235: Your Blueprint For Weight Loss Success and Avoiding the Black Hole of Fitness Doom with Fitness Expert Adam Schaeuble


Adam Schaeuble is a PHD. No, not that kind of PHD. 


Adam’s a Previously Heavy Dude. At his rock bottom, Adam weighed 327 pounds (and was $40,000+ in debt). But he had good friends who kept giving him the DVD of The Secret to watch. When he eventually did, Adam realized he needed to take his future into his own hands. Five years on, he’s achieved everything he set out to lost 100 pounds, started a family, and ran a successful business.


How? He stopped focusing on what the world was bringing to his door and instead started looking at what he wanted to achieve, and how he was going to attract what he wanted into his life. Positive mental attitude, a strong lifestyle rehabilitation statement, and consistency are key.


Through this journey, Adam found his calling: to help as many people as possible dial up their health and get the results they deserve. Now a transformational coach, fitness expert and gym owner, he’s helped his home town lose over 35,000 pounds, and is on a mission to help people lose 1 million pounds of excess body weight.


His new podcast, the Million Pound Mission, goes into next-level thinking to take you deeper into nutrition and fitness, and motivate you to take action and get results. It’s packed with inspiration and knowledge bombs – if you’re trying to lose weight, this is the show for you! You can donate your weight loss to the Million Pound Mission here.  



Adam’s Manifestation Tips:

  • Write your goals down as though you’ve already achieved them
  • Declare your goals out loud every day, morning and evening
  • Break down your goals into manageable chunks and take action
  • Don’t go to bed before doing at least ONE thing towards your goals
  • Don’t be afraid to focus on several goals at once
  • Find your WHY – ask yourself why you want to reach your goal – that’s what will get you fired up and motivated.


Black Hole of Fitness Doom

When we embark on a new program, whether it’s a fitness program or a new diet, we all go through the same cycle:

  • Start out feeling pumped!
  • See results, stay fired up!
  • “Life Happens”, not ready, crash and burn…
  • Give up altogether.
  • Start another program and think it will be different this time.

And on we go, losing weight, gaining it back, and each time feeling less motivated and more burned out. To break out of that cycle, it’s vital to figure out your transformational danger zones and find strategies to deal with them. Once you do that, you will get dramatically better results from your fitness and nutrition program.


Adam’s Amazing Results Formula:

If you apply these four principles to any health goals, you’re going to succeed.

  1. Get committed to ONE nutrition plan. Be consistent for 28 days.
  2. Get committed to a 28-day fitness plan – plan your workouts in advance and stick to them.
  3. Strategic thinking – understand your danger zones and the things that usually derail you, and devise a plan to avoid falling into the Black Hole of Fitness Doom.
  4. Do the first three consistently over time. Consistency is key.


Adam’s tips for surviving the holiday season without gaining loads of weight:

  • This isn’t the time to focus on losing weight – it’s more about maintaining, while being accountable to a plan.
  • Start filling in your transformational notebook (you can download it free on Adam’s website) and create a 28-day cycle.
  • Allow some cheat meals, and track them so you can adapt your next 28 days – don’t beat yourself up!
  • Be present and conscious. You can build momentum every new cycle.
  • Just don’t check out – be easy on yourself but have a game plan to keep your goals in mind.
  • Check out Adam’s Reset Bootcamp!


What you’ll learn in Episode 235:

  • How to quit being a crap-magnet
  • How to create your own lifestyle rehabilitation statement
  • The best way to manifest your goals
  • Why reciting your goals out loud is the most powerful practice
  • How to keep a positive mental attitude
  • How to find your WHY
  • If you can do THIS, you can achieve anything
  • A game-changing strategy to avoid burning out
  • Strategies to survive the holidays without gaining weight
  • A manifestation tip we are OBSESSED with!
  • How to avoid holiday binge fests
  • The key to successful, long-term weight loss


Our favorite moments:

@2:13 Quit being a crap-magnet

@13:20 Goal destroying machine

@28:59 This is a game changer

@37:28 The most effective way to change your life

@53:40 You CAN make things happen


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