“Why don’t you put a bag over your face?”


That’s the question Daisy grew up hearing the most. She suffered from terrible cystic acne starting in 3rd grade. Despite trying every anti-acne product on the market – oral antibiotics, silicic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur – nothing worked. In fact, these conventional treatments made her skin worse. She felt massively insecure, ugly, and believed she would never belong. She was also bullied because of her skin, which lowered her self-esteem dramatically.


But it also motivated her to make a change…both for herself and for other silent sufferers of the same mistreatment.


Tired of trying products that didn’t work, she began reviewing them on her YouTube channel to help lead other acne sufferers in the right direction. Viewers resonated with her vulnerability, and before she knew it she’d built a loyal following. As she kept trying to heal her skin, she realized it was about much more than what was going on her skin; it was also about diet and lifestyle.


Now, her mission is to help others clear up their skin, feel beautiful, and be unapologetically themselves.



Ever since her breakthrough, her skin became acne-free and glowing. Plus, her skincare brand, Banish, is a million-dollar business selling a small range of products made with only natural ingredients – no preservatives, artificial fragrances, or harmful chemicals. Best of all, it’s skincare that really works.


Her best seller by far is the Banish Set. This kit includes the “Banisher”, a micro-needling roller which causes microscopic damage to the skin (no paint at all!) and promotes skin renewal, combined with the Banish Oil, a vitamin C serum that contains ascorbic acid and rose hip oil.  Together, these products increase collagen and elastane in your skin, helping to reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. And there’s no down-time!


We love it. Use the code Foodhealsnation for $10 off your first order. Then check out these amazing before & after pics.


What you’ll learn in Episode 220

  • Why conventional acne treatments will make your acne worse
  • The dietary changes Daisy made to heal her skin
  • The pro-acne diet you need to avoid
  • Why vitamin C helps more than just your skin
  • The magic of micro-needling
  • A treatment that will totally rejuvenate your skin
  • How Daisy overcame the emotional scars of bullying
  • Though-provoking conversations about perfection
  • How to own who you are and be authentic
  • The surprising truth about Facebook
  • Top ingredients to avoid in your skincare
  • The highs and lows of entrepreneurship
  • How Daisy launched a million-dollar skincare business


Our favorite moments:

@11:44 You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful

@19:03 Vitamin C junkie

@29:30 Give less fucks

@34:50 The truth about Facebook

@38:15 The BEST ingredient for your skin


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Banish YouTube Channel

The Happiness Advantage by Sean Achor

There’s nothing like coming home after a long, hard day and pouring yourself a glass of wine…


…but did you know most wines aren’t vegan???


Crazy, right? Traditional alcohol production uses ingredients such as egg whites (no thank you), gelatin (yikes) or dried fish bladders (wow…just wow) to filter the grapes – suddenly that glass of vino doesn’t seem like such a good idea!


Thankfully, brands have stepped up with delicious vegan options. Our favorite is Le Grand Courtage. It’s founded by Tawnya Falkner, a fierce female entrepreneur who didn’t let anything hold her back from following her passion.



During her many travels (43 countries so far…nbd), Tawnya realized the important role wine plays in all cultures. It brings people together, it highlights celebrations, it helps us to unwind. But wine tasting can also turn snobby real quick, and some expensive brands don’t even taste that nice (and aren’t even plant-based!).


Tawnya wanted to create a sparkling wine that’s delicious, affordable, and vegan – a vegan wine suitable for every day and every celebration. So she moved from San Francisco to France to make it happen.


Despite being a highly male-dominated industry, she’s succeeded! Without pre-conceived notions of what wine should be, she’s been able to create a light, refreshing, sparkling wine and grow her business from nothing.


Her motto? Don’t let anything hold you back, especially not insecurity. Dream big and go for it!


Le Grand Courtage bottles are available to buy State-wide. Her latest wine, Très Chic Rosé, has our thumbs up over and above other brands. It’s perfect on its own, or made into cocktails. We love it! You can get yours here.


