Is it possible to eat meat AND be cruelty free? Can we continue eating burgers AND still tackle the global climate crisis?


A few years ago, the answer to that would have been no, absolutely not….


…but today? Clean meat is forging the way towards exactly that: meat that requires no killing, and that has no environmental impact. One of the biggest catalysts toward this shift is Bruce Friedrich.


Bruce went plant-based way before it was popular (1987) after reading Diet for a Small Planet and realizing that meat production was taking us on a path to global starvation. When he found out what Pat Browne of Impossible Foods was doing (and realized clean meat was the future), he co-founded the Good Food Institute (GFI) – a non-profit organization that works with scientists and entrepreneurs to find sustainable, kind alternatives to industrially produced animal products.


Clean meat is not another veggie burger. It IS meat – but grown from cells in a lab, rather than by rearing livestock. The result is meat that is better for your health, and for the planet.



Here’s Why:


Better for Your Health and Global Health

70% of the antibiotics produced in the US go to farm animals; it’s a risk that’s twofold:


  1. Antiobiotics end up on a meat-eater’s plate every day…we are not designed for that.
  2. Overusing antibiotics in food consumption results in lowered human resistance to superbugs strong enough to be a greater threat to our lives than climate change.


With clean meat, there are no livestock animals, so no need for antibiotics – and no antibiotic residues in your burger! It’s all grown in a lab, a sanitary place not contaminated by intestines or poop bacteria. No salmonella threat; no E. coli threat either.


The tens of millions of Americans who get sick to meat consumption every year? Wouldn’t happen with clean meat.


Better For The Planet

Factory farming is not sustainable – we’ve known it for decades!


It takes 9 calories of food (from grain or grass or soy) to “grow” 1 calorie of meat. That’s 8 calories of crop wasted to get just 1 consumable calorie. That’s 800% food waste. Think about what it takes to grow the crops to feed livestock: water, pesticides, herbicides, gas and energy to ship the crops to feed mills and to factory farms, to ship the animals to and from slaughter houses. It’s no wonder the UN’s report Livestock’s Long Shadow found that animal agriculture is one of the top 3 contributors to climate change.


End World Hunger

A transition to clean meat could end world poverty and hunger too.


Plant-based meat could feed the world. Instead of growing crops (with all that waste) to feed animals (that are just getting contaminated), these crops could be grown to feed the world’s poorest and saving tens of millions currently losing their lives to starvation-related causes.


So clean meat means no waste, no cruelty, no environmental destruction. And it doesn’t require anyone to change their habits. It looks like meat, tastes like meat – it IS meat, but grown differently. That’s why it’s a game changer. And why Bruce and others predict that we’ll see a 100% plant-based meat world by 2050 (or sooner!).


Clean Protein – The Book

Bruce has just co-authored a new book with Kathy Freston. Clean Protein – The Revolution that Will Reshape Your Body, Boost Your Energy, And Save Our Planet goes through which clean proteins are best for our health, as well as tips on:


  • Working out how much protein you need
  • Transitioning to veganism
  • Plant-based shopping
  • And a TON of tasty recipes


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the perfect read for anyone worried about how to stay healthy and vegan during the holidays.


What you’ll learn in Episode 230:

  • What’s the difference between clean meat and plant-based meat?
  • Why livestock antibiotics are a global health threat
  • Why the meat industry is causing global starvation
  • The best sources of protein for health
  • How clean meat can save our planet
  • What dictates your food choices and how to transition to healthier options
  • How GFI is transforming the world
  • How to keep everyone happy at Thanksgiving


Hey, How About Some Pre-Holiday Detoxing Fun? (And Is That Even Possible?)

Did you know most Americans hold 10 to 15 pounds of toxins in their colon? Pretty gross, right?


This makes detoxing so important – it helps get rid of these toxins, improve your energy levels, clear up your skin, boost your metabolism and clear out the digestive tract. We LOVE detoxing…but it can be hard (especially the not eating part). 


