181: Drew Canole’s Secrets to Weight Loss, Wellness, and Self Love


Imagine a world where instead of 1.6 billion coke drinkers, there are 1.6 billion (and more) people drinking green juice. Today’s guest, fitness and nutrition rockstar Drew Canole, is passionate about making that a reality. Because what we consume plays a massive role in how we feel. The future of humanity depends on us balanced, thriving human beings and that starts with what we choose to put in our bodies. We can change the world through health and nutrition. Listen now!


Seven years ago, Drew was 45 pounds overweight, pretty unclear about what his life purpose was, going out all the time, and drinking too much. But we all have a wake-up moment, and once Drew had his, there was no turning back. He knew he had to contribute to the world and make a positive difference. He went on a 90-day juice cleanse, lost 40 pounds, gained clarify, focus, energy, and a ton on online support! He’s on a mission to help people experience radical joy, connect to oneness, live their purpose, and be the healthiest, fittest version of themselves. He recommends a delicate blend of self-love, listening to what your body is telling you, and cellular nourishment.


Drew is the founder and CEO of FitLife.tv, where he shares inspirational content about healing, longevity, mindset, and nutrition.  We love him and his videos, so go check him out!


Drew created a delicious brand of superfood powders, Organify. We can’t get enough of them and Drew has very generously given Food Heals Nation a hefty 20% off with the coupon code FoodHeals! The range of products includes green powder for cleansing and fat burning (with spirulina, chlorella, moringa, matcha, ashwaganda, chlorophyll and more… all the greens without the “green” taste), reishi gold drink for immunity (with reishi and antioxidant turmeric), red anti-aging juice (with acai and cordyceps), protein powder (with added enzymes for better digestion), probiotics, and everything you need to rebalance your body and enjoy a happy, healthy, fit life.


Drew’s tips for your best morning routine:

  • It starts the night before: swap blue lights for red to increase melatonin and help you sleep
  • Start with a gratitude list
  • Hydrate with high-vibe water
  • Listen to music from your childhood
  • Commit: change doesn’t happen overnight. Commit to your new morning ritual for at least 21 days. That’s when the magic begins to happen.



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Many of you have reached out asking us to let you know about future events so stay tuned because Suzy and I will be announcing two very special events… We’ll be launching both a business retreat AND a wellness retreat…. And we’ll let you know more in the coming weeks!



What you’ll learn in Episode 181:

  • How to practice ultimate self-care
  • A surprising whitening toothpaste ingredient
  • The worse stuff you can put in your body
  • Drew’s big transformational moment
  • How Drew lost 15 pounds in three weeks
  • How Drew grew a massive social media following
  • The elixir to longevity
  • Drew’s tips to put yourself in an optimal mental state
  • How to set yourself up for success every morning
  • How to drop yourself into a self-induced shamanic state
  • How to tap into oneness
  • How to access your DMT without ayahuaska
  • How to decalcify your pineal gland
  • How to overcome resistance to change
  • How to boost your dopamine naturally
  • How to lose both emotional and physical weight
  • How to reverse brain aging
  • Allison’s superfast green drink recipe that tastes likes a mint chocolate latte
  • How CBD maintains your body’s natural health and balance



Our favorite moments:

@5:52 It actually works (for whiter teeth)

@7:57 Everything will start to shift

@12:59 It blew me away too.

@21:42 This is like foreplay

@25:40 My dreams are crazy from this stuff

@31:20 Email version of a vision board

@39:00 Retreat-oholic

@41:10 We need to start a revolution

@1:01:30 I’m a scent snob







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