What you’ll learn in Episode 219:

  • The secret about wine pricing (and it’s not what’s actually in the bottle!)
  • The best wine for parties
  • Alli’s tips for sophisticated eco-shopping
  • How to combine sophistication and veganism
  • Best foods to eat with sparkling wine
  • How Tawnya raised capital for her business
  • Tawnya’s tips for entrepreneurship
  • The secret ingredient for success
  • When mistakes lead to self-knowledge
  • The three F’s to banish from your life
  • What you really need in your life


Our favorite moments:

@1:49 The best sparkles I’ve ever had

@15:50 Let’s do it now!

@24:26 Bubbles are breakfast

@34:30 This is why I drink

@37:04 That’s when the magic happens

@43:55 This is all you really need in life


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There’s never been a better, easier time to go plant-based. Faced with an epidemic of disease and the threat of global warming, it’s the one thing all of us can do to make a positive difference – both for our health, and the planet.


Today’s two guests made the shift to veganism after watching the groundbreaking (and super powerful) documentary Earthlings. Now, they want to help other people transition to plant-based living, and better health.


Melissa is a plant-powered personal chef and founder of ForkinPlants. We’re so inspired by her story. After studying healthcare and working in an office for years, she quit her 9 to 5 to follow her dreams and focus on her passions: cooking and helping people live healthy lives.


But she wasn’t always on this vibe. In fact, before going vegan she used to eat cheese out of a can! Fifteen years ago, she had to take a 14-day course of antibiotics to clear an H-Pylori stomach infection. The result was a destroyed digestive system, chronic acid reflux and really bad eczema. Through research and Chinese medicine, she discovered that some of the top superfoods, like turmeric, were actually making her condition worse.


Now, having fully healed herself through food, she helps others do the same. Read her blog post to find out how she healed her skin issues.



Elana’s got a very similar journey. She suffered from chronic acid reflux from the age of 16. Of course, doctors just gave her a pill to take…unsurprisingly, this didn’t work long-term.


She had her light-bulb moment at a retreat where the host made everyone watch Earthlings. Now vegan and healthy, Elana is a plant-based influencer and foodie, spreading vegan holistic health knowledge to those who need it most. She runs vegan events, and is about to quit her office job to follow her passion full-time. Her website Klean-Slate focuses on being real about food – because let’s face it, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about making small sustainable changes that last. Check out Episode 120 for Elana’s first appearance on the show, where she shares tips to re-balance your gut microflora.


Our favorite vegan substitutes:


What you’ll learn in Episode 218:

  • One thing NOT to do when you’re on a fast
  • When turmeric isn’t good for you
  • Easy ways to get your family to eat vegan
  • Why just one meal can make a difference
  • How to make simple changes to save the planet AND be healthier
  • How to eat mindfully
  • The BEST way to improve your alkalinity
  • How to give up dairy cheese without withdrawal symptoms!
  • The vegan cheeses we love (and which ones you should avoid)
  • What happened when we reviewed the Impossible Burger
  • What NOT to do if you have eczema (and what actually works)
  • Simple tips to go plant-based effortlessly


Our favorite moments:

@19:37 If you’re eating something delicious, just enjoy it

@21:25 Jesus wine?

@45:45 Everything started to change


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Skinny Bitch

Medical Medium

With so many different types of yoga (bikram, kundalini, goat) out there, you might not know where to start.


 Same for fitness. Do you go hard and fast, or slow and gentle? Thai kick-boxing or asana flow? Or maybe it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re moving and appreciating your body.


Koya Webb is a yoga superstar and celebrity holistic health coach, has appeared on NBC and was the main character on the reality show Yoga Girls. If you want to feel inspired, her Instagram is the most beautiful feed, full of motivational posts.


But life wasn’t always this rewarding.


As a teen, Koya was insecure, with no sense of self-worth or self-love. What set her out of that dark tunnel in her life and into the light was track athletics. But just before she was about to make it big…she got a stress fracture.


It was the end of one dream. She quickly retreated back to that very dark place of her youth.


And that’s when a school counselor stepped in and suggested yoga.


From the first class, Koya felt connected to her spirit in a way she’d never experienced before. Within a year, she’d healed her body through yoga and meditation. From there, she kept studying and decided to become a yoga teacher to inspire people into a healthier lifestyle. In the end, Koya found that the secret lies in balance.