That’s why we’re excited for you to try Teami Blends, a fun way to detox that fits into your normal day-to-day. In other words, you can eat and cleanse at the same time (who knew??). And right now…


… you get 20% off with discount code FoodHeals.


Our favorite moments:

@17:42 The brilliant thing about clean meat is….

@23:11 Nerds over cattle

@30:37 One of the most transformational things


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Good Food Score Card – see how your favorite restaurants measure up in terms of plant-based options

Clean Protein – The Revolution that will Reshape Your Body, Boost Your Energy, And Save Our Planet

The Quantum Wellness Cleanse by Kathy Freston

To get involved with GFI, go to

Ah, Italia! The pizzas, the pastas, the wine, the gelato….


…but hold up now: what if you’re vegan? Well, let’s bust a myth right now. It’s a total misconception that being gluten-free or vegan in Italy is difficult. We’re used to the American versions of Italian foods, where it’s all about cream and cheese (and thousands of un-needed calories to go with them). Truth is, traditional Italian specialties, particularly in the South of Italy, are all about fresh produce done in a healthy way.


Real Italian food is a whole other world – and it’s super vegan-friendly!


How do we know this? Because we’ve traveled throughout Italy and sampled the best vegan options firsthand! Like our Italian Getaway last year, where we went to the best restaurants Ravello has to offer. Check out Episode 211 to hear what previous guests thought of the experience.


Before setting off for “the Beautiful Country”, veganize some Italian dishes at home: in the process you’ll be reducing the amount of calories usually found in Americanized Italian meals, and making them way, way healthier. Vince, our talented producer for the day (and mixing & mastering engineer) is Italian, but intolerant to dairy, so he had some fun questions for our resident vegan Italian chef!



Here are some of Leslie’s favorite plant-based Italian classics.


Vegan Alfredo sauce:

  • Boil cauliflower in vegetable broth until it’s tender.
  • Place cauliflower, vegetable broth, roasted garlic, nutritional yeast, cashew nuts and caramelized onion in a blender.
  • Blend until smooth and pour over pasta. (Best. Sauce. EVER.)


Chicken Milano:

  • Substitute the cream with a vegan cashew cream: Boil and rinse cashew nuts, drain them, and blend with a little water, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.
  • Substitute the chicken with seitan or breaded & fried zucchini steaks.


Eggplant parmigiana:

  • Thinly slice eggplant lengthwise, sprinkle on salt and leave for 10 mins.
  • Pat dry, then pop them into flour and oil to fry.
  • Make a parmigiana by blending cashew nuts, caramelized onion, roasted garlic, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.
  • Layer the eggplant in an oven dish with tomato sauce, whole basil leaves, and the parmigiana sauce.
  • Bake until it bubbles. (this dish will change your life, just sayin’).


Easy vegan gelato:

  • Place a couple of frozen bananas with your flavor of choice (cacao, berries, maca, etc.) in a blender.
  • Blend until it’s super smooth and super thick.
  • Place back in the freezer for an hour or two – this firms it up so you can scoop it.


Alli’s super-fast chocolate mousse:

  • Place avocado, cacao powder, plant milk, and vegan sugar in your blender.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Leave in the fridge for chocolate mousse or place in the freezer for chocolate ice-cream. The perfect remedy for a sweet tooth.


How to make lemon olive oil:

  • Peel an organic lemon or orange (just the top layer, without the rind)
  • Put the peel in the olive oil
  • Leave it for a few days and voila! Zesty olive oil that’s delicious drizzled on salads and soups.

These are just some of the dishes you could learn at our next Italian Getaway.


…that’s right, we’re going back to the Amalfi Coast!! And we’d love to take you with us.


This is not a large tour-bus type holiday – it’s an intimate retreat for like-minded women. We will fully immerse ourselves in Italian culture. We’ll sample the most exquisite food and wine, go shopping, hiking, and sailing. Leslie will teach you how to make healthy vegan meals so you can bring a taste of Italy back home with you. But that’s not all you’ll take back – this is a life changing retreat, where you will make connections that will last a lifetime.


