153: Gabby Bernstein on How to Turn Fear Into Faith & Build a Mission-Driven Business


Gabrielle has been a self-proclaimed spirit junkie for around 12 years. At 25, she hit rock bottom. Working in PR, she had a fast-paced city lifestyle, and used relationships, workaholism and alcoholism to run from her fears. But rock bottom was a great awakening. She made a commitment to get sober in 2005, and began to heal herself spiritually and emotionally. Gabby realized it was part of her life’s mission to share what she was living and learning. Spirit Junkie was born.

There’s a lot of fear around doing what you love and getting paid for it—maybe that’s what’s holding you back from fully diving into your mission-driven business. But right now, the world doesn’t need another procrastinator: the world needs transformational leaders. Yes, you! Your unique healing story is your unique power; the pain you went through is an opportunity to learn and grow and give you the tools to help others. Your healing story could save lives. It is your responsibility to share it as a gift to the world. And you mustn’t be afraid to accept abundance for your talents.

This is why we’re so excited to share Gabby’s free mini video series. This is an introduction to what the Spirt Junkie Masterclass Training looks like. So if you’re a Mindful, Spiritual, or Wellness Entrepreneur, want to live your purpose, do the work that you feel moved by, feel empowered to get out and shine your light, AND be unapologetic about it, then check out the first of these free videos: 3 Steps to Own Your Confidence and Take Action Now. Plus, watch out for the next two videos coming soon: The 3 Major Blocks to Your Abundance & How to Fix Them, and The Number One Way to Stand Out & Make an Impact Doing What You Love.

You can change someone’s life. It’s not just about having an amazing career, but about how can you be of service to a world that’s suffering and needs more light workers. Once you make that decision, everything falls into place to help you help others. It’s time for you to shine.

Keep listening because we’re going to be providing tons of extra episodes and content to help you live your dreams! Tips from Spirit Junkies on getting paid for doing what you love, how to publish a book, how to create digital courses for passive revenue, how to start a podcast and get your message out into the world, plus inspiring healing stories from people who have completely changed their lives. And on 23rd June, we’ll share how you can join the Spirit Junkie Tribe!


What you’ll learn:

  • What brought Gabby out of rock bottom
  • How to make change happen
  • How to turn your pain into your purpose
  • How to actively listen to your inner wisdom
  • How to free yourself of resistance
  • How to make the choice to grow
  • How to choose faith over fear
  • How to take ownership of the world you are creating
  • How to make your happiness your priority
  • How to step into abundance
  • The three worst things you can do to create heartburn
  • How Gabby healed her acid reflux naturally
  • Why to bless your food
  • Why HOW you eat is as important as WHAT you eat


Gabby’s acid reflux healing protocol:

  • If your acid reflux is chronic, take the meds (but do all the holistic stuff so you can get off them quickly)
  • Look at how you’re eating? Are you stress eating? Is it huge bite, chew, chew, swallow? If you are, you need to start eating more mindfully. Switch off the TV, remove the distractions and chew your food slowly. Bless your food. Decide this food is going to bring you nourishment.
  • Remove acidic foods form your diet (tomatoes, meat, coffee on an empty stomach, etc.)
  • Take a good quality probiotic
  • El glutamine power every day
  • Digestive bitters
  • Ginger juice
  • Apple cider vinegar in the morning


Our favorite moments:

@8:37 I need a miracle

@13:55 Choose joy!

@21:25 Let’s get real!

@37:50 Supplements for healing acid reflux

@44:05 Receive the guidance you ask for

@45:24 It’s crazy!



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Watch the First of Gabby’s free 3-part mini video series: 3 Steps to Own Your Confidence and Take Action Now



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