourself Permission with Danielle Mercurio


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Kundalini teacher, spiritual coach, comedian, speaker, all-round entrepreneurial superstar…


Danielle Mercurio is a gipsy of all trades who is living her truth.


It wasn’t always that way, though. As a child she dreamed of being a performer, but it felt out of reach. Instead, she tried to do what she was told to do by society, working a job she didn’t enjoy because it met expectations in other people’s eyes. 


But that kind of living catches up with you, quick. After years of partying to escape the fact she wasn’t being true to herself, and too many mornings waking up not knowing what happened the night before, Danielle had a spiritual awakening. She was finally able to see her messy present  as an opportunity to explore what was on the other side.


It wasn’t a smooth ride. Danielle started slowly, with strategies to get to self-ok (self love would still take awhile to reach), where she could simply show up for her life. That “ok-ness” soon turned into genuinelty liking herself. Then, with the help of Kundalini yoga and Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass (she was one of the first people to sign up, ever), she was able to completely surrender to the flow and abundance of the universe, and find her path. She gave herself permission to get out of her corporate job and into the life she really wanted: spiritual entrepreneur, life coach, self-help comedian, speaker and podcaster.


Does this resonate with you? So many of us have that feeling inside that we’re not doing what we are truly supposed to. We have all these great ideas, but because we seek validation from external sources, we never give ourselves that go-ahead to take action.


But the fact you’re here, reading this today, is no accident.


If you feel the desire to set up a food business or do life coaching or become a spiritual entrepreneur, that is the universe giving you permission.


And there is no better time to go for it than RIGHT NOW. You do not need external permission to start a YouTube channel, or a podcast, or a blog, or to start that spiritual business.


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Don’t be afraid to go there, to be who you really want to be, who you truly are. That’s where you can take inspired action and make your dreams come true. Let magic happen to you.



What you’ll learn in Episode 207:

  • Danielle’s moment of transformation
  • How to start at self-ok
  • Why you need to start doing kundalini yoga TODAY
  • A psychological tool to manifest your dream life
  • How Danielle transitioned from corporate to spiritual entrepreneur
  • Why you NEED guilty pleasures (and secrets about ours!)
  • How to use meditation as a pick-up line
  • A 30-second meditation that will completely reset your day
  • How to stop asking permission and finally follow your dreams


Our favorite moments:

@17:18 Touch me all you want!

@20:38 Things will start to shift

@23:20 You’re the servant of something unstoppable

@36:39 I believe in the power of quickies

@52:18 Let magic happen to you





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