Go to to find out more. Right now we are offering this vegan vacation at the lowest price it will ever be! Get in on the action now before prices go up in Nov. 30th 2018. If you want to reserve your spot, all you need to do is put down a deposit! There are only a few spots because we want to keep the group small and intimate. This year’s Getaway sold out so fast, so book your spot today!


What you’ll learn in Episode 229:

  • The best thing about being vegan
  • Why vegan means weight loss
  • How to find the best Italian products quickly and easily
  • Why gluten intolerance is not a problem in Italy
  • What is nutritional yeast and why you need it in your life
  • Best vegan egg replacer
  • The tastiest vegan meat replacements
  • A big reason to eat local
  • Easy ways you can start growing your own food, even in an apartment!
  • The dish that will get you a marriage proposal – seriously


Our favorite moments:

@10:49 A dude, not just a sauce!

@19:45 Just heaven

@33:12 The best vegan gelato EVER


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It’s Halloween….so what better time to talk ghosts and why they visit us? 


What do we mean by this?


Well, many of our core beliefs, emotional traumas and even illnesses are passed down from our ancestors in our DNA.


Three years ago, podcast producer Roxy had a chance meeting with a clairvoyant who told her about a curse on the women’s side of her family: a curse on love. This made Roxy think about her own relationships…were they too a result of this curse?


Do curses really exist?


According to Lisa Thomas (also guest of Episode 215), they do.


And it’s the result of there being spirits, or ghosts, on the other side of the veil. Some ghosts have never had a body or been to earth, and therefore follow the dark, malevolent side. Some are spirits who have lived on earth before, but who have stayed earthbound – sometimes because of drug addiction, anger, revenge, guilt. Some, however, are assigned as our guardian angels. Others are here because they are trying to teach us something. Some simply don’t know how to get back.


Whatever the reason, these ghosts can be cleared. Either through an energy clearing, or by accepting the gift they are trying to communicate. You can free yourself from inherited trauma, as well as free the ghosts from their earthbound nature so they can return to the other side.



Lisa Thomas is a world-renown transformational energy healer who specializes in healing ancestral DNA and clearing old patterns (as she’s shown in Episode 215).


If you want to book a DNA clearing, go to to get on the list. Check out Lisa’s website and get your free meditation to Release Inherited Money Blocks, a great tool to unblock your limiting belief about money, clear your energy and prepare your body for healing.


What you’ll learn in Episode 228:

  • Do curses exist?
  • What are ghosts?
  • When to burn sage, and when not to
  • Why are souls trapped here?
  • Is our podcast producer psychic?
  • What to do if you’re clairvoyant
  • How to manage your psychic gift
  • Can family members curse us?
  • Are you clairvoyant?
  • How to use your gifts to step out of depression


Our favorite moments:

@15:03 Curses are real!

@20:35 I’ve got a ghost, what do I do?

@24:50 Straight up psychic


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Life is more than the hustle – life’s about community. It’s about finding your tribe, the people with keys that open up parts of yourself you never knew were there. 


Lori Harder grew up without that tribe…


…in a small town, in an overweight family who believed they were victims of their genes. She was home schooled and had zero friends outside of her family religion. She was lonely, repressed and depressed. And even though fitness eventually set her free, both in her diet and in her spirit, it was a long journey and full of obstacles. Despite changing her body, winning competitions, and being successful, Lori still couldn’t shake how miserable she felt.


This is something so many of us struggle with. We think we’ll be happy when we get that job, lose 10 pounds, get married, buy a house…but if we don’t confront and heal the inner stories that run in our mental background, happiness will always be elusive and short-lived.


Lori had to stop and figure out what was blocking her from feeling true joy and lasting happiness. Suddenly she knew she wanted something she’d never had: community. She wanted to give women somewhere to go, a place to feel accepted and connected. 


As host of the Earn Your Happy podcast, founder of the Bliss Project, and author of A Tribe Called Bliss, Lori now helps women to find their tribe, connect with their communities, and manifest their dream life.



