345: The Truth About Your Gut That No One Else is Talking About and How to Heal GI Issues for Good!


What do cancer, autoimmune disease, allergies, mental health, and fertility all have in common? 

The Gut!

Did you know that the microbiome in your gut does way more than just digest your food? 

It also…  

  • Helps you absorb nutrients and minerals
  • Helps regulate your immune system (kick flu season in the butt!)
  • Plays a big part of regulating your hormones. 
  • Can help improve brain health and function


  • It may also affect your weight.

All disease begins in the gut… so that’s where healing begins as well!

On today’s episode we’ve got four incredible guests who deep dive into where the core of most of our health problems lie and give tips and tricks to get you back to feeling your best and trusting your gut once again! 

Tina Anderson worked in the pharmaceutical business because she wanted to help others. She quickly realized that medicine was just making people sicker and that the best way to heal your body was to heal from the inside out. She founded a probiotics company called Just Thrive that carries a unique strain of probiotics that focuses and assist in naturally healing the gut. Now it’s her mission to help others thrive and feel their best. 

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz (also known as Dr. B) is an internal medicine doctor and expert gastroenterologist.  Dr. B discovered the untapped potential of a healthy gut. Having witnessed amazing results with his patients, he decided to spread the word beyond his clinic. Thus, the Gut Health MD was born.

Dr. Marvin Singh is an integrative gastroenterologist. He lost 40 pounds of his own by making lifestyle change to help heal his gut. He realized he could help people heal themselves by taking a comprehensive approach – one that brings together nutrition, genetics, and meditation.

Katherine Maslen watched a close friend suffer from and autoimmune disorder and realized her meds were doing more harm than good, thus, she created the Shift Clinic, an international wellness company that is changing the way we view health and empowering people to take control of their own health journey. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The major impact our microbiome has on our health
  • What a leaky gut is, and is it compromising my immune system?
  • How your gut can affect your mental health
  • How we are destroying our guts with antibiotics
  • How to use food to start healing your gut
  • How lifestyle, sleep, and activity can affect your microbiome. 
  • Swap the sugar for the fiber
  • How toxins around us are impacting our gut health and things like infertility 
  • Steps we can take to make our guts healthy again.
  • And more!

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