185: Make 2018 the Best Year Ever with Weight-loss & Wellness Tips from Sophie Uliano & the Jing Slingers


Affectionately known as Mary Poppins for the new millennium, Gorgeously Green’s Sophie Uliano is a New York Times bestselling author passionate about helping people live life in a more holistic way (check out her previous episode 178). And you know our other two guests from episodes 112, 151 and 179, Joy and Jay the Jing Slingers, superfood organic chefs, experts in anti-aging, longevity and tonic herbalism, and authors of the Food with Benefits recipe book. They’ve cracked the code to create culinary masterpieces packed with health-boosting superfoods and tonic herbs. We couldn’t think of anyone better to start the year with! Listen now!


Let’s set those New Year intentions! How can we feel more empowered, more gorgeous, and healthier than ever?


First tip: resolutions are out! New year’s resolutions simply don’t work. In fact, over 90% fail. Why? One reason is because when we set ourselves rigid goals, we set ourselves up to not carry them through long term, and this leads to feelings of shame, blame and judgement. The underlying emotion is: I’m not good enough. And that feeling makes positive change almost impossible, and keeps you feeling like a failure. So much for a “happy” new year!


We all want change because we think it’s going to make us happier. It might be losing weight, getting a new job, buying a bigger house, getting married. But that’s the lie. Because happiness doesn’t come from external factors. Happiness comes within. If you can be happy by being grateful with what you have right now, you’re vibrating at a higher energy, and that’s when beautiful things happen.


So why not ditch the new year’s resolutions, and have a new year’s evolution instead? Evolve to be more at home and comfortable in your own skin, be more present, and be there for those who matter in your life. Here are our New Year VIP Health Panel’s tips on making your 2018 happier and healthier than ever!


  • Take baby steps—otherwise you won’t keep it up long term. Make small manageable goals that are sustainable.
  • Return to the present—when you’re present, time becomes more malleable. It’s not about the coming year: it’s about the now.
  • Change the way your talk to yourself. Set intentions in a gentle way and trust in the flow of the Universe.
  • Have a rampage of gratitude. Wake up and be grateful for your pillow, the roof over your head, the comfort of your body… If you start your day with gratitude, you open your heart to see the beauty all around you.
  • Open yourself to guidance. The Universe will steer you to the right path.
  • Expand your perspective to get yourself out of the ego state that locks you into your mind.
  • Be willing to take what you want—there’s no need for shame.
  • Be grounded in the present—what’s going on with you right now? Journaling can help you work out what you’re feeling, and let go of difficult emotions.
  • Realize that the ups and downs are all part of the experience of life, and part of being human. Experiencing the darker emotions helps you to appreciate the lighter ones.
  • Allow yourself to feel the whole range of your emotions. Even depression can lead you to something better.


Tips to release weight in a healthy way:

  • Know where your weight came from.
  • Be really clear about why you want to lose weight and where you want to be.
  • Get to know your body, it will help you work out the best diet for your unique needs.
  • Weight loss is a metabolic and hormonal response—you need to take a long-term sustainable approach. Crash diets don’t work. It’s about quality of food and nutrients.
  • Exercise is a huge component of health—strength training can turn your body into a fat burning machine. Challenge yourself to do something you couldn’t easily do last week, or change it up and do something completely different.
  • Focus on a whole food plant-based diet.



What you’ll learn in Episode 185:

  • Why New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail
  • How to make change sustainable
  • A powerful mantra to return you to the present moment
  • How to stretch time
  • How to surrender to the flow of the Universe
  • How to balance your left and right brain
  • Why life is a game to be played
  • The magic combination for happiness
  • How to change your vibration
  • How to allow the cosmic plan to step in
  • Why your environment might be stopping you from losing weight
  • How to release weight the healthy way
  • When you burn the most fat
  • How to burn hundreds of calories in a few minutes
  • Two proven ways to activate your body’s natural weight loss capacity
  • Why calorie restriction will trigger weight gaining hormones
  • How cardio could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts



Our favorite moments:

@6:35 Can you feel the love in the room?

@15:25 Lets get esoteric!

@27:05 Don’t wait!

@28:14 Rampage of gratitude!

@31:00 That’s living in the magic!

@52:20 That was hot!

@1:04:30 Let them have cake!





Gorgeous for Good book



Food With Benefits recipe book

Dr. Jack Kruse


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