You don’t have to be dogmatic about yoga, just like you don’t have to be dogmatic about your diet.


When Alli went from non-vegan to super hardcore raw veganism, she got sick. She had to find her sweet spot. Everyone is different. Some people love to eat first thing in the morning. Other people enjoy intermittent fasting. And what you need may change depending on what’s happening in your life. You need to eat and fuel up based on your lifestyle.


And the most important ingredient for total health? Self-love. Always self-love.



We need to get loved up. Pure and simple. Most of us are givers and lovers and nurturers, but we also need to learn how to receive love. Otherwise our cup gets empty and we get exhausted.


Koya created the Get Loved Up University, a yoga teacher training academy to give more women the tools to teach other women, and spread the beautiful message of love, unity, health and plant-based nutrition. If this sounds like what you need, join Koya on her yoga retreat in Thailand in December! No matter your shape, size, nationality or yoga ability, you are invited to come and get loved up!


What you’ll learn in Episode 217:

  • The secrets behind yoga’s healing potential
  • Why the best type of yoga depends on your goals
  • Koya’s healthy go-to staples and optimal living tips
  • Alli’s number one practice to get out of a funk
  • Why yoga can help you release old emotional wounds
  • The foods that make a plant-based diet super affordable
  • The antidote to shame
  • The one thing Ella did to eliminate post-meal bloating
  • The most impactful thing you can do to build a strong mind
  • How Koya and Ella became plant-powered entrepreneurs
  • How many burpees does it take to work-off 3 Oreos?


Our favorite moments:

@5:50 Yoga’s a beautiful thing

@9:09 We are one

@19:53 You’ve got to feel it to heal it

@37:15 That literally changed my life

@50:38 It comes off faster if you love it

@1:03:38 You can’t outrun your fork


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SexyFitVegan.com/MasterClass  – get free tips to get you started on your path to great health

Can relationship and business make good bedfellows? Only if you’ve got mindfulness about both.


Think about what it takes to be a successful solo-preneur.


Things like drive, passion, organization and strength first come to mind….


…But what about belief in yourself, trust in your abilities and confidence in your knowledge.


Without these things, you run the risk of standing in your own way. So how can we stop blocking ourselves from following our dreams and setting up our businesses?


It all starts with mindfulness.


The same goes for our relationships.


Don’t take the “solo” in solo-preneur too seriously. The vibrations (all our habitual thoughts and our core beliefs about ourselves and the world) we give off either attract people into (or out of) our lives. Unless we love ourselves, we cannot expect another person to truly love us. This means we must empower ourselves and take responsibility for what we bring into our relationships. Because we need relationships to succeed, no matter the business.


Mindfulness (of business and relationships) can be the difference between success and failure.



Few know this better than today’s guest, Michael Neeley. Michael first discovered mindfulness during his acting career (he spent twelve years working as a medieval knight!). The more he studied Buddhism and got into the psychology of human beings though, the more he felt driven to share this knowledge with the world. He got out of acting and into coaching, and now runs three podcasts and regular mindset mastery events. You’ve gotta be mindful to stay this productive and successful.


Michael’s ultimate mission? To bring new ways of thinking and being to people that will make them more mindful of themselves and their world.


That’s why Michael launched Your Authority Blueprint Live, an event dedicated to helping visionary solo-preneurs connect with their inner expert and become successful. The Authority Blueprint is founded on four pillars


  1. Podcasting
  2. Virtual Summits
  3. Speaking From Stage
  4. Authoring Your Own Book


which, when implemented, will catapult you (couldn’t avoid a medieval reference) onto the scene in a big way.


Michael’s year-long program, the Authority Academy, goes through each pillar and helps you release the blocks that keep you from overcoming the challenge that comes with each one. By the end of the year you’ll have:


  1. A podcast up and running
  2. Speaking experiences at an online summit
  3. Booked gigs for live events
  4. A published book


More details HERE.


If you’re ready to release what keeps you blocked, then don’t miss JJ’s Releasing What Weighs You Down event on January 10th to 13th in Los Angeles. Speakers will include JJ herself, Michael Neeley, Allison, energy practitioner Lisa Thomas and mind-body-spirit nutritionist Jeanne Peters.