Is it possible to manifest your dreams? Yes!


By feeling that you’ve already got it, that your life is already where you want it to be. Create a space every day where you can feel what it would be like. Tap into that feeling as often as you can. The physical manifestation will follow naturally. If you want to delve deeper into this, then check out Earn Your Happy Episode 262.


Her book A Tribe Called Bliss made us laugh, cry, and get chills. It gives you a blueprint to connect with your tribe, and tells the story of how she overcame one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can go through…(read the book to find out what it was).


If you want to connect with yourself and your tribe, then don’t miss Lori’s event The Bliss Project on March 1st to 3rd. Come and have fun, experience deep transformation, release old stories, connect with like-minded women, move your body, and celebrate every realm of yourself.


What you’ll learn in Episode 227:

  • How to create an awakening shift
  • How Lori overcame being kidnapped
  • Strategies to find balance between hustle and community
  • Tips to creating a successful business
  • Strategies to know what to do with your life
  • The number one thing Lori learned from Gabby Bernstein
  • A life tool that will help you care a little less
  • The most transformative spiritual states and how to get there
  • How to heal faster (and it doesn’t involve food or medicine!)
  • How Lori manifested being a speaker on Oprah’s cruise
  • Could your doing-ness be blocking your dreams?


Our favorite moments:

@13:25 You’re not enough until you decide you’re enough

@21:01 Always fight for yourself

@29:00 Life is about other people

@34:30 Have you seen Jesus’s abs??

@41:45 Be a funny captain

@44:10 This is how to heal faster


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Sometimes in life, situations happen that make you completely rethink your lifestyle.


For Tracey Edmonds, award-winning Hollywood producer, TV presenter and CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group (and one of the most inspiring businesswomen I know!), this moment came when her dad had a quadruple bypass. And now she’s helping people live their dream life through her new website Alright Now.


As he was fighting for his life, she made a vow to get healthy. At the time, she was eating a lot of junk food and taking prescription meds for digestive issues. These issues disappeared when she changed her diet. From the age of 25, Tracey has been on a journey of discovery about nutrition, fitness and spirituality.


Two years ago, Tracey lost her mum to an aggressive form of cancer called mesothelioma – and at the same time learned a lot about cancer and how it could be treated. As an outpatient, her mom was having Vitamin C IVs and taking supplements. Her tumors had shrunk by 40%. The second she had to go into hospital full-time, all that had to stop…no Vitamin C transfusions, no supplements – just western-medicine-approved chemotherapy and radiation. Her tumors grew back. She lost the battle against cancer. Just one year later, Tracey’s dad died from a heart attack.


Nutrition and alternative healing are hardly talked about in traditional western medicine.


Research shows that cancer cells feed on sugar, and yet you’ll find candy on display in chemotherapy centers. Evidence proves Vitamin C helps shrink tumors, and yet this is not part of cancer treatment. Most doctors get no more than a few hours of nutrition training.


This is why it’s so important that we do our own research.



The loss of both her parents to preventable diseases spurred Tracey on to launch a health & wellness website and make the world a better place. Alright Now was born.


Alright Now is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to learn about healing and how to live their best life. Health, fitness, parenting, career, relationships – it offers you tools to really thrive. Subscribe to the website and you’ll get amazing discounts on gym memberships, insurance and even restaurants!


Tracey’s big message?

  • Don’t procrastinate. Don’t wait.
  • Do some soul searching: What life do you want for yourself? What steps will make it happen?
  • Declare it, Write it, Decide it. – the only limits are those you build up in your mind. 


What you’ll learn in Episode 226:

  • The common food to avoid if you have cancer or want to avoid it
  • How hospitals keep us sick
  • Why your doctor doesn’t want to give you bloodwork
  • What is biochemistry?
  • Does spirituality help you heal?
  • How to keep going when things get tough
  • How to get more hours in your day
  • Ways to do things that feed you
  • How to start living your dream life right now


Our favorite moments:

@11:35 People are addicted

@29:15 This is a business

@43:45 We’re all sisters and brothers

@59:20 It’s all about divine guidance

@1:02:01 The happiest woman EVER


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Are You Coming to Italy??

