1: Vegetarian cooking and top five must-haves in the kitchen


Entrepreneur and vegetarian chef Stephanie Goldfinger discusses organic cooking, vegetarian traveling, teaching, dating and more! She also shares her top five must-haves in the kitchen and how to get kids to eat their veggies! This sexy, savvy chef will have you and your loved ones salivating for kale!

Stephanie Goldfinger is the owner of Cooking for Luv, where she cooks up vegetarian food to please even the most carnivorous of appetites. She teaches private and corporate cooking classes for anyone from raw vegans to meat-eaters, cooks up a storm as a personal chef, develops original meat-free recipes, and works on-camera for healthy-living food brands – all with the goal of making plant-based food more accessible and delicious for all.

In her interview Stephanie delves deep into the topics of creating a job out of her passion for vegetarian food and cooking, creative ways to get kids to eat their veggies (Cauliflower popcorn, anyone?), and the kitchen items she just can’t live without!

A snippet from Stephanie’s web site, Cooking For Luv:

…When you cook for someone – when you take the time to plan a menu, shop for ingredients, prepare recipes, set a table &  a mood, put your heart, time and energy into something that expresses passion, beauty, tasty delight- you are giving the person you are feeding one of the utmost expressions of how much you care. Whatever your goal is for the person/date (and I know, there are many paths), you WILL impress them with the meal we serve…

Stephanie Goldfinger, vegetarian chef visits Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy on the Food Heals Podcast

We had so much fun with our veggie soul sista, Stephanie on this episode of the Food Heals Podcast! #EntrepreneurLife #FoodHeals

Our Favorite Moments:

@ 04:06 “I set out to prove everyone wrong and I did!”

@ 05:52 How Stephanie turned her passion for food into a profitable business

@ 18:28 How Stephanie takes care of meal planning for a family with a vegan dad, a omnivore mom and vegetarian kids who don’t like vegetables!

@ 23:44 Stephanie’s top five must-have staples in the kitchen

@ 29:20 Why it is actually healthy to have salt and how much better your food can taste!

@ 33:32 Secrets to get kids to eat their veggies and beg for more!

@ 43:33 Shake, shake, shake! Stephanie shares her sexy lemon vinaigrette recipe.

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