What you’ll learn in Episode 216:

  • Why you’re already an expert
  • What to do, and in what order, to become an authority figure in your chosen field
  • How to gain clarity on your authority
  • How Michael launched his first podcast in just 2 weeks(!)
  • How Consciously Speaking went from amateur podcast to 7-day-a-week podcast
  • What it means to be awake
  • The biggest beliefs that hold you back
  • Are you choosing your partner to heal the wounds of your past?
  • How to heal your relationships
  • How to make the Law of Attraction work for you
  • The strategies JJ used to stop being defensive
  • Why working on yourself will help you manifest your soulmate
  • Masculinity tips for consciously awake men


Our favorite moments:

@3:39 What does it mean to be a medieval knight?

@20:24 Wake up the planet

@23:36 Spiritual bypass bullshit

@33:15 Wine and sex?

@1:02:45 Are you upper-limiting?


Ep. 216 Also Available Wherever You Listen To Podcasts, Including:

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Ever feel like any work you do on your inner life gets you NOWHERE?


What if your fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns were not your own, but actually inherited from your ancestors?


Could you be holding something in your body that isn’t even yours?


If your ancestors ever had any kind of emotional trauma, such as fear, phobias, depression, anxiety, or abuse, then it’s time you know that these things become subconscious traps that pass their energy through DNA. This gets passed down, generation to generation. So your phobia of spiders may be due to a great great aunt experiencing the trauma of getting bitten. Or, for example, Food Heals regular Whitney Lauritsen discovered her limiting beliefs around money came from her grandfather’s living through the Great Depression.


It’s overwhelming to believe that you’re carrying your ancestors’ trauma (when it’s hard just to carry our own), but don’t worry! You can free yourself from these patterns and release the emotions that are not your own.



Lisa Thomas is a Transformational Energy Healer and today’s guest on the podcast! With Whitney as co-host, we will ask Lisa how she uses a combination of kinesiology (a form of muscle testing) and clairvoyancy to:


  • Connect with her clients’ subconscious
  • Discover where these limiting beliefs have come from
  • Assess what is keeping them from freedom
  • And reveal what needs to be released


Lisa was born with these gifts and initially felt this to be her huge burden. Seeing dead people isn’t exactly fun when you don’t know what it all means and you can’t talk to anyone about it. She didn’t know what to do, and felt afraid and isolated. It wasn’t until years later that she realized that if she wasn’t using her gifts to empower people, she wasn’t fulfilling her purpose on earth.


Thanks to her help, her clients can align with their soul purpose, get their unique gifts into the world, and reach their fullest potential. By drawing on her access to Source Energy and knowledge of holistic healing methods, Lisa can break patterns of struggle and negative energy that hold you back, so you can achieve a life filled with love and prosperity.


She offers consultations in person, by Skype or by phone, and she works with people from all over the world and of all ages, from newborns to 80-year-olds. And now she can consult for you!…


Lisa’s Two Special Offers for Food Heals Nation:

  • Get a DNA Healing Session with Lisa …and receive $100 off! Just remember to mention that Food Heals podcast sent you! More details in the link: www.foodhealsnation.com/lisa
  • Free healing meditation! Head to Lisa’s website for her Release Inherited Money Blocks Meditation Series, a great tool to unblock your limiting belief about money, clear your energy and prepare your body for healing.


Ep. 215 Also Available Wherever You Listen To Podcasts, Including:

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And so many more!


What you’ll learn in Episode 215:

  • What is emotionally inherited DNA?
  • How Lisa clears your DNA of ancestral fears
  • How to connect to your guardian angels
  • Are you a hoarder because of your ancestors?
  • How to tap into Source Energy
  • How to keep your three brains healthy (yes, we have three(!) brains)
  • The three blocks to feeling emotionally balanced
  • How to tap into your gratitude in a deeper way
  • Six words that will get you out of fear and into manifesting
  • The trick to manifesting in your car
  • A two-minute strategy to begin clearing your energies right now


Our favorite moments:

@6:31 A very powerful experience

@11:24 Wow, what a gift!