Are you joining us in Italy in 2019? We’ll be there from June 15th to June 22nd – this is the perfect time to go, the weather is gorgeous and the tourists haven’t even arrived yet. Check out our Italian Episode to find out how healing, rejuvenating, and transformational this experience is.


Email to reserve your spot. Prices go up in November, so if you’re thinking of joining us, now’s the time to book!


A Fun Way to Detox

Did you know that most Americans hold 10 to 15 pound of toxins in their colon? Pretty gross, right?


This makes detoxing so important – it helps get rid of these toxins, improve your energy levels, clear up your skin, boost your metabolism and clear out the digestive tract. We love detoxing, but it can be hard, especially not eating.


That’s why we’re excited for you to try Teami Blends, a fun way to detox that fits into your normal day-to-day. In other words, you can eat and cleanse at the same time. Right now, you can get 20% off with discount code FoodHeals.




Fiona Oakes is one of the most humble, incredible, inspiring people we’ve ever met.


At just 3 years old, she went vegetarian. When she was 6 she opted out of all animal products, at a time when being vegan was considered an eating disorder. Her love for animals motivated her to open up an animal sanctuary. But that wasn’t enough: she wanted to do more. In 2004, Fiona launched a running club to show you can be strong on a vegan diet. It also helped bring the word “vegan” to the masses.


Since then, she’s broken 3 world records and run countless marathons, including the Marathon des Sables – a 156-mile race through the Sahara Desert(!). This is all the more extraordinary when you find out that she doesn’t have a trainer, doesn’t really enjoy running, AND, oh yeah, has no knee-cap! She’s driven by her love of animals, and her desire to create a more sustainable world.


But despite her achievements, mainstream media has kept its distance. In fact, Fiona was even told not to mention her vegan diet on live TV (after she had just broken a world record)!



Keegan Kuhn, co-creator of Cowspiracy and What the Health, has made it her life mission to change the hush-hush perception around veganism. We all need to use our own voice to elevate the vegan message, and elevate others who are promoting a positive agenda for the world, and the animals. Keegan was raised vegetarian with only two rules: don’t hurt anyone, and question authority. He turned vegan at just 12 – you can find out more about his story on Episode 93.


Fiona’s achievements (and her humility) are what made Keegan want to create the documentary Running for Good. He quickly realized the absurdity of a society that praises people for serving their own ego, and yet attempts to silence a person who’s doing incredible things just for the animals. For over twenty years, Fiona’s run over 20 miles a day while looking after 450 animals. She does this all on a vegan diet, to make the world a better place. In short? We think she’s amazing (as if that wasn’t already obvious).


Running for Good comes out TODAY! You can watch this film FOR FREE October 11-14th.


Watch the film at


What you’ll learn in Episode 225:

  • What is creative veganism?
  • How to have maximum impact
  • What Fiona eats to race hard
  • The myth of carb loading
  • How to get the best out of your workouts
  • Homemade energy drinks recipe
  • The science behind intermittent fasting and why we love it
  • How to avoid that mid-afternoon slump
  • Does the media back away from anything vegan?


Our favorite moments:

@3:30 Create opportunity

@10:45 The only vegan in the village

@25:20 Fiona love fest

@33:54 You can do it if you believe


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Instagram: @oakes.fiona


Instagram: @runningforgood_film

Did you know sugar is the new smoking? Or that sugar’s molecular structure is nearly identical to cocaine’s?


That’s what makes sugar addictive – and it’s literally everywhere! Over 80% of items in the supermarket contain added sugar – even foods you wouldn’t expect (like crackers, salad dressing, and soup)!


In the 80’s, we decided fat was the enemy. We removed the fat from our foods but replaced it with sugar.


The result? We got fatter! And sicker. That’s because sugar causes inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, from cardiovascular disease to cancer.


