342: Detoxify Your Home: It’s Easier, Faster, and Less Expensive Than You Think


Are you ready for a home detox? My guest today will teach us how to do exactly that with her new book, The Slightly Greener Method: Detoxifying Your Home Is Easier, Faster, and Less Expensive Than You Think.

Tonya Harris is a childhood leukemia survivor and mother of three who helps parents learn how toxins in the home can affect their family’s health. She’s an award-winning environmental toxin expert, the founder of Slightly Greener, and today we’ll talk about simple solutions to reduce toxins without turning our lifestyles upside-down. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The most important two toxins to remove from your life immediately
  • How Tonya helped her son overcome attention issues in school 
  • No more mom guilt! How to stop guilt in its tracks
  • Why food is the foundation when detoxing our home
  • The R.E.A.D. Method: 4 easy steps to detox your home
  • How to avoid surprising unknown endocrine disruptors in your home
  • Why “BPA-free” is not safer and what to do instead
  • How to keep up with the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen for optimal health
  • Why it’s time to ditch the candles and plugins and what to use instead
  • The most hidden form of toxins in your home and how to detox them
  • And more!

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Did you know probiotics are for our furry friends too? Introducing Best Dog Probiotic: Just Pets Probiotic: A clinically proven and powerfully effective spore probiotic to help your furry friend feel their best! I sat down with Tina Andersen, Founder of Just Thrive to find out more!

When something’s wrong with your dog’s gut, you can tell.

Smelly gas takes over the room. You pick up foul-smelling poop (much worse than usual) on your walks. Or your dog has diarrhea that’s virtually impossible to clean.

Any of these issues point to an imbalance in your dog’s gut microbiome, the trillions of bacteria in your dog’s gut. When their gut is in healthy balance, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) vastly outnumber harmful bacteria (pathogens).

And when your best friend’s gut is out of balance – a condition called dysbiosis, where pathogens outnumber probiotics – it can affect much more than gas and poop. In fact, it could be the source of other health and behavioral challenges. 

Probiotics can’t work their magic if they don’t get where they need to go. And that’s where spore probiotics make all the difference for your dog’s gut microbiome.

Unlike other forms of probiotics, Just Pets Probiotic spore probiotics were designed by nature to survive extreme temperatures and stomach acids so they always arrive in the gut alive.

Once they reach the gut microbiome, spore probiotics activate and quickly get to work clearing out bad bacteria and encouraging the growth of new, beneficial bacteria. This rebalancing process can support the optimal health and protection of your dog’s gut, resulting in numerous health and behavioral benefits. 

A clinical study involving healthy dogs and dogs with severe GI issues showed that a unique blend of spore probiotics made a dramatic difference.

Be sure to visit their website www.justhrivehealth.com, use the coupon code foodheals15, get 15% off your first order, and add a spore-based probiotic to your healing and detox routine today. 

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