@19:45 Life doesn’t have to be difficult

@28:55 I hear dead people

@59:25 The number one inherited emotion

@1:00:42 There’s room at the top





The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson

Can you believe we used to consider smoking healthy???


For so long (too long), it was just a fact of life – everyone smoked, even doctors. It took over 20 years, and 7000(!) studies, before the first official report against smoking was published.


Now, how long will it take before the truth comes out about the modern pills we take (and diets we choose)?


Well, thanks to Dr. Michael Greger, we don’t need to wait any longer!


Dr. Greger, the super-influential physician, speaker and author, was inspired into the medical profession by his grandma’s inspiring story of healing. She’d had so many bypass operations that doctors said there was nothing more to be done. They sent her home to die.


She was only 65.


But after working with of one of the original lifestyle medicine pioneers, Nathan Pritikin, she healed herself and went on to live another 31 healthy, happy years.


Having witnessed the healing power of a plant-based diet, Dr. Greger is on a mission to bring the truth about nutrition to as many people as possible. He founded the free, non-profit, science-based website NutritionFacts.org, which provides the latest in evidence-based nutrition research.



We love his NYT-Best-Selling book How Not to Die, where he breaks down the top 15 causes of death in the US, and explains how nutrition works BETTER than prescription meds to prevent and reverse disease, heal your body and help you live longer. It’s so refreshing and necessary to see a modern physician standing up for what is right and good in treating the commonest and scariest of diseases. How Not To Die is a practical guide that will help you design a lifestyle that supports your complete well-being.


After you’ve finished the book, you can download the free Daily Dozen app, which gives you simple daily strategies to fight disease and feel great, even on a budget. And the best thing? 100% of the proceeds of his books are donated to charity.


The message is loud and clear: WE have the power to prevent and reverse chronic disease with a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Greger is also working on a new book, How Not To Diet, which will be out in December 2019. He’s discovered some unique metabolic quirks to accelerate weight loss. We can’t wait to read it!!


Dr. Greger’s recommendations to prevent and reverse chronic disease:

  • It’s all about the day-to-day
  • Avoid the worst foods (soda, processed meats, trans-fats, dairy)
  • Add in the best foods (beans, berries, leafy greens, chia seeds) whenever you can
  • Pack in as many whole healthy plant foods as possible – real food that grows out of the ground


Ep. 214 Also Available Wherever You Listen To Podcasts, Including:

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And so many more!


What you’ll learn in Episode 214:

  • Why you need to merge treadmills and laptops
  • The difference between acute disease and chronic disease
  • What inspired Dr. Greger into this work
  • Why you must never give up hope
  • What happened when Dr. Greger was a witness in Oprah’s meat defamation trial
  • The ugly truth about animal feed
  • What you can do to fight the plant-based fight
  • What processed meat as asbestos have in common
  • Dr. Greger’s tips for healing your body


Our favorite moments:

@2:01 I’m on a treadmill right now!

@9:30 Can people beat the odds?

@11:14 We can heal our bodies.

@21:07 There’s so much crazy cool stuff!

@26:01 You don’t know till you give it a try




Dr. Greger Website

How Not To Die



Is clutter holding you back?


You may think mess is just a nuisance, but the state of your home is a reflection of the state of what’s going on inside you.


Our environment sends us sensory messages about the world we live in, and about how we are managing that world. A broken path to your home sends the message that life is hard, that things can trip you up. A cluttered purse sends the message of difficulty letting go. A chaotic desk speaks of disorganization. When we begin to clear and de-clutter our environment, we actually begin to clear our inner world as well. And that is the real magic of Feng Shui.


Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui master, but her life wasn’t always zen. There was a time when a perfect life to Dana meant hustling (like x1000) and always chasing the next thing. On the outside her life looked awesome. But on the inside? She was totally burnt out.


After years of this kind of fast-paced lifestyle, she ended up in hospital with auto immune disorders. For the first time in her adult life, she was house-bound. Forced to slow down, Dana realized she’d never made her house a home, never created a space where she could truly thrive. There wasn’t a single picture on the walls. She allowed the place to look like an impersonal Airbnb.