So how can we avoid the white stuff but still satisfy our sweet tooth? Swerve Sweeteners offer a natural solution!



Andress is the CEO and founder of Swerve Sweetener, a New Orleans-based company focused on helping educate people about blood sugar stabilization. With their sweeteners, you can bake to your heart’s content WITHOUT compromising on health. For Andress, health starts with blood sugar balance, because when you control blood sugar, you’ll have:


  • Better Energy,
  • Better Weight Management,
  • And Better Mood.


What makes a sweetener without all the guilt? Sugar alcohols…but not just any sugar alcohol. Swerve uses a blend of the sugar alcohol erythritol and prebiotic oligosaccharides. The body metabolizes erythritol so much differently than other sugar alcohols like xylitol (which can cause some digestive issues). What’s more, it’s vegan, there’s nothing artificial, no GMO, and no MSG. AND it’s diabetes-friendly!


So basically, you can use Swerve in your baking and cooking, guilt-free.  Check out Swerve’s website for some absolutely gorgeous sweet recipes (over 300 of ’em!).


And be on the lookout for their newest products: brown sugar, and vegan keto grain-free gluten-free bake mixes for when you need a healthy treat in a hurry.


Available in your grocery store or online.


What you’ll learn in Episode 224:

  • What links sugar and cocaine(!)
  • Healthy sweeteners you can use in your coffee
  • Why you’re struggling to give up the white stuff
  • Foods you’d never believe contain sugar
  • What you need to know about xylitol – especially if you have pets
  • A sugar-free sugar you can make crème brulée with!
  • How Andress went from radio host to eco-entrepreneur
  • The truth about diabetes and healing it
  • The first thing to do if you have cancer


Our favorite moments:

@11:55 That’s awesome

@14:45 Head first!

@19:30 Stay the F away!

@20:38 Sugar feeds tumors

@26:32 Those lonely days are over


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Thank you, Food Heals Nation, for spreading the love! The reviews you write mean the world to us. The more reviews we have, the more people we reach and help!


Our gorgeous winners are….. well, you’ll have to listen to find out!


If you’re on the winning list, please email us and let us know your address so we can send you an amazing swag bag full of natural products!


Drumroll please…. Suzy has officially launched her CBD oil company: CBD Fountain! We’re absolutely obsessed with her products!


Vegan, organic, hemp, CBD-infused beauty products that actually work. Products include:

  • Lip Balm
  • Soap
  • CBD tinctures (which you can make into cocktails)
  • Pet Tinctures
  • Vape pens
  • Capsules
  • Suzy’s facial care line (definitely check out her new oxygen mask and vitamin C serum!)


Food Heals listeners get a HUGE 20% off with coupon code FoodHeals. And if you spend over $100 you also get free shipping. Xmas is here early, y’all!



Why are we obsessed with CBD? Because it’s basically awesome – but here are some of the highlights:

  • High in antioxidants
  • Useful in the treatment of wide variety of autoimmune diseases
  • Neuro-protective, can prevent strokes and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • Great for alleviating chronic pain
  • Some people have used it to heal tumors


For the more detailed, actual science-y explanation behind CBD’s power, check out If you have any questions about CBD, email Suzy at


Keep listening, because we’ll have a lot more discount codes in this year’s holiday gift guide – coming soon!!


What you’ll learn in Episode 223:

  • Are YOU a swag bag winner??
  • The amazing properties of CBD
  • How CBD helps your body get back into balance
  • Could CBD help heal cancer?
  • Alli’s favorite flavors
  • One thing Alli would NEVER do
  • Best ways to absorb CBD
  • How to find the purest CBD products


Our favorite moments:

@3:00 Food Heals is my happy place

@9:04 What’s fading Suzy’s sun spots?

@15:17 Life-changing AND eye-opening

@16:35 It’s real life!

@23:50 From soil to oil


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Bossed to Boss podcast

What made aging get such a bad rap in our culture?


