430: Food as Medicine: Reversing Ulcerative Colitis With These Little Known Healing Tools


Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease of the large intestine, wherein the lining of the colon becomes inflamed and develops small open sores, known as ulcers. The symptoms associated with this condition can be painful and debilitating, as our guests will vividly share today.

Currently, Western medicine focuses on managing symptoms through medication. However, did you know that many individuals are successfully healing themselves of this chronic condition through dietary changes? It’s true. And today, I have the pleasure of introducing three guests who have achieved exactly that – they have healed themselves through the power of plants.

First up, we have Vince Lia. Vince was told by two different doctors that his ulcerative colitis would never truly disappear, even with medication. To add to the confusion, they also advised him not to consume vegetables. Does that make any sense? Vince didn’t think so either. You won’t believe what he did next!

Next, we have Nicole Davidsohn. When Nicole was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, she believed things couldn’t get any worse. However, she then experienced a traumatic brain injury, leading to months of pain, medication, and fatigue. Nicole was on the brink of giving up… until she discovered a plant-based food that miraculously helped her heal both her colitis and her brain injury simultaneously! Then she even used it to heal her pup! This is one story you don’t want to miss!

And finally, we have Lean Green Dad, Cory Warren. Cory’s wife was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis just six months before their wedding. They made the bold decision to completely change their lifestyle and adopt a plant-based diet to heal her condition, resulting in incredible outcomes for the entire family. You need to hear their inspiring story!

These stories and more are featured on this episode of Food Heals. Stay tuned as we explore the profound impact of plant-based nutrition on the lives of our guests and discover the transformative power of food in healing and reversing chronic disease.

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