That’s when she found Feng Shui, and it transformed her life.


Through the art of Feng Shui, Dana found her voice, got grounded, became confident, and created her business. For over a decade, she’s helped clients change their homes and reconnect with the flow of their life’s true purpose. New jobs, fame, soulmate relationships, business deals, and renewed self-love are just some of the results Dana’s clients get out of their time with this Feng Shui master.


Feng Shui Explained

Feng Shui is the art and science of creating an optimum space for you to thrive. There’s no one-size-fits-all model to this. And it’s not about following arbitrary rules, like purple for wealth or red for success (I mean, not everyone wants red and purple in their living room, right?). Instead, it’s about how the space makes you feel.


Prosperity comes from creativity. And for creativity to blossom you need to feel present and grounded in your space. That comes from creating a home that is decluttered and clear of stagnant or wasteful energies.


Dana’s Tips to Declutter Your Home and Create Prosperity

  • Start small: There’s no point having a super tidy garage if your purse is total chaos. Start with the spaces that you interact with every single day, such as your purse, your bathroom shelf and your kitchen cupboards.
  • Everything in your life should have a purpose: Do you use that dusty tread mill in the corner, or do you just go the gym or go outside to run? Are you making the most of your dining room, or are decorations there (or not there) because someone told you to?
  • Create conversations in your home: If your furniture seems very separated and disjointed, move things around, group things together, and see how this shifts the room’s energy.
  • Be intuitive: if you feel something needs to go, get rid of it. Don’t keep that cushion just because your auntie gave it to you.
  • Clean up your digital space: these rules apply to your virtual life too. Organize those files and don’t be afraid to un-follow feeds that only send negative energy your way.
  • Clear stagnant energies from your home. Burning sage is great for this. Open all the windows and set your intention to clear the space. Mindfully walk around your home and visualize old energy flowing out and new energy flowing in.
  • A great place to start the path of Feng Shui is with Dana’s free Life Detox Jump Start Course, where you’ll learn how to detox the clutter and attract more love, health, prosperity and happiness.


What Dana and her course helps show all of us is that when you change your home, you change your life.


You can shape the universe around you in your favor, and perhaps it starts in your purse or pocket.


Where will you begin?



What you’ll learn in Episode 213:

  • Is clutter affecting your mind and body?
  • The one thing to do if you can’t sleep or lose weight
  • Debunking “bad” Feng Shui
  • Why you need to break the rules
  • How to break out of poverty mentality
  • An easy way to clear energy from your mattress
  • Why sage wands are an invaluable tool
  • A superfast method to sync both your brain hemispheres and awaken your creativity
  • How to stay away from strategies that take away your power
  • How to use salt to transform negative energy from your life (this one comes with a warning!)


Our favorite moments:

@2:52 Clutter even affects your body!

@15:59 The two schools of thought

@37:17 It’s like the coolest science

@43:57 Speak to your house!




Get free videos! –  www.fengshuimagical.com


We’ve got some serious blonde power in the recording studio today! We’re asking two top health & wellness experts your burning health questions, and getting some amazing answers in return…


Sophie Uliano is a nutritionist, green beauty expert, and best-selling author of the Gorgeously Green series of books. She runs retreats and events that empower women to transform from the inside out and be the healthiest they can be. This blonde bombshell taught Julia Roberts and Oprah how to go green BEFORE green was even cool. Check out previous episodes 178, 185 and 200 for Sophie’s story and more gorgeously green lifestyle tips.


Ella Magers was named one of Shape Magazine’s Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America, and we testify that she’s really hot – and vegan. She’s the author of Six Weeks to Sexy Abs, a book that will transform how you exercise for good. Vegan for 23 years, Ella runs online coaching programs helping people make the transition to a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle. Check out episodes 97, 169 and 170 for Ella’s story.


Here’s a few starter questions to give you a “taste” of what our two experts have for us on today’s episode:


1: How much exercise do we really need?