We all get older, there’s no getting away from it. But we can do it with grace and ease.


Between the ads, the movie stars, the instagram accounts, the magazines, the voices in our own head…


…the fact is that we don’t feel good about ourselves.


And as we get older, it gets worse. Instead of loving our wisdom, our journey and our life, we hate ourselves for every new wrinkle. And that’s when people start running to the doctor to get fillers, injectables, lasers and Botox. But that isn’t the answer.


Lori Hart felt insecure about her body when she was young, and in her 20’s, she got talked into having liposuction. But the result was gastroparesis (paralysis of stomach muscles). She decided there and then she wanted to help women love themselves, and achieve gorgeous skin – naturally.



So what does Lori recommend we do to get flawless, glowing skin, naturally?


  • Use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block the sun.
  • Do NOT sleep in your make up – it will age you 13 days each time you do!
  • Avoid harsh ingredients (like sodium laureth sulfate) at all cost!
  • It’s all about holistic health – if your inner health is good, your skin will be tight, hydrated, and youthful.
  • Avoid harsh exfoliation techniques like microdermabrasion – they literally buff your skin off!
  • Don’t use sugar scrubs – your skin absorbs the sugar same as it would if you ate it.
  • Avoid face-peeling products like retinols, chemical peels and glycolic acid – these thin your skin and make it age faster.
  • Use vitamin C serums & take Vitamin C internally.


Lori’s mineral make-up includes sunblock that blocks UV rays, which means you can be in the sun all day without having to worry. And the best bit? Lori can even customize it for your unique skin. No additives, no fillers, just natural ingredients, crushed rocks and gemstones. This means you get the energetic vibration of crystals like peridot and tourmaline, combined with ingredients that heal and support your skin.


Lori’s cleansing device not only cleanses your skin by pulling toxins out, it has 4 settings that help skincare products penetrate deep enough to make a difference. Her other skincare device is an ultrasound micro-dermabrasive blade that removes all the microscopic grime and gives you a natural facelift, leaving your skin looking and feeling beautifully smooth.


If you want more info about the best skincare routine for you:

  1. Book a skype with Lori
  2. Email her at
  3. Give her a call on 310 610 3449.


Get Rid of Your Acne

And if you suffer from breakouts, then you’ll love the Banish skincare range. Remember Daisy, from Episode 220? She grew up with acne and scarring since 3rd grade. After trying product after product, she found out that some of the ingredients in anti-acne products actually made her skin worse. So she created a brand of skincare without harmful or irritating chemicals. Now, her skin is glowing, smooth, and completely gorgeous.


The Banish Kit contains everything you need to banish acne and scars, fade uneven texture and hyperpigmentation, and reduce wrinkles:


  • The Banisher, which works by creating micro wounds in the skin (don’t worry, this is totally painless) and causes the skin to renew itself.
  • Banish Oil, a vitamin C serum containing the most potent form of vitamin C: ascorbic acid.


Banish products are made fresh to order, using only natural ingredients. And if you’re not completely satisfied, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.


Head to and get $10 off your first order with coupon code foodhealsnation.


What you’ll learn in Episode 222:

  • Why you need to stop exfoliating
  • The anti-aging products that actually accelerate aging
  • The truth about how much sun you need
  • JJ’s scary experience with Juviderm
  • Why you should never use eyeliner pencils
  • How to remove wrinkles without any surgery
  • Why Lori doesn’t like microdermabrasion
  • When to use and when to avoid retinols
  • Lori’s views on laser skin surgery
  • Lori’s recommendations to build collagen
  • Best vegan sources of collagen
  • How to know which products work, and which ones don’t


Our favorite moments:

@14:45 Looking like an oil slick

@15:46 You don’t want to look like trout mouth

@31:30 You’re not going to have any face left!

@47:46 Plants can build your skin


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We’ve got 3 Very Special Guests for you today!


Debi Chew – Plant-Based Nurse and Founder of the Chew on Vegan YouTube Channel


She thought she was too old. She thought it would take too long. But Debi Chew followed her dreams.


