227: Find Your Tribe and Find Your Bliss with Queen of Manifestation Lori Harder


Life is more than the hustle – life’s about community. It’s about finding your tribe, the people with keys that open up parts of yourself you never knew were there. 


Lori Harder grew up without that tribe…


…in a small town, in an overweight family who believed they were victims of their genes. She was home schooled and had zero friends outside of her family religion. She was lonely, repressed and depressed. And even though fitness eventually set her free, both in her diet and in her spirit, it was a long journey and full of obstacles. Despite changing her body, winning competitions, and being successful, Lori still couldn’t shake how miserable she felt.


This is something so many of us struggle with. We think we’ll be happy when we get that job, lose 10 pounds, get married, buy a house…but if we don’t confront and heal the inner stories that run in our mental background, happiness will always be elusive and short-lived.


Lori had to stop and figure out what was blocking her from feeling true joy and lasting happiness. Suddenly she knew she wanted something she’d never had: community. She wanted to give women somewhere to go, a place to feel accepted and connected. 


As host of the Earn Your Happy podcast, founder of the Bliss Project, and author of A Tribe Called Bliss, Lori now helps women to find their tribe, connect with their communities, and manifest their dream life.



Is it possible to manifest your dreams? Yes!


By feeling that you’ve already got it, that your life is already where you want it to be. Create a space every day where you can feel what it would be like. Tap into that feeling as often as you can. The physical manifestation will follow naturally. If you want to delve deeper into this, then check out Earn Your Happy Episode 262.


Her book A Tribe Called Bliss made us laugh, cry, and get chills. It gives you a blueprint to connect with your tribe, and tells the story of how she overcame one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can go through…(read the book to find out what it was).


If you want to connect with yourself and your tribe, then don’t miss Lori’s event The Bliss Project on March 1st to 3rd. Come and have fun, experience deep transformation, release old stories, connect with like-minded women, move your body, and celebrate every realm of yourself.


What you’ll learn in Episode 227:

  • How to create an awakening shift
  • How Lori overcame being kidnapped
  • Strategies to find balance between hustle and community
  • Tips to creating a successful business
  • Strategies to know what to do with your life
  • The number one thing Lori learned from Gabby Bernstein
  • A life tool that will help you care a little less
  • The most transformative spiritual states and how to get there
  • How to heal faster (and it doesn’t involve food or medicine!)
  • How Lori manifested being a speaker on Oprah’s cruise
  • Could your doing-ness be blocking your dreams?


Our favorite moments:

@13:25 You’re not enough until you decide you’re enough

@21:01 Always fight for yourself

@29:00 Life is about other people

@34:30 Have you seen Jesus’s abs??

@41:45 Be a funny captain

@44:10 This is how to heal faster


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