35: The secret to weight loss and hormone regulation with Shelby Webb


Shelby Webb is Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant who became passionate about the healing power of food after seeing its benefits in mitigating the symptoms of her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a very common hormone disorder.  Shelby lost 30 pounds and nearly 1/5 of her body weight by incorporating the principles of the blood type diet and now helps others do the same. She encourages her clients to eat whole foods and to make sustainable lifestyle changes for long-lasting results.

We cover so many fascinating topics in this episode, but one of the most interesting is the Blood Type diet.  This is what finally connected the dots for Shelby and really gave her body what it specifically needed nutritionally.  It’s amazing to compare the blood types, body types, and nutrition types and see how so much of the science actually validates our own experiences.  We can’t wait to test Suzy’s blood and see if our hunches are true!  You won’t want to miss this fascinating conversation!


Our Favorite Moments:

@6:45 – Blood type diet

@7:45 – You can test your blood type at home

@8:40 – Japanese use blood type as a job interview question

@10:45 – Lechtins aren’t your friends

@11:55 – Type A does well on a vegan diet

@16:30 – Type O should be gluten and dairy free

@18:00 – Suzy predicts her blood type

@19:40 – Type B recommendations

@21:22 – Type AB recommendations

@22:30 – Blood type app for grocery shopping

@24:30 – The deep South and nutrition….not exactly best friends

@28:42 – Supporting the local economy

@29:19 – Acidity or alkalinity?

@39:00 – Monsanto and GMO?

@:40:27  – GMO OMG! and Cowspiracy

@42:30 – Political impacts of GMO

@46:23 – Throw away plastic in your kitchen to help PCOS

@48:40 – Acne and nutrition – it’s connected

@51:50 – We’re a weird species


Shelby’s Favorite Simple Syrup Recipe:

2 c. water

1/4 c. Stevia

Simmer until Stevia is dissolved.  Store in the fridge and use in your favorite beverages!

You can find more of Shelby’s recipes here.


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