12: Holistic healing for your pet & Jackson, the miracle dog


Today, we have a packed studio at the Food Heals Podcast.  Today’s topic of healing your pets through natural therapies has compelled us to reveal the lurkers in our studio!  Not only do we have special guest, Dan Masciarelli, but we also have Obie, Jackson and Charlotte.

Charlotte is an 11 year old Beagle and Jackson is a 2 year old terrier mix, and they belong to Allison.  Suzy has Obie, her 9 year old Bichon Frise that resembles an ewok.  His name is a tip of the hat to none other than Star Wars.  Our confession is that the dogs are actually always in the studio with us.  They think we are are getting together for a play date, when it is time to record a podcast.  They have no idea we are actually working here!  So, today we are letting the dogs take the spotlight.

Today’s episode about healing your pets, comes as a result of us healing Jackson.  So, to help tell the story of Jackson’s healing, we have invited Jackson’s Dad, Dan Masciarelli to the show to help share the story of Jackson’s healing.  We are very excited to share this story and hope that many other beloved pets can be healed too.



Our Favorite Moments:

@1:45 – Obie says hello

@2:43 – Allison’s husband Dan joins the show

@6:15 – Why your dog throwing up may actually not be that big of a deal

@8:00 – Find out the important symptom Jackson was having that we completely missed

@9:36 – We don’t serve our dog alcohol or drugs

@10:05 – Suzy proves she is smarter than any vet we took Jackson to!

@15:57 – Find out who called the ball and sprung Jackson from the vet where he wasn’t getting better.

@29:15 – Hard decisions – we brought Jackson home to die….and promptly called the holistic Dr.

@34:40 – Jackson begins to emerge from the fog

@41:50 – What made the Dr. say, “There’s no reason that Jackson can’t make a full recovery”

@51:15 – How long it took for Jackson to fully recover


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