4: #TBT Director Joe Cross on juicing, weight-loss & rebooting


Fat. Sick. Nearly dead. Have you heard of it? Joe Cross created and starred in this viral documentary about cleansing your body with juice alone. That’s right; no food! Only juice. Joe was able to completely cure himself of chronic urticaria and lose over 100 pounds, thanks solely to healthy juicing. Luckily, it’s not true fasting! You’re still getting nutrients and energy, though you’re not consuming any solid food. It’s purely “liquid sunshine!”


Joe’s case of chronic urticaria – chronic hives & swelling – was met with the usual response of “meds, meds, and more meds!” Did you expect anything different? Well, as you may guess, medication didn’t cure Joe’s disease, and after eight years he began experimenting with alternative methods of healing. And yes; by alternative, we mean food. Real food.

Joe gave himself a deadline of two years to go completely plant-based, and measure the results. Step one was a 60-day juice cleanse. Step two was a 90-day plant-based diet. After this time, Joe ditched all of his medications. He had a brand new body, and a new outlook on life.

Joe’s mantra nowadays is to eat plant-based food as much as possible. This gives him the healthy system and positive vibes to maintain his lifestyle, but also to indulge once in awhile in animal & processed foods. Life is a journey – enjoy it!


Our Favorite Moments:

@ 07:08 “Liquid sunshine.”

@ 23:50 Try to eat more of the good stuff, enjoy life, and indulge yourself occasionally

@ 24:45 Your body is smarter than you! It knows what it needs.

@ 27:18 “Diseases of nutritional ignorance.

@ 29:14 Joe’s personal differences between being healthy and unhealthy.

@ 35:47 Where to start if you’re stricken with a disease.

@ 37:08 “We spend the first 40 years of our lives trying to kill ourselves, and the last 40 trying to stay alive.”


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