112: Anti-aging and Juicy Beauty Tips with Jing Slingers Jay & Joy


Allison and her favorite guest co-host Eco Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen interview Joy Coelho and Jay Denman. Together Joy and Jay are the amazing team behind Jing Slingers, and authors of a fantastic new book Foods with Benefits.

Joy is literally glowing—we couldn’t believe she’s nearly 60! But she wasn’t always this way. She used to weight nearly 300 pounds, had high blood pressure and felt miserable. When an energetic healer found a tumor on one of her ovaries, she threw herself into holistic medicine. Now, she takes no meds, she feels amazing, has “a rockin’ libido” (and we all want one of those, right ladies?) and feels fitter and healthier than she was at 35.

Jay is a writer, speaker and yogi. He suffered with heart palpitations in his early 20s, but refused the prescription meds in favor of a holistic approach. He’s spent the last 15 years studying yoga, self-development and the power of tonic herbs. Working in Tonic bars all over the world, Jay has crafted over 50,000 custom elixirs to help his clients detoxify from the heavy burden our artificial world puts on our bodies.

Everyone is welcome at Joy and Jay’s table, whether you’re vegan, paleo, omnivore, vegetarian, gluten-free, and their recipes can be adapted to all needs. Their book, Food with Benefits, is packed with cleverly comforting foods that will elevate you and your health. And we can testify to them being absolutely divine (we tasted them and…. OMG!).

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • What to do to recharge your DNA.
  • The difference between tonic herbs and medicinal herbs.
  • How our artificial environment impacts our health.
  • How to grow money (really!)
  • A food you can grow in just ten days.
  • How to source herbs on a budget.
  • The healthiest coffee to drink.
  • Plus a really juicy beauty tip…

Jing Slinger Links:

Food with Benefits





Our Favorite Moments:

@6:40 An ice cream that burns fat.

@17:30 Shiny-hiny contest!

@19:58 This cone is blowing my mind.

@22:50 Grow your own money!

@42:05 Happy little monkey.

@47:20 We’re all glowing!

@49:10 I feel like I’m on fire!

@53:10 We don’t need anti-aging creams!

@1:03:45 Glow-tatoes!


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Links from the show:


Antony Anderson Raw Model

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

Baxyl supplement for plumped up skin

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One comment on “112: Anti-aging and Juicy Beauty Tips with Jing Slingers Jay & Joy

  1. Hi food heals team and Jay and Joy

    LOVED this podcast. I am so inspired.

    I have a question about fluoride. I was living in Australia and New Zealand for 2 years and I’ve just gone to the dentist in NYC for the first time in 3.5 years. I had 7 cavities despite apparent great oral hygiene. The dentist said its because I didn’t have fluoride in my water for too long. She gave me a fluoride toothpaste. I’m skeptical especially hearing your fears about fluoride. Any thoughts would be so helpful.

    Thank you so much
    warmest regard,