431: Finding Humor in Big Kid Problems: Navigating Life, Motherhood, and Everything In Between with Sarah Merrill Hall


In today’s episode, we’ve got an exciting lineup of health segments you won’t want to miss! I’ll start off by sharing the most important health headlines of the week, including a new book by Darin Olien, co-host of the Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron. The book is called Fatal Conveniences, and I’ll be covering the top 5 safety tips to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

Then I’ll discuss the importance of filtering your tap water. A recent study conducted by the US Geological Survey has revealed that almost half of the tap water in the US is contaminated with “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. These chemicals pose significant risks to human health. We’ll be exploring how you can protect yourself by using carbon water filters, implementing detoxification strategies, and adopting a plant-based diet.

Next, I’m excited to introduce our guest today, Sarah Merrill Hall (also a Nashville local so you’ll be hearing from her lots!) If you’re in need of some fun and relatable content to brighten up your day, you’ll love Sarah’s brand, Big Kid Problems. With a massive Instagram following of over half a million, Sarah brings humor and relatability to everyday struggles. Her mission is to help her followers embrace their imperfections, find laughter during tough times, and live their best lives.

Sarah’s content took a turn when she became a new mom! Enter the next era of Big Kid Problems with Bottle Service, a pregnancy and motherhood podcast. Sarah shares her experiences and insights, from her ultimate C-section recovery guide to candidly discussing her challenges with breastfeeding. Bottle Service is here to open up a new conversation surrounding motherhood.

During our chat, Sarah and I cover various topics, including adulting, building her brand, her journey of becoming a first-time mom, and even dive into my favorite unhealthy reality obsession, the scandal that just won’t die – Scandoval!

And lastly, stick around until the end of the episode, where I’ll be answering a listener question about foods that heal and help with hormones. 

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