The latest scientific research says the optimum amount of exercise is 60 minutes a day. Sounds like a lot, but you don’t have to do it all in one go: break it up. If you’re busy, do 10 minutes of kettlebell in the morning, throw in a bit of high speed walking at lunchtime, and a spot of yoga in the afternoon. Simply being active in your day to day adds up when it comes to fitness. Even such mundane but active chores as tidying up the house can help you work up a sweat.


Consider your goals. If you’re focusing on long term health, lower impact exercise is a good choice. If you’re looking for fast results, go for high-intensity workouts. Ultimately, it’s about finding a balance between low and high impact activities that’s right for you.


2: Is it really okay for me to have that glass of wine every day?

Be plant-powered, eat your greens, and enjoy that glass of wine guilt-free. Firstly, wine comes packed with antioxidants. In moderation, it’s practically a health food (check out Dr. Cabral’s episode where he shares the secrets to drinking healthily). When you deny yourself something you love, you end up compensating by binging on something else. It’s more important to listen to your body. Definitely don’t feel guilty, because guilt changes the molecular structure of our bodies. So pour yourself that glass of wine, and enjoy every sip.


3: What’s the deal with SPF cream? Is the sun giving us skin cancer or is it good for us? What are you best recommendations for healthy sunscreen?

The sun is not the devil. In fact, vitamin D is vital and you should get between 2000-5000 IU every day. 

A little bit of sunshine is okay (although definitely avoid the baby oil and the aluminum foil), but you need to be cautious and protect yourself from harmful rays. Our top tips:

  • Cover up! Wear a hat and non-toxic sunblock. You can make your own by mixing coconut oil and zinc oxide.
  • Avoid conventional sunscreens, because they’re packed with hormone-disrupting chemicals and are never as effective as advertised
  • Think about your diet. The more toxic you are, the more you’ll burn.


4: Colonics and enemas. Hype or healing tools?

There’s a ton of conflicting information out there. Some say it’s lifesaving, others say it might kill you. The truth, like with most things, lies somewhere in between. As a short-term fix or to kickstart your healing journey, they can work miracles. In fact, many Food Heals guests have had positive experiences with them. But some say washing away your microbiome is a bad idea, and colonics shouldn’t be relied upon long-term.


If you eat clean and you’re healthy, you don’t necessarily need colonics because you’re giving your digestive system everything it needs to function and support a healthy gut. The body is clever (it naturally detoxifies), and we can assist it in a gentle way by eating certain herbs and vegetables, like cilantro, milk thistle and leafy greens.


5: What are the best green products for hair?

  • Evolve H do a great starter kit for hair. Totally green non-toxic hair care.
  • Bogavia do a delicious shampoo, conditioner and serum that really deliver.
  • EO Products shampoos and conditioners are gluten-free, organic, and infused with essential oils that help your hair grow.


6: How do you kick a Starbucks addiction?

If you’re trying to kick the coffee habit, substitute in a matcha tea shot instead. It will really energize you without giving you the jitters. Or give Hiball a try for a natural lift.


If it’s the take-out coffee habit you’re trying to drop, then look at it from an economic, health, and environment perspective. You can buy really good organic ethical tea or coffee, organic plant milk with no nasties added, make it at home and take it with you in a reusable cup… not only do you save money, but you avoid chemical-packed non-organic coffee and sugary milks (saving your health), and don’t contribute to the mountain of plasticized coffee cups polluting the oceans (saving the planet). When it comes to coffee with benefits, you can’t go wrong with Foursigmatic, instant coffee infused with medicinal mushrooms.


7: What are your thoughts on drinking aloe vera gel?

Aloe vera can be good for food poisoning because it flushes you out and lets the intestinal tract heal. However, you need to use it with caution, because it can be too powerful for those with certain sensitivities. It’s most delicious in small amounts. Try mixing it with lemon and mint for a healthy healing lemonade.  


8: What are some tips to move out of food addiction?

The first thing to acknowledge is that food is just a symptom of disordered eating. The cause is always deeper than you at first think. So switching to veganism or vegetarianism doesn’t automatically cure food addiction. You need to begin by exploring what sits behind those behaviors.


What are the thoughts and beliefs fueling your eating patterns?