After 24 years working in the grocery business she went back to school to become a nurse – she’s been registered since 2009. Who better to be a nurse, healing and taking care of others, than someone who’s been on their own healing journey?


Debi went vegan after watching Forks over Knives. But a year later, she was diagnosed with auto-immune hepatitis. Her liver was totally shutting down…it got so bad that her gastroenterologist said if she didn’t take the steroids he would put her in hospital. So she took them. But she knew she didn’t want to be on medications for life, and researched alternatives. Through a combination of Chinese herbs and a plant-based diet, she got off the steroids within 6 weeks and took herself back to total health.


Debi set up Chew on Vegan after taking Jason Wrobel’s My Healthy Hustle class. Now her YouTube channel spreads the plant-based message and helps people transition to a vegan diet with tons of easy, simple, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free recipes. Check it out! (Especially the outrageous brownies by salt, sugar and oil-free Chef AJ – guest back on Episode 78). You can email Debi at



Maša and Michael Ofei – Founder of The Minimalist Vegan


Do you suffer from The More Virus? Most of us do, whether we realize it or not.


The symptoms? Always wanting more – more stuff, more success, more money, more cars, more clothes, more friends. Anyone who’s seen Hoarders knows that you can literally get trapped by your stuff. Always wanting more leaves us less time to actually enjoy life and be content with what we have right now.


Pursuing LESS rather than more gives you the opportunity to discover what really matters to you, and create the space for that in your life. If you want to set up your new business, be an activist or start a blog, then minimalism can free you from unwanted and unnecessary clutter so you have more time to do what you love.


Michael and Maša stumbled on the principle of minimalist living through ZenHabits, a blog about Buddhism and minimalism, and instantly knew they had to make the shift towards living with less stuff…not just for themselves, but for the betterment of the entire planet!


Four years later, they brought their eco-friendly consciousness to their diet. Maša and Michael went vegan overnight after watching Earthlings. It wasn’t easy, but once they’d seen the cruelty they couldn’t go back to eating animals. Their free cookbook is packed with delicious recipes to help you get into vegan eating effortlessly.


Check out their blog The Minimalist Vegan for tips and tricks to transition to a minimalist and vegan lifestyle – so you have more time and space in your life to follow your dreams. You can also read Maša and Michael’s book The Minimalist Vegan: A Simple Manifesto On Why To Live With Less Stuff And More Compassion.


What you’ll learn in Episode 221:

  • Why age should never hold you back from following your dreams
  • The terrifying side effects of steroid medications
  • Why oncologists can’t recommend anything other than traditional cancer treatments
  • Are we wrong to trust our doctors’ recommendations?
  • Debi’s tips for transforming your health, fast
  • How to prevent rapid aging (and look better!)
  • Why your genes do not control your health destiny
  • How to shift your mindset towards conscious consuming
  • How to turn your overflowing cupboards into a capsule wardrobe
  • How to get more time to do what you love
  • How to apply minimalism to your social media and business


Banish Bad Skin For Good


Remember Daisy, from Episode 220?


She grew up with acne and scarring since 3rd grade. After trying product after product, she found out that some of the ingredients in anti-acne products actually made her skin worse. So she created a brand of skincare without harmful or irritating chemicals. Now, her skin is glowing, smooth, and completely gorgeous.


The Banish Kit contains everything you need to banish acne and scars, fade uneven texture and hyperpigmentation, and reduce wrinkles:


  • The Banisher, which works by creating micro wounds in the skin (don’t worry, this is totally painless) and causes the skin to renew itself.
  • Banish Oil, a vitamin C serum containing the most potent form of vitamin C: ascorbic acid.


Banish products are made fresh to order, using only natural ingredients. And if you’re not completely satisfied, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.


Head to and get $10 off your first order with coupon code foodhealsnation. 


Our favorite moments:

@11.30 Trapped in their own stuff

@18:15 Like a superhero

@1:02:32 You can still have that pizza

@1:20:16 What is JOMO?


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