Ultimately, when we reconnect to self-love, and are mindful of what is driving us to crave another serving of ice-cream (vegan or not), we can step out of disordered eating and into a healthy relationship with food.  


More of What you’ll learn in Episode 212:

  • The latest science-based evidence on how much exercise you really need
  • Alli’s 2-minute fitness routine
  • A new definition of exercise
  • The trick to drinking alcohol the healthy way (YES you can enjoy that glass of wine)
  • How Alli, Sophie and Ella reversed years of sun-worship and maintain their beautiful skin naturally
  • Ella’s top drink for a natural high
  • How Ella overcame perfectionism and disordered eating
  • How to play life like a game
  • Two mantras to lighten up your life


Our favorite moments:

@4:01 Blond power in the room

@9:38 This is a big one!

@10:50 Better than meat!!

@19:57 Let’s bust a myth right now!

@22:50 Confessions of three sun-worshippers

@30:10 Tell the truth!

@37:30 I LOVE this drink!

@52:01 Play life like a game.

@54:03 We’re all just pure love and consciousness!



www.sexyfitvegan.com to find out about Ella’s free masterclass.

www.sophieuliano.com to get the details for Sophie’s retreats

When Ali first imagined reaching Italy, she thought “Cool, I’m going to drink wine and eat olives.”


But it ended up being SO MUCH MORE than that. Not only did we experience a real immersion into Italian culture, with all its mind-blowing food, breathtaking scenery and relaxed pace of life, but we created sisterhood bonds that will surely last a lifetime. Plus, we got to do it all in a place that we can truly now call the mecca of healing and connection.


And guess what? We even recorded a Food Heals Podcast Episode right here in Italy, just for y’all!


Here are a few of the amazing things from the trip that we discuss on this week’s episode:

  • The Environment: the clear blue sea, the hot sun, the beautiful people, the relaxed pace of life.
  • The Feminine Energy on the retreat: we supported, empowered and held the space for each other to be truly ourselves.
  • The Deep Love Connections: heart-opening moments between like-minded women.
  • The Mutual Support: learning and growing together, making connections that will last a lifetime.
  • An Actual Real Holiday: you know those vacations that are supposed to be vacations but ending being more stressful than your regular life? Yeah, this wasn’t one of those! All we had to do was get our plane tickets and everything else was taken care of. For us women with busy lives, this felt like a real holiday.
  • The olives! The olive oil! The eggplant! The sorbets! The lemons! The gelato…The food there was ridiculous.
  • Being an unapologetic vegan while sampling Italy’s finest foods.
  • Our blissful boat trip
  • Learning to choose ingredients and cooking vegan masterpieces with Leslie Durso.


Plus, we also talk tips to get more veggies into your kids’ diets:

  • Go to the farmers market together and challenge them to pick out the craziest vegetables.
  • Get them involved, cook together!
  • Health treats – make a smoothie of peas, spinach, kiwis and pears – it tastes just like apple sauce, but green.
  • Make homemade guacamole – kids love it!
  • Dips like hummus will make it easier for kids to eat raw veggies.
  • Cauliflower popcorn. Roast cauliflower with coconut oil for 50 minutes and watch them gobble it up



What you’ll learn in Episode 211:

  • What makes Italy the best place for a healing getaway
  • How to get more vegetables in your kids
  • A super easy thing to do with ANY vegetable that will make it taste amazing
  • How to take Vitamin C to heal any illness
  • Crazy things pharmacists are taught at school
  • One natural ingredient that will heal you WITHOUT side effects
  • Why we went vegan
  • The link between Alzheimer’s disease and dairy
  • How to reverse Alzheimer’s
  • One tip that will help you stick to your new vegan lifestyle
  • The most important ingredient to put into your meals


Our favorite moments:

@10:26 Don’t even get me started on the wine

@13:45 A love fest!

@20:51 Straight up fun

@22:59 Mutual falling in love

@27:50 Pass the prosecco!

@42:34 You can reverse high blood pressure

@50:34 Food is drugs

@1:00:46 Stand in all your vegan glory



Join us in Italy in 2019!



Podcast Episode: Katie Krimitsos, Biz Women Rock:



Podcast Episode: Noor Daghistani, FoodProof: