When it comes to transforming your life, you’ve got to start from within. So, we’ve asked three successful entrepreneurs to share their top tips for banishing any limiting beliefs in your life, and stepping into your dream life.


Lisa Thomas – a transformational energy healer, Lisa empowers her clients to reach their full potential by removing inherited emotional blocks. One of the blocks many of us carry? Money. How many times have we heard “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “You can’t be spiritual and prosperous” or “There is never enough”? Of course this impacts how we view money, and our own prosperity.


How can we transform our money mindset and instead manifest from a place of gratitude?


Inherited money beliefs are huge, and they’re based around scarcity (not being enough to go around). The antidote? Gratitude. 


So, how do you tap into that? 

  • Start small. “I am grateful that I’m alive.” Or that you have a bed, that the sun is out, that you have a roof over your head.
  • Make sure you speak it out loud. When you speak it, it sends it out into the universe. And when you give gratitude, it comes back. 
  • Give gratitude for what you know is coming – your high-vibe clients, your perfect home, your ideal partner…
  • What if a negative belief creeps in? That’s fear. It’s time for stronger statements like “My life is getting better, whether I believe it or not.
  • Check out Episode 215 for the full episode, where Lisa talks to Alli and vegan entrepreneur Whitney Lauritsen about releasing inherited emotional blocks and manifesting all you desire.


Lisa is here for you. Go to www.FoodHealsNation.com/Lisa to see her special offer for Food Heals listeners.


Check out Lisa’s FREE money clearing gift: Releasing Inherited Money Blocks audio meditation – go to www.lisathomas.com to get it. 



James Whittaker is the author of the best-selling personal finance and motivation books The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth, and Think and Grow Rich – The Legacy. He’s also co-produced the film Think and Grow Rich – The Legacy. His mission is to help people take ownership of their financial, physical and mental health. Check out Episode 205 for his inspirational money story.


How can we all think and grow rich? We need to address our entire life, because money, body, and mind are all linked. 

  • If you want to have a good relationship at home, you need to be engaged with your finances. 
  • Write out a goals list (financial goals, health goals, life goals etc.), and get your spouse do to the same – this way you can know what’s important to them now, and in the future, and work together to make it happen.  
  • Get very clear on what you want. It’s much easier to take the first step if you know your destination. That will spur you on to greater success.
  • Keep it simple, and consistent. 
  • Get out of victim mentality and banish limiting beliefs:
    • Look forward instead of focusing on the past.
    • Get crystal clear on where you want to be – mentally, physically and financially.
    • What is your environment like? Are you hanging out with too many negative people?
    • Get comfortable with being out of your comfort zone.
    • Try journaling – it helps you start the day with intention, purpose and passion.


Alida McDaniel helps people across the globe tap into pure consciousness and shift the world one thought at the time. If you want to banish those negative beliefs, and create more time in our day for positive action, you need to break out of fear. How? By setting intentions. 

  • Give yourself permission to be fearless. 
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are clouding your judgement and affecting your life from the root – it might be that you think you have no time or no skills – or that you’re afraid of losing people or money or your job. 
  • Be committed to taking the actions necessary to make your dreams come true. Announce that commitment to the Universe. 
  • Have 100% faith that you will make it.
  • Take ownership for your life so far, be honest with yourself about the actions you’re taking right now and how they have brought you where you are today. 
  • Decide that you are not going to judge yourself, and choose a different course of action. Create a code of conduct for your new improved life. 


Check out Episodes 43 and 65 to discover how Alida manifested the one and created a holistic life.


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What you’ll learn in Episode 270:

  • How to tap into gratitude
  • Why journaling is not enough
  • The magic words that dispel fear-based beliefs
  • The best places to speak your gratitude
  • How to manifest in your car
  • The top reasons why you might be getting in your own way
  • Do you have fear of success?
  • How to tap into your intuition 
  • Is money ruining your relationships?
  • Why anyone can think and grow rich
  • The problem with getting too comfortable
  • How to create more time
  • How to take ownership of your life


Our favorite moments:

@4:36 That’s the key!

@15:13 That’s powerful right there

@20:50 That’s what leads to extraordinary achievement

@44:27 I LOVE this!


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Goddess Intelligence Instagram

Sarah’s story starts in 2008. She was living a normal, happy life – married to her childhood sweetheart, with children. Until one day she saw a text on her husband’s phone that revealed he had been having an affair. Her world blew up instantaneously. The life she had known for so long ended in an instant.


Three days later, they filed for divorce. She had hit rock bottom.


But often the toughest times are those we need the most, even though it might not feel like it in the moment. Her divorce was the catalyst for a new beginning. Sarah began to realize she had the freedom to invent who she wanted to be. She started making a future board – finding pictures that illustrated the life she wanted to experience, and daydreaming about it. Then the magic happened.


Why now? Because when you shift your focus from what you’ve gone through in the past, or are going through in the moment, to what you want to create, you make your dreams happen. Before she knew it, she’d manifested 95% of what she wanted.


Now, Sarah is a master coach who has worked with professional athletes and people across the world. She’s a workshop leader, keynote speaker and best-selling author. She’s living her best life, and helping people manifest their dreams.


Her latest book FutureBoards is a step by step guide to using vision boards to manifest your dream life, and is out TODAY! It’s available at Target, and if you take a photo of you with the book, post it and tag @SarahCentrella with the hashtag #futureboards, you could win free coaching, free courses, and autographed books.



How to use a vision board:

  • Define what you really want.
  • Find pictures that match what’s in your head.
  • Put yourself in your dreams in your mind.
  • Hang your vision board in your space so that you can spend time around it.
  • Get comfortable with your dreams, no matter how big they are.


What you’ll learn in Episode 269:

  • How Oprah helped Sarah move on from her divorce
  • How to manifest your goals in just 18 months
  • Using vision boards to predict your future
  • Three powerful steps to reach your goals
  • What happens when you start manifesting
  • Where to find the pictures to create your perfect future life
  • How to bust limiting beliefs that block you from living your dreams


Our favorite moments:

@5:45 The icing on the shit cake

@13:05 Some crazy magic

@17:52 It has been so life-changing

@21:36 Your brain already knows

@30:29 Do it in your closet


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  • Banish Collagen Booster Kit– Combat the look of fine lines, dark spots and acne scars without any chemicals. This kit contains the Banisher, a micro-needling products that stimulates collagen renewal, and a Vitamin C cream that leaves your skin feeling radiant. Go to banish.com and use the coupon code FoodHealsNation for $10 off your first order.


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Picture this. A gorgeous villa built into the cliffside, surrounded by an organic farm, with an infinity pool overlooking the sea; the picturesque Italian village of Ravello, the most vegan-friendly town in Italy, with its cobbled streets, authentic restaurants and independent shops. In this perfect setting, a group of women came together to connect, learn from each other, and savor a week of total plant-based relaxation. 


Meet the ladies:


Leslie Durso – international vegan chef, working with the Four Seasons to veganize hotels all over the world. Her favorite part – going barefoot into the garden and picking food to make dinner. The super glamorous lifestyle. Swimming in private coves. Follow her on Instagram @lesliedurso


Ella Magers – founder of Sexy Fit Vegan and creator of the 6-month plant empowered coaching program. Her favorite part of the trip? Being in a gorgeous setting where the food you eat has been picked from the garden that day. Learning about the olive oil. The locals being so friendly and inviting. Follow her @sexyfitvegan


Coriann Bright – owner of Bright Living, she creates sacred spaces by combining energy healing and interior design. She loved eating divinely well while traveling, and finding so many new places that embrace vegan cuisine. But the highlight was taking the boat out to the seaside restaurant, swimming out to the caves as a group, and being in goddess energy. Oh, and words cannot express the joy of shopping in Ravello. 


Ashley Fillingim – an attorney who represents wellness entrepreneurs. She loved our first Italian Getaway retreat so much she came back this year. She couldn’t pick a favorite thing. The place just calls to her. The peace and simplicity, alongside the explosion of light and color is what keeps bringing her back. Learning how to live simply and elegantly. Connecting with empowered, fun, intelligent women, sharing stories and being supportive. Follow her on Instagram @kickashlife.  


Jill Tomback – Alli’s longtime friend and a teacher. Check out episodes 26, 27 and 28 for her healing story! This retreat was the first time she landed in Europe and she was beyond blown away. The lemons, the food, the people, the artistry that goes into everything that’s made, the lack of mass production… but mostly, the healthy environment. Check her out on Instagram @jillctomback.



Susmitha Subbaraju – a vegan restauranteur (Carrots, the first vegan restaurant in India!), light worker, spiritual entrepreneur and jeweler from India. A year ago, she stumbled on the Spiritual Boss Babes episode, and it resonated so much she knew she had to meet Leslie and Alli. It was connections that brought her to the retreat. Women being there for each other and lifting each other up. Check her out on Instagram @veganosaurus and @carrotsrestaurant


Cynthia Bomaster – a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation. She’s loved getting to know everyone on this retreat. Each woman is so powerful and inspiring in their own right, has been so accepting, inclusive and open. It’s been wonderful to make new friends! Loved the community set up that encourages being physical active every day. Follow her on Instagram @simplylivefully


Alli – the greatest thing about coming to Ravello again this year? Experiencing new places and foods. Like the vegan cheesecake (culinary art!). Loving the combination of being on vacation and eating the healthiest, tastiest foods. No, not just lettuce – eating the most divine, gorgeous dishes. And of course, the wine. You can indulge AND still be healthy.


Tips for vegan healthy eating while traveling:

  • Connect with restaurateurs
  • Don’t be shy, smile and ask – put a positive spin on it
  • Stay curious, you never know what you might learn
  • Do a little bit of research, and then go with the flow
  • Reach out to Leslie for advice or check out her guide for vegan traveling (www.lesliedurso.com/travel)
  • Check out Sexy Fit Vegan’s latest blog for travel tips (https://sexyfitvegan.com/healthy-vegan-travel/)


Want to join us next year? Go to www.foodhealsnation.com/italy to get on the mailing list. 


What you’ll learn in Episode 268:

  • How Leslie made Ravello a vegan paradise 
  • What makes retreats magical
  • How to live simply and elegantly
  • Why gyms aren’t needed in Ravello
  • How to create a healthy environment wherever you are
  • The power of sisterhood


Our favorite moments:

@5:03 Vegan food paradise

@9:25 The power of living well

@15:27 Sprinkle that fairy dust

@22:45 I never want to go home

@27:40 My cheeks hurt from smiling


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It was Hippocrates that famously said “all disease starts in the gut” – he was wise beyond his time! In fact, many of the chronic diseases we face today are caused by an unbalanced microbiome.


For years, Tina Anderson worked as a general counsel for a family pharmaceutical business. But the more she stayed, the more she realized how abusive that industry is…


…the over-prescribing…


…the reps lobbying doctors to prescribe medication to more people (even those who don’t need it yet)…


…or friends who, after starting one pharmaceutical, suddenly had to take ten more to balance the side effects.


You can’t fault the business model: one drug lowers blood pressure but causes joint pain…so you have to take another pill to reduce joint pain but that one damages your stomach…so you take a third pill to counter the stomach problems but that one causes poor circulation, and so on…


Tina had gone into the pharmaceutical business because she wanted to help people improve their health, so she was appalled by what was really going on. Even though there is a place for pharmaceuticals (like in emergency situations), they are not the answer when it comes to healing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders. These are lifestyle illnesses, and therefore must be healed by a change in lifestyle, not a drug.


When Tina began researching natural health, particularly gut health, she was blown away. What she found led her to patent a powerful and unique probiotic strain, and launch the probiotic company Just Thrive. Now, she’s on a mission to help more people naturally heal their gut, and thrive.



What’s the deal with gut health?

The microbiome affects almost every aspect of your physical health. And it’s being impacted on a daily basis by our modern lifestyles: antibiotics, glyphosate, toxins, processed food, stress. All these things create an imbalance in the gut, also known as dysbiosis. This happens when bad bacteria takes over the good bacteria. The other big issue is leaky gut, which over 80% of adults suffer from without even realizing it.


What is leaky gut?

Leaky gut is a condition characterized by tiny holes in your intestinal wall which allow undigested particles (like LPS toxins) from your gut leak into your blood stream. Your immune system doesn’t recognize these particles and attacks by launching an inflammatory response. This is at the root of all autoimmune disorders, but also other chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.


What causes leaky gut?

Glyphosate is one of the biggest problems. It’s a pesticide, but it’s actually registered as an antibiotic. Unlike medical antibiotics that target both the good and bad bacteria, glyphosate only targets the good bacteria. So why is it still allowed to be used? Because they say it doesn’t affect human cells. The problem with that statement is that we’re made up of 90% bacterial cells – which means glyphosate does affect us. Eating organic is a must, and eating fermented foods helps… but it’s vital to repopulate the good bacteria in the gut. How do you do that? A probiotic.


Which is the best strain of probiotic to take?

Most probiotics are very sensitive. Lactobacillus, for example, can’t survive the gastric system. But bacillus ARE able to survive the gastric system – which means they get to your gut because they’re not destroyed by your stomach. These strains reverse the damage done by glyphosate, and even reduce levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone).


I haven’t used another probiotic since I’ve tried Just Thrive. It’s THAT good! I take it every day.


Want to give it a try? Use the FOODHEALS10 for 10% off at www.thriveprobiotic.com.


What you’ll learn in Episode 267:

  • How big pharma controls doctors
  • Why you might have leaky gut
  • Have we got it all wrong about gluten?
  • How to knock out a cold before it even begins
  • Can you reverse the damage done by glyphosate?
  • What’s wrong with strawberries?
  • The link between gut health and weight gain
  • How many probiotics to take for optimum health
  • The difference between spore-based probiotics and live ones – and which ones to choose
  • Can you trust those probiotic-infused foods?
  • The fermented foods myth
  • One mindfulness exercise that cares for your gut
  • The most healing way to take probiotics


Our favorite moments:

@9:45 The broccoli institution

@11:47 Friendly bugs

@22:45 Probiotics make you happy

@25:08 Ground Zero for health

@33:01 Mic drop moment


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On today’s bonus episode I am getting real with you, sharing my story – my physical, emotional, spiritual and financial journey – that has led me to exactly where I am today.


And though it’s been tough, traumatic, and painful at times, I know now that it was all perfect. But, it took me some time to be able to see it that way. I have done deep healing, spiritual work on myself. And I’m not done.


I don’t think we are ever done healing, but I am at the point in my life finally where I am willing to share unapologetically exactly who I am, what I have been through and what I stand for. To stop playing small. To be bold and brave.


I now tell my story everywhere I can. From an Instagram post, to the podcast, to my film, to my book, to speaking on stages across the US and internationally, I am speaking my truth.


The crazy thing about sharing my story is it has led to me living a beautiful, sexy, amazing life that I literally never thought I could have. Opening up about myself has unlocked magic and so by sharing my story with you today I hope it encourages you to share yours as well. You never know who out there needs to heal it.


So you may know I am finishing up my book, Food Heals. Today I wanted to start the podcast by reading you the introduction. This has not been edited yet. This is raw, this is me. It may change before it is published, who knows? But here is my story as of today.



Turning Pain Into Purpose & Trauma Into Triumph


My hair was wild, my feet were muddy and my smile was contagious. I was 10 years old and determined to leave clean and come home dirty (much to my parents’ chagrin.) My pastel pink pants would turn a dark shade of maroon and my Keds would be soaking wet from playing in the creek for hours.


Life was good for this only child who could do no wrong. My parents were madly in love, and never exchanged a cross word.


They had met in the 70’s in Chapel Hill at The University of North Carolina where my mom was in graduate school and my dad, an undergrad. My mom always said it was love at first sight. They got married in a whirlwind romance and had their first child at the dawn of a new decade in December of 1980.


Growing up, the house at Lake Ellen Dr. that my dad had built was THE gathering place for my friends and neighborhood kids. My parents opened their doors and their hearts to anyone who needed them. Our home was situated between a lake and a creek with a freakin’ waterfall connecting them. (Seriously I did not realize how cool that was until I got older!) We would climb the rocks, play tag, climb trees, and run around reckless and free and end up back home exhausted while my parents would whip up something in the kitchen for us to enjoy after a hard day of play.


As I got older there was fishing and boat rides and UNC football games. Sleepovers, pool parties, riding our bikes and counting down the days until we were Sweet 16.


Basically, picture the childhood of Dawson, Pacey and Joey before high school: riding their bikes to the local movie theater to see whatever flick was on Dawson’s must-see list. Sneaking in and out of each others’ windows, hangin’ out on the docks, playing in the neighbors yards, you get the picture. And you know Pacey and Dawson had sleepovers and probably made some prank calls.


Yes, Capeside’s fictional faves seemed to be perfectly modeled after my Chapel Hill upbringing.


Life was a dream. The only hardship I faced was finding matching clean socks and trying to get home before the street lamps went dark.


I was a happy girl – blissfully unaware of stress, pain or trauma.


How quickly this happy girl would lose her innocence and childlike wonder.


When it was time for me to head to college, I chose UNC Wilmington which was a two hour drive from my hometown. My parents decided to uproot their life and move to Topsail Island where they owned a beach house in order to start fresh and be closer to me. Topsail was just 30 minutes from my dorm.


My father had started what would become a highly successful and lucrative law practice in their new beachfront community while my mom spent her days tending to the house and the dog and watching the waves from her beachfront chair. I visited them a few times a month in between classes, working towards my film degree and dreaming of my future illustrious film career in Hollywood. Wilmington had a booming film industry at that time so I was on movie and TV sets whenever I wasn’t in class. I even got a couple cameos on Dawson’s Creek, the show that emulated my childhood! My dreams seemed well on their way to coming true.


Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans.


The word cancer had never entered my vocabulary before. It was something that happened to “other” people. People I didn’t know.


So when I drove the commute from my college apartment to see my parents one sunny afternoon during my junior year of college, I had no idea the bombshell that was coming. My dad had asked me to meet him at his office.


“Mom has cancer,” My father said.


I didn’t know what shock was but in this moment I just went numb. How could this be?


We drove back to their beachfront home and I sat with my mom and dad. They said, “It’s OK to cry.” But I didn’t. I was strong. (I was numb.)


I was just a junior in college when I learned that my mother (and best friend) had only months to live.


My mom had started getting sick when I was in high school although she hid the signs from me for years. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which they say the immune system literally attacks itself, leaving the body vulnerable to sickness and disease.


At first my mom felt numbness and tingling in her hands and feet, and over time even just walking had become more and more difficult. I now realized this was why she sat and watched the waves all day. It was a struggle just to get up. Her pain was increasing quickly.


Doctor after doctor, drug after drug: nothing could ease her pain.


Every new month brought a new specialist and a new prescription. My mother had boxes full of medications. She had to write down each drug she took throughout the day in order to keep track of all the pills so as not to overdose. Each new drug introduced at least three new side effects. The more drugs she took, the worse her condition seemed to become.


“Curing” my mom’s cancer became my family’s full time job. But no doctor and no test could determine the cause of her cancer, and therefore no doctor and no test could determine the best treatment. We went to the best hospitals in the state. UNC. Duke. Specialists. World Renowned Oncologists. Still no clear answers.


What followed over the next few months were weekly chemotherapy treatments. How quickly my mother lost her hair, her skin began sagging and she was growing hair in all the wrong places.


I wondered, “Is this making her healthier or sicker?”


But doctors assured us that this was our only option. And since doctors are GOD, well you know, we soldiered on.


But things just got worse.


“Does nutrition matter?” I asked one day to Dr. GOD.


“No. It does not matter. She can eat anything she wants.” Thank you, Dr. God. Whatever you say. Blessed be the fruit?


When they moved her from the hospital to the hospice I was told it was “only temporary.”


No one told me that hospice was where they take you to die.


I hung out in her room each day studying and reading as she slipped away a little more, further and further into a catatonic state. I don’t remember our last words because I truly did not comprehend the gravity of the situation. Denial.


One month before my college graduation, my mother, the beautiful Patricia Ann Doughty Biggar took her final breath.


I had left to pick up my great aunt from the airport who had come into town to visit. When I arrived back at the hospice my father and boyfriend met us in the lobby and told me she was gone.


That was the day I finally cried.


My mother’s death hit my father hard. His soul mate, his best friend, his reason for living was gone, and no one could explain why.


My dad and I were gonna make it though. We had each other. It was us against the world. And we were gonna be OK.


After graduating with a Film Degree, he supported my idea to try moving to California to pursue a career in Hollywood.


But, as is usually the case, fate had other plans.


You may not know this but when you cross the border into California they pull over your car, strap a yoga mat on your back and put a green juice in your hand.


(Kidding, sort of.)


In Los Angeles, I began meeting people. People with incredible healing stories to share.


I met a woman who healed herself of ovarian cancer through a raw vegan diet and healing emotional trauma.


I met a man who healed his auto-immune condition and lost 100 pounds by green juicing his way back to health.


I met another woman who healed cervical cancer through a raw food diet, meditation and kundalini yoga.


I was learning about Acupuncture, Vitamin C therapy, Plant-Based Diets, Ozone therapy: all of these crazy alternative modalities of healing that were foreign concepts to me and my southern roots.


I started making connections. Connection like, “The body can heal itself – if given the tools it needs to do so.” and “Food has the ability to harm us or heal us!”


OMG, Food Heals!


You are reading this blog, so you might be thinking (cue 90’s valley girl accent: Well, duh!) But, at the time, this information was revolutionary to me. The light-bulb had gone off and I was ready to shout my new-found knowledge from the damn rooftops!


I had started a film production company and somehow every single one of my clients was health and wellness related. Every person I met in LA and every person I worked with solidified my beliefs. I knew that I was going to dedicate my life to holistic health & healing and educating and informing people on how to prevent and reverse disease.


That was 2006. I was almost as blissed out and innocent as I was in that childhood memory I shared at the beginning.


And then WHAM. The Universe had another sh*t-storm in store for me.


Two years after my mom died, and only months after my dad remarried, I got a call from my father. I’ll never forget his words: “I’m sick baby. It’s bad. Come home.”


I flew directly home. I told my dad I would save him. I told him he had to taper down the massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs and drastically change his diet. He agreed to try. We visited a holistic doctor who said he could help my father if we let him.


This new doctors office was in his home, not in a medical center and it smelled like patchouli, not medicine and he was wearing a flannel shirt and not a white coat. I could see the judgement in my dad’s eyes.


This holistic MD had assisted thousands of Stage 4 cancer patients in making full recoveries. My dad’s illness did not have to be terminal.


But my dad did not choose to change because he did not truly believe it would help. He did not stop the pharmaceutical drugs, he did not change his diet, he did not change his ways. The same oncologist who treated my mother prescribed him more drugs, more chemotherapy and radiation.


The same doctor who treated my mom told me to go home and let him die.


I pleaded, I begged, I cried. “Dad, drink this green juice! It will heal you!”


Eat garlic cloves! No sugar! No processed food. Do yoga! Meditate.


My dad lovingly laughed as he sipped his whiskey and smoked his cigar.


No way. My dad was going to live his life his way. And I had to let him die – his way.


The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life was to accept my father’s decision. To stop making smoothies and start listening. To let him be himself and not push my new-found beliefs on him.


I lost both my parents to cancer by the time I was 25 years old.


As devastating as this tragedy was, it has instilled in me an innate sense of my purpose in this world, to awaken people – those who want to listen anyway- to the fact that a healing miracle is ALWAYS possible.


So you’re thinking “OK this is the end of the story.” Now she goes on to live out her mission and help people and write this book. Blah, blah, blah. Actually I’d say this is where my story begins.


Because now I had to start the long process of healing. Not only had I lost my parents but I had lost my stability, my trust in life that feeling that everything was going to be OK was completely shattered.


I now lived in constant fear. Fear that I would get sick too. Fear that I would run out of money.


Fear that I would die.


I was 25 years old and it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.


And this is when the “school of life” began for me. Nothing I was taught in high school, college or by my parents could have prepared me for this.


Not only did I lose the only family I had ever known, but then I found out I was broke. The executrix had completely mismanaged my father’s estate, stopped running his business efficiently, and stopped paying the mortgages on his investment properties.


Someone from Bank of America called me and said, “You’re losing thousands of dollars a day. Mortgages haven’t been paid in months. Your homes are in foreclosure.”


You guys, I was 26 and I literally didn’t know what foreclosure was.


So I retained a lawyer. “The estate is broke,” he told me. So I didn’t even have the money to pay him.


Depression, fear, anxiety, anger.


How the F was I going to survive?


I didn’t like drugs so I couldn’t numb the pain.


I didn’t have a religious background so I didn’t know how to talk to God.


So I put my faith in food. Greens, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, soups, smoothies.


“They can’t take my health away!” I declared! “At least I will never get cancer!” I decided.


Food became the basis of my healing for a long time. By changing my diet and transitioning to a plant-based diet my body began to change. My digestion improved, my skin cleared up, I lost weight. Health was my passion and so it was fun to focus on being healthy and avoid being depressed.


By the time I went fully whole-foods-vegan, I was a new person. I had never felt so good in my life! But I was still having dark days. So I needed to take the next step in my healing journey.


Gratitude became my go-to.


I knew nothing about the connection between our bodies and our emotions growing up. It just wasn’t a part of our vernacular. Five stages of grief? WHAT is THAT? I was clueless as ever as to how to get in touch with my emotions.


They say, “You gotta feel it to heal it.” So I slowly learned methods of emotional healing that would help me grieve.


Meditation helped me quiet my mind and halted my anxiety.


Music allowed me to feel my emotions more deeply.


Counseling allowed me to give the feelings a voice that I hadn’t been able to express before.


Hypnosis allowed me to access and heal traumatic memories I had suppressed.


Slowly I began to allow myself to grieve; and through my grief I was able to find gratitude.


In the presence of gratitude I found that anger, sadness, pain, anxiety and depression didn’t exist.


And in this space I was able to turn my pain into my purpose.


Turning Trauma Into Triumph


Along with the emotional healing came the spiritual healing. I had turned my back on religion my entire life after having negative experiences at church (not rapey ones, just being told I was “going to hell if I wasn’t a good girl” type scenarios.) And that did not resonate with me.


But, throughout this journey I began discovering the work of people like Edgar Cayce, Sylvia Brown, Marianne Williamson and Gabrielle Bernstein. My mom had always been on the “woo woo side” while my dad was straight up, “What you see is what you get.” So spirituality, the after-life and a belief in God, a higher power or “The Universe” was always 50/50 for me.


It was like having the angel and devil on your shoulder where the angel’s like, “Dude, everything is amazing in heaven. Your parents are blissed out AF!” And then the devil is like, “Nah, they are dead and buried and that’s it!”


Over the last ten years since the death of my father I am happy to say the angel has won. I believe I am being guided and supported. I believe in the afterlife. I believe that my trauma is something that can empower me to help others.


Now, I am not going to tell someone who has just lost a loved one or gone through some horrible F-d up trauma and tell them, “God has a plan.” (I’d be mad AF if someone said that to me after my loss!)


But I do believe that there is life after death and that my parents are still with me, guiding me and loving me. And so in order to have a relationship with them I had to forgive.


I had to forgive myself for not “saving” my parents.


Forgiveness opens the door to freedom.


So that today I can have a loving relationship with them even though they are not physically here on this planet.


And, Love Heals.


And I’m still working on having a deeply loving relationship with: myself.


In 2015 I started The Food Heals Podcast (Like Sex and The City for Food, ya’ll!) This was a place for me to finally have a voice in this crazy world of health and wellness. This was a place where I could share my story along with the healing stories of others and truly start a food revolution!


Finally I could stop preaching to those who didn’t want to hear what I had to say and speak to those who I could help, those who were seeking knowledge, inspiration and motivation to get healthy.


At first, when I thought about starting my podcast, fear overwhelmed me. Who will listen to me? Who am I to start a podcast? Will this even help people?


Imposter Syndrome. A disease many of us suffer from. Sound familiar?


Through my spiritual work, I had to learn never to hold back who I am. No to play small. That my story can help others. That everyone doesn’t have to like me or agree with me. That I do not have to be a doctor to talk about health. That I am not a fraud.


It is impossible to be a fraud of one’s self.


Today, when I feel scared about standing up for what I believe in or saying what I truly believe, I remind myself of this powerful quote by Marianne Williamson:


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.”


That’s why I am writing this book and sharing these incredible healing stories with you. Because when we live in our truth and stand in our power we are unstoppable!


I will continue to podcast. I will continue to write books and blogs. I will continue to make films. I will continue to share my story, speak my truth and heal myself.


And I will share your stories.


Because when we share our stories, we give others permission to share theirs as well. And collectively, we all heal. And each of our stories may be the key to unlocking someone else’s prison.


Transform your life with Spirit Junkie Masterclass

If you want to give yourself the gift of Spirit Junkie Masterclass and delve even deeper into how to Step Into Your Purpose, Tap Into Your Power and Transcend Fear For Good, join me for the 2019 Spirit Junkie MasterClass!

This course helps you gain the confidence and tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work.


During the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course Gabby Bernstein will teach you to…

  • Clear the blocks that keep you from owning your purpose.
  • Build a successful spiritual business or bring your spiritual principles into your career by following Gabby’s proven, practical Spiritually Aligned Action Method.
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  • Use your gifts to serve others in big and meaningful ways.
  • Write books, create products and design programs people can’t wait to buy — and attract that audience to you.
  • Gain the confidence to actually do what you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Learn how to be seen and heard with a Soulful Marketing Plan (this is her powerful method for marketing, publicity and social media with authenticity- and it works).


Because this course was life-changing for me, I know it can be for you too. Not only will you get this powerful course but you will also get the best bonuses I have personally ever offered!


9 Incredible Bonuses like:

  • Customized Transformation Battle Plan with Adam Schaeuble
  • Six Powerful Guided Manifestation Meditations Led by Suzy Hardy
  • Plant Powered Meal Planning with Vegan Chef Melissa Glazewski
  • Wellness Warrior Course with Whitney Lauritsen and Jason Wrobel
  • One Hour Coaching Call to Write Your Book with Author Laura Petersen
  • Podcast Secrets Marketing & Monetization Success Strategies Digital Course with Allison Melody
  • Six Months Access to The Food Heals VIP Club with brand new Never-Before-Heard Podcast Episodes
  • Rise and Bloom Online Mastermind to Build the Business and Life You’ve Been Dreaming of with Allison Melody
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  • health & beauty products mailed straight to your door!


Hope to see you in the Class of 2019! To get all the details on the bonuses go to SpiritJunkieNation.com. Or Enroll Now!

-Allison Melody


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Food (whether good, bad or otherwise) has a massive impact on our lives…AND our businesses! Check out these five stories on how the right food inspired (and motivated) someone to be their best selves!


Meg Sylvester

Meg’s entire spiritual awakening was linked with food. For years, she had suffered from daily migraines, acne, depression, stomach issues, lethargy. She even thought she had a brain tumor. But she couldn’t get a diagnosis; doctors would check her bloods and tell her she was fine.


It was reading Grain Brain and The Universe Has Your Back that flicked a switch on the food/mood/soul connection. She became obsessed with the idea of functional medicine & root cause medicine – of finding the root cause of what was triggering her issues. Suddenly she felt empowered to shift out of victim mentality into lighthouse mentality, and answer her soul’s calling. Changing what she ate meant having the energy and mental clarity to follow her dreams. That’s what propelled her out of her corporate job and into her current work – coaching others to find the root cause of their limiting beliefs, uproot them and, step into a vibrant life.


Meg is now a spiritual entrepreneur on a mission to inspire others to build the purpose driven business of their dreams!


Just one year after completing Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Meg’s led four beautiful and powerful women’s retreats. The next one is a women’s self-awakening and connection retreat in Guatemala – where you can connect with the earth, the Mayan culture and try sacred plant medicine. It’s in October and there are a few spots left. Go to her website for more details.


Kelly Lynn Adams

As a type A personality, Kelly was always doing, always striving, always busy, and never taking time out for herself. Little wonder, she was burnt out and struggling with her weight and autoimmune issues. Kelly knew that if she felt better, she’d do better, and she was determined to do something better with her life. So, she stared watching what she was eating, drinking tons of water, moving her body. She lost 40 pounds and healed her chronic thyroid condition, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. How? By mimicking fasting with ProLon – getting her body to think it’s fasting, when you’re actually eating.


Of course, it was as much a mental journey as it was a food one. For Lynn, it was about focusing on the present moment, rather than “future-tripping”. Visualizations, affirmations, and believing before seeing. Detoxing from junk foods, but also junk thoughts, junk people, even junk content (like the news!!). Spirit Junkie Masterclass helped Lynn to trust and know that everything is working out for her highest good. Since then, her career has pivoted, because that trust allowed her to align her business with what matters to her.


Kelly is a certified business leadership and life coach, writer, motivational speaker. She has helped thousands of women build their businesses, shift their mindset and step into their divine power. Check her out at www.kellylynnadams.com.  



Michelle De Matheu  

Michelle had a spiritual awakening when she recovered from anorexia. She was working as a fashion designer, living in New York, living the dream she’d had since she was 4. But she felt disconnected with her body. She didn’t know how to love herself. Her aha! moment came when she realized her eating disorder was a teacher, that it was opening the door to freedom. She knew she had to peel back the layers, forgive and fall in love with herself again.


Michelle used yoga and meditation to reconnect with her body. Reading about the benefits of food helped her reshape her beliefs around eating. By looking at the benefits of food, rather than counting calories, helped her realize that food could help her, and was not something to be afraid of. On this journey, she began to share her struggles, what she was learning and her passion for healing food.


For Michelle, the best thing about Spirit Junkie Masterclass is the community, the powerful spirit junkie tribe that keeps her motivated and keeps her energy up. The class also gave her the tools to apply spiritual principles to her business routine and gave her the kick to take action, come out of the spiritual business closet, and step into what she really felt called to do. Now, she’s a mind, body and soul stylist, a motivator, life coach and speaker who supports people to transform their lives from the inside out.


Michelle’s powerful self-love practices:

  • Affirmations spoken out loud in front of the mirror
  • Prayer – which helps you to connect with the universe
  • Recognize that divinity is already within you
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Cultivate trust in your intuition and in the flow of life
  • Prepare your food at home and put love into that food


Alana Holden

Vegan recipe developer, food photographer and blogger behind Sprouts and Krauts,Alana turns the produce from her garden into delicious, colorful, plant-based food.


Making the shift to veganism completely changed Alana’s life journey. She originally tried veganism because she wanted a quick fix to get fit and lose weight before a big event. But within a few weeks, she saw the ethical and environmental aspects of veganism and that’s what kept her going long after she’d met her fitness goals. She even went back to school (she was originally a graphic designer) to learn how to implement vegan cooking and nutrition in her life and share it with the world.


Now, she runs the vegan blog Sprouts and Krauts, which is all about fermented foods and recipes made from the produce she grows in her garden.


For Alana, food is all about connection. Being aware of the mind-body connection – eating in a way that serves the body and helps you get to your highest self. So many people are stuck in a cycle of eating foods that make them feel sluggish and depressed. But it’s possible to choose foods that enhance health, that nourish the body and nourish the soul. And being vegan doesn’t just help your body, it helps the planet and the animals too!


After taking Spirit Junkie Class Digital, Alana learned to tap into her own potential and learned just how imperative it is to share her gifts with the world. It helped her become more aware of her own food triggers and go from using food to numb her emotions to using food to nourish body and soul. Connect with her on Instagram!


Dano González

Dano is a yoga and meditation teacher, angel therapist practitioner & oracle card reader, medium, and owner of Numen yoga restaurant.


Believe it or not, but Dano used to be a carnivore. He ate meat three times a day. But one day he realized he felt angry all the time, and stressed, and anxious, and always sleepy. He began meditating, and that allowed him to realize that what he was putting in his mouth was affecting his entire being. He began to eat more plant foods, and things began to shift.


Did you know meat has no energy, or prana? Worse, it has the energy of the animal that was tortured and killed. Fear, anger, suffering – these energies are in the meat and end up in your body. Organic vegetables, on the other hand, energize you, cleanse you, and improve your intuition.


How to detox and start shifting your health:

  • Eliminate all animal foods from your diet
  • Add green smoothies and green juices
  • Go organic as often as possible
  • Minimize your intake of vegan processed foods
  • Increase your intake of fresh foods


Dano opened his restaurant Nümen to help people eat healthy plant-based foods that are so full of flavor it encourages them to open their minds to make the transition to veganism.


Since Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Dano found his voice, found his story, claimed his power and found a family. The first class he launched after the course attracted over 3k followers. “Spirit Junkie helps us be the spiritual leaders that our hearts are calling us to be.” Dano’s advice when it comes to Spirit Junkie: “You have to do it, and your life is going to change for the best.”


Follow him on Instagram!


What you’ll learn in Episode 265:

  • The book that wakes a lot of people up when it comes to food
  • What is functional medicine?
  • How to connect with your food
  • How to reboot your body
  • How to communicate with your body
  • The two things you need to combine for ultimate success
  • The practice that will reconnect you with yourself
  • What being authentic can do for you and the world
  • What happens when you get out of your comfort zone
  • The miracle food that will help you have lucid dreams
  • Why it’s important to eat with the seasons
  • What fermented food can do you for your health
  • What is it about meat?
  • The invisible force that affects your emotions
  • The link between non-organic food and fear


Our favorite moments:

@5:34 This book is going to change my life

@10:19 We are mind body soul

@23:26 Spirit Junkie for life

@37:02 That’s where transformation happens

@1:05:04 Affirmations have real power

@1:10:19 I was born to do this

@1:33:44 The world needs this

@1:53.30 Every human is special, and needed


Transform your life with Spirit Junkie Masterclass

If you feel called to change your life and change the world, sign up to Spirit Junkie Masterclass – don’t delay! Sign up closes soon. Turn your fear into fearless action. This course will give you the tools to transform your life, share your message, and get paid for what you love.


Go to www.spiritjunkienation.com for the details.


When you join, you’ll also get 9 amazing bonuses.


  • Rise & Bloom Mastermind – 2-hour online special event with Alli and other wellness entrepreneurs
  • Whitney Lauritsen & Jason Wrobel’s Wellness Warrior Course
  • Plant-Powered Meal Planning & a free healthier living phone consultation with vegan chef Melissa Glazewski
  • One-on-one 1-hour coaching call with best-selling author Laura Petersen
  • Podcast Greenlight Course – reach your target audience and build relationships
  • Video call with fitness expert Adam Schaeuble
  • Suzie’s 6 powerful guided manifestation meditations to remove creative blocks and attract abundance.
  • 6 Months access to the Food Heals Nation VIP Club
  • (my favorite bonus!!) Lulu Lemon Swag Bag full of organic vegan health and beauty products


Treat Your Body to Organifi

Speaking of putting good stuff in your body, you can’t go wrong with Organifi’s sunrise to sunset superfood solutions. Whether it’s the green juice to help you detox first thing in the morning, the red juice to keep you energized through the afternoon, or the gold drink to help you sink into a restorative sleep, Organifi contains all the ingredients (medicinal mushrooms, antioxidants, and herbs) your body needs to find balance and thrive. Get yours at https://www.organifishop.com/ and use coupon code FoodHeals for 20% off your order.


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Sprouts And Krauts

Dano González instagram

Today’s episode is all about doing what you love and making an income from it.


We all have a story to share. We all have a passion. If you’ve been thinking about swapping your 9 to 5 for a life more aligned with what you love to do, then this episode is for you.


There has never been another you. And you have a special gift that you can bring to the world. Your unique blend of talents, skills and perspective is needed. So in a way…. there is no competition. What do you have to offer the world?


Whitney Lauritsen

Whitney coaches other people how to do what they love and make a loving from it. Her brand Creative Wellth helps content creators and small business owners who are helping others live healthier lives, in harmony with the environment. Her latest course teaches how you can monetize your content (37 different ways to do so!). You can share your passion with the world AND get money from it. Forget working a job you hate. Your career should be complementary to the things you love and to your purpose.


Whitney’s Tip:

Figure out your money issues. We all have them and they get in the way, especially if you’re trying to generate income. Money Love Story is a great book on the emotional angle of money. You’re a Badass at Making Money helps you figure out the emotional things that are getting in your way of financial abundance.


Nicole Derseweh

Nicole is a vegan chef, YouTube personality, and hosts the BEST popups in LA. Her advice: find your special sauce. That thing that makes you YOU, that quirk and passion, your light and dark. Own it. If you’re true to you, it makes you relatable, people want to do business with someone who’s authentic.


Nicole’s Tip:

When Meryl Streep started her acting career, she would treat every role like it was the dream role of a lifetime. Use that in your business. It doesn’t matter how many people show up for your event, or whether that first gig isn’t paid. Show up like it’s a packed house. Even if it’s a tiny project, give it your all. The Universe will give you a bigger opportunity the next time.


Jason Wrobel

He’s a lifestyle coach, vegan chef and nutrition edu-tainer. His mission is to reduce suffering and increase joy in this world.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s FINE! We’re all just making it up as we go. Most successful people did not know what they were doing, they were just following their passion. You can’t be afraid to stumble on the way.


Jason’s tip:

Look at your business like you look at investing. The more sources of income you have, the more stable your income source. Diversify your investment.  Carve out the uniqueness of who you are and trust that the more of yourself you reveal, the more people will embrace you.



How to start your journey to your dream career:

There’s only love or fear to choose. Do you trust that the Universe has your back? At some point you have to jump from the security of your 9 to 5 to your own business. You have to have trust that you can do it.


  • Trust that you have a story to share
  • Believe in yourself
  • Have a to do list but let go of control (the Universe will help)
  • Trust that it will come as long as you’re persistent – stick at it
  • Rejection is just a stumbling block on the path – don’t be afraid to fail, you have to keep believing
  • Learn self-love – you have to believe that you deserve to live your best life


Remove the blocks to your income and creativity with Soul on Fire Retreats Founder Heather Fantin

Heather is a spiritual breakthrough coach, on a mission to help  heal your relationship with YOU. She’s just launched her year-long personal group coaching program called the Inner Circle. Check out Episode 156 for her inspiring story.


Alli and Heather met at Level 2 Spirit Junkie Master Class. For Heather, Spirit Junkies are a global movement of people returning to love and sharing that with the wider world. More and more of us are waking up. If there’s something inside you that’s feeling unsettled, if you feel like there must be something more to life than this. Even if you’re not clear on your future, there’s yearning for deeper meaning and direction. When this happens, you will be guided to your new path and to the teachers you need.


The number one thing people struggle with when they start their heart-centered business is feeling like it’s not ok to charge for their services. You’ve got to get over that. There’s nothing spiritual about you not being able to pay your rent.


The first step is awareness. Tune in and get clear about what your belief is around money and making money for something that you love. Write them down, look at them. You’ll probably find most of these beliefs aren’t even yours but that they come from things you heard in your childhood. Let them go, forgive them, release them.


Use the same technique to look at what’s holding you back. Are you avoiding showing up? Are you spending all your time binge-watching Netflix? Do you feel stuck? Are you comparing yourself so much that you feel paralyzed? Can you turn your fear into faith? You’re not working alone – the Universe is always supporting you.


Once you’ve released those limiting beliefs, it’s time to create your new story. What’s the opposite, positive, empowering belief? Write it down. This creates affirmations that will work, because you’ve done the deep work to support them. Give yourself permission to follow your dreams and to succeed. Look for evidence that supports your new beliefs. Trust that when you start looking, the Universe will give you what you need, whether it’s inspiration, teachers, guidance or opportunities.


You must go beyond just speaking the words. You need to get into a feeling state. Because the universe responds to the feeling, not the words. Affirmations won’t work if you’re not feeling them. See yourself living your perfect life, visualize as many details, feelings, emotions as you can – how will you feel when you live that life?


Most importantly, get rid of the guilt you might feel for wanting to do what you love. Remember – it’s bigger than you. You’re doing the world a disservice by keeping your unique gifts to yourself. This is your higher calling to help heal others and help heal the world. Whatever this calling looks like to you – it might be music, it might be food, it might be healing, it might be teaching, it might be anything at all. Just be authentically you, trust that you’re right where you need to be and that you are always being guided.


Make Your Passion Your Paycheck with Alida McDaniel

Alida is an intuitive life strategist, personal trainer and culinary artist on a mission to help people thrive doing what they love. Check out her story on Episodes 43, 65 and 80 to find out how she lost 80 pounds and healed herself of a multitude of health issues.


We all want to escape the 9 to 5…. But we’re afraid of what that looks like, especially from a financial perspective. When passion becomes your paycheck, your money mindset shifts. Instead of seeing it as evil something you get after you sit at a desk being bored, money becomes something you receive for doing something that you love. That is a powerful change.


It’s time to stop seeing money as something evil, something to feel guilty about. Non-profits need to make money to help change the world. So why not be that person who makes so much money that you can fund the non-profits?


Living your passion does not necessarily mean setting up on your own – you might be an independent contractor, a writer, a maker, a teacher. You just have to find that thing that makes you smile, that makes your heart sing. The moment you step into passion, the universe responds in kind.


So how do you start living in passion? Here are Alida’s top tips:

  • Don’t let yourself get out of bed until you have imagined what you want your day to be (don’t list your tasks, see yourself achieving your goals and how good that feels)
  • Ask your spirit “what can I learn today?”
  • Believe and trust – keep telling yourself what you want and trust that it’s on its way.


Your gift of passion is meant to be shared with the world. Who are you to deny that gift? Don’t procrastinate. Don’t prevent yourself from receiving that abundance. The world needs your unique talents.


You can get in touch with Alida at alida@ambassadorforgoodness.com.


What you’ll learn in Episode 264:

  • Why imitating others won’t help your business
  • Is entrepreneurship more stressful than an office job?
  • How to co-create with the Universe
  • What’s going to get you through the tough times
  • How to receive abundance
  • What to put on your Insta feed and your Insta story
  • How to start making your passion your paycheck
  • Are you self-sabotaging your affirmations?
  • How to rid yourself of limiting beliefs
  • The powerful questions to transform your money mindset
  • How to write affirmations that work
  • How to radiate love through the world
  • Strategies to get out of imposter syndrome
  • How to live your passion


Spirit Junkie Masterclass – Share Your Unique Gifts

One course has transformed Alli’s life and business – it’s the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. If you want to live your best life, follow your passion, make a difference in the world and do what you love, then you need this course. If you’ve been thinking about your big business dream but you’ve been holding back, this class is for you.


When you join, you’ll get 9 amazing bonuses.

  • Rise & Bloom Mastermind – 2-hour online event with Alli and other amazing entrepreneurs
  • Whitney Lauritsen & Jason Wrobel’s Wellness Warrior Course
  • Plant-Powered Meal Planning & a free phone consultation with vegan chef Melissa Glazewski
  • One-on-one 1-hour coaching call with best-selling author Laura Petersen
  • Podcast Greenlight Course – reach your target audience and build relationships
  • Video call with fitness expert Adam Schaeuble
  • Suzie’s 6 powerful guided manifestation meditations to remove creative blocks and attract abundance.
  • 6 Months access to the Food Heals Nation VIP Club
  • Lulu Lemon Swag Bag full of organic vegan health and beauty products


Go to www.spiritjunkienation.com for all the details.


Our favorite moments:

@12:58 Food rap!!

@22:22 The sky’s the limit

@30:12 Let that shit go

@43:08 What is the call?

@1:09:45 Just jump

@1: 35:10 This is absolutely going to work


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Nicole Derseweh Instagram



Alida McDaniel

If you’re struggling with your health, chances are it started in your gut. Supporting your microbiome is the first step towards optimal wellness.


What’s in your gut?

What is your microbiome? Basically, it’s the community of friendly bacteria living in your gut. And they rule everything – from releasing hormones and neurotransmitters, to affecting how you think and feel. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.


The gut keeps you safe from autoimmune conditions, like multiple sclerosis and chronic diseases. Why? First, you need to know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Inflammation, which is the root cause of disease, begins in the gut microbiome. Your gut bacteria creates inflammatory responses as a result of certain triggers – usually a combination of diet, stress, medications, toxins etc. Chronic inflammation happens when the immune system doesn’t shut off this response, and ends up attacking itself.


By giving the microbiome what it needs, you can stop this inflammatory response, and reverse chronic disease and autoimmune conditions.


The composition of your gut is completely unique to you. That means that your journey to healing will be different to someone else’s. It’s no use simply jumping on the latest health trend. You need to take a closer look at your body to work out the approaches that will work for you. This means working with someone who understands the gut microbiome and how to heal it.


The Gut Doctor

Dr. Marvin Singh is an integrative gastroenterologist. He went to med school, but he wasn’t a healthy doctor. He was overweight and had early signs of fatty liver disease. As he reflected on this, he realized how little he knew about nutrition. So he enrolled in an integrative medicine fellowship, and discovered there’s more to health than the standard pharmaceutical methods. He began applying what he’d learnt to his own life and within 3 months he had lost 40 pounds. He realized he could help people heal themselves by taking a comprehensive approach – one that brings together nutrition, genetics and meditation. So now he combines some of the conventional methods with holistic, integrative medicine and nutritional genetics to guide his patients back towards total wellness.



Your Lifestyle and Your Gut

Although we’re all different, we share one commonality: if you give your body the chance to do what it wants to do, what it’s naturally designed to do, then it will do the best it can. The body is designed to heal itself if you give it the tools it needs. And while those tools differ slightly from person to person, there are certain common approaches that will work for everyone. Diet and nutrition play a huge role, but so does your overall quality of life. Dr. Singh begins with a back-to-basics look at your lifestyle:


  • How are you sleeping?
  • How much are you exercising?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Are you stressed?


Dr. Singh’s Tips for Healing:

  • Take it easy in the beginning, trying to do everything at once will be too overwhelming and cause stress.
  • Start with one or two changes a week.
  • Give up sugar – sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut and creates microbiome imbalances.
  • Fill up on fiber – fiber feeds the good bacteria in your gut and helps it produce healing chemicals.
  • Reduce stress – stress chronically suppresses the diversity of your microbiome. Your thoughts can change the composition of your microbiome. At the same time, the composition of your microbiome can change your thoughts and emotions. It’s a two-way super highway. That’s why meditation and mindset are a key part of healing.
  • Nutritional genetics will work out your genes, microbiome composition and food sensitivities to help you find which foods are best for you.
  • Work with a doctor who understands the microbiome – like Dr. Singh!


Dr. Singh’s message is an optimistic one: everyone can get well, but you just have to work with someone who understands you and helps you get to that point. Remember that the path to wellness is not a punishment, you can have fun while learning and trying new things. Check out Dr. Singh’s free e-book, the 4-Week Gut Reset, or send him a message on social media.


What you’ll learn in Episode 263:

  • How to reduce your risk of all diseases by 66%
  • The problem with sugar
  • Top cancer-fighting foods
  • The problem with fiber supplements
  • Finally settling the fruit and sugar debate
  • The best fruits to eat for health
  • Juices vs smoothies – which is best?
  • Can you go keto but not eat meat?
  • Are you missing the mark with keto?
  • Can you reverse multiple sclerosis?
  • The link between your gut and autoimmune diseases
  • How Dr. Singh turbo-boosted his weight loss
  • What happens to your microbiome when you have an argument
  • How to stop craving cake

Gabby B’s Final Free Training Video Has Dropped!

Do you feel destined to stand out and make an impact? Do you know you have something to say to the world…but get discouraged because the world isn’t hearing you??
Watch this video to learn why our passions and desires are most effective when they follow a strategic plan that comes from an authentic place.

When I created Food Heals, I learned everything I could about effective, heart-centered and authentic online marketing from
Gabby Bernstein.

The third and final video from her FREE 3-part video training dropped, and it gives you the action steps you can take today to finally be heard and make an impact doing what you love.

She also leaves us with the SECRET method she uses (and I used for Food Heals) to make herself stand out!

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Gabby’s secret method for standing out, being heard and creating a movement.

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Our favorite moments:

@3:25 It was like magic

@9:46 That’s my mantra

@14:50 I believe in the power of fruit

@29:32 There’s no universal diet

@39:40 Your thoughts change the composition of the gut microbiome


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In order to create the happy, healthy, wealthy life we are dreaming of, we can’t just sit back and dream, we need tools.


Tools to manifest abundance in all areas of our life. Whether you want to make changes to your health, personal life, family life or career we’ve got you covered with the transformational tools to design your dream life in this bonus episode of Food Heals!


In episode 262, we have brought together three Mega-Manifestors, Adam Schaeuble, Laura Powers and Gabby Bernstein! What these three all have in common is that they have truly designed the life that envisioned for themselves.


Today, they will teach us their practical, tactical, and spiritual tools so that you too, can design the life you are dreaming of.


First up is Million Pound Mission’s Adam Schaeuble who created a five year plan to completely transform his life. He overhauled his lifestyle, lost over 100lbs, created his dream family, business and life and now helps others do the same.


Then Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers is back to talk about the tools she used to lose 40 pounds, change her diet, change her career, write 7 books and now travel the world.


And finally Gabby Bernstein is a former New York City publicist and party girl turned to New York Times bestselling author and go-to guide for the next generation. She’s revealing the exact steps she took to become a motivational speaker, life coach, and author.



🌟 How to Declare Your Dream Life By Speaking Out Loud
🌟 Why Tenacity is Key To Your Success
🌟 The Real Secret to Manifestation
🌟 How to Manifest What you Want By Co-Creating with the Universe
🌟 The Fastest Way to Heal Your Physical Body
🌟 How to Pick Yourself Up When You Hit Bottom
🌟 How Sharing Your Story Can Help Others Heal
🌟 How to Have Gratitude for Your Trauma 

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The 3 Major Blocks to Your Abundance and How to Fix Them!
And don’t forget to check out Gabby’s FREE Training Series:
The 3 Major Blocks to Your Abundance and How to Fix Them!

Here’s what you can expect from this free training:
– Gabby’s proven process for making your purpose your profession
– How to earn a great living doing what you love
– The 3 biggest blocks to your abundance
– And 3 steps that will totally energize you and transform your money mindset!Watch the video here!

Ever since she was a child, Laura Powers saw ghosts and spirits. She knew this made her different, so she tried to block out and ignore her gift. But her sight only got stronger and more intense. In college, things got too much (she sometimes couldn’t tell between ghosts and “real” people). This took her to the breaking point, physically and spiritually.


But she fought back, first by tackling her health (check out Episode 260 to find out how she healed her body from the inside) and then by learning to connect with the angelic presences all around.  We all go through tough times, and sometimes this can be a lonely experience. But if you’re feeling stuck, it’s ok to ask for guidance. It’s ok to ask angels.


👼Who are angels?👼

Angels are divine beings of light, souls that have crossed over and returned here as guides and helpers. They are here to help us with our life missions. They’re not limited by physical reality, so they can do many things at once. They WANT to help. And they can assist you with anything – whether it’s landing that dream job or finding a parking spot. How do you ask? Just make sure you’re clear and specific about the help you want, and speak it out loud. They are listening.


Busting the fortune teller myth

Let’s bust a myth right now: a psychic is NOT a fortune teller. We each have free will and choices. Psychics can’t really tell the future. There might be a general plan for you, but ultimately you decide what happens in your life. When Laura gives a reading, she does it based on what she senses from you right now – however, you can change that path by making different choices…if you want to. The key is, you can manifest whatever you desire.


Yes, it’s easy to get stuck into societally-accepted goals and lose sight of what makes you truly happy, what you’re really passionate about. When you learn to listen to your higher self and your guides, you align with what’s meant to be your path and purpose. Laura can help you connect with that higher you. Click here to book a psychic reading with Laura.


🐶Pets – your soul tribe and spirit guide🐱

Did you know your pets say a lot about you? They’re part of your soul tribe, and chances are you were connected in a previous life. Your dog might have been your horse, your cat might have been your sister. If your pet is troubled, they’re mirroring something that is going on in your life, that you might not even be aware of. If they’ve crossed over, they still want to communicate with you and protect you. Tune into this episode to hear Laura connecting with Alli’s dog Charlotte and Vince’s childhood pet D.O.G., and the jaw-dropping messages they have for their owners from the other side. You can book a reading with Laura and connect with your pets, whether they’re still with you or have passed on.



Learning from past lives:

What can you learn from your past life? Tons!


By looking at what happened in previous lives we can better understand what’s happening in our life today.  Have trouble with boundaries, receiving, or relationships? Counseling isn’t going deep enough? That’s because it only deals with your present state. But if you can get into your ancestral past, then you can get insight into what you need to learn and how you can heal. Traumatic experiences from past lives could be dictating phobias in your present, and letting those experiences go can zap those fears into nothingness. Laura does past life readings to connect you with your past life and help you thrive in the present.


True Crime:

Do police work with psychics? Maybe they should… Laura also helps families who have been victims of crime, to discover the truth and let go.

Tune in to hear her readings about these crimes:

  • Did Stephen Avery murder that woman in Making a Murder?
  • Missing Maura Murray – Where is she? Is she alive?
  • Is Michael Jackson really a child molester?

Ultimately, we all have the power of psychic vision… but we lose it early on because society doesn’t accept it. If you want to unblock your gifts, check out Laura’s psychic training!


**She’ll be back for a special Halloween episode to talk about ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife. We can’t wait!**


Preventing Cancer Naturally

If you want to heal your body and have vibrant health, you need to give your body the tools it needs to heal itself. That’s why we love Organifi juice powder. It’s the perfect combination of detoxifying, energizing nutrients to keep disease at bay. You can start your day with the detoxifying Green juice, and beat the mid-afternoon slump with the energizing Red juice. Alli’s personal favorite is the Organifi Gold, which contains turmeric, ginger, reishi and turkey tail mushroom (which starves tumors) to keep you calm, help you sleep, help you dream, and soothe your muscles. Just mix the powder with hot water or oat milk for a super creamy bedtime drink. Organifi products are completely vegan, gluten free, soy free and keto-friendly.

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Gabby B’s Free Video Series Drops Today!

Do you feel called to connect with your purpose and share your transformational experience? Here’s how to start…

Watch this video and gain the confidence to share your transformational experience in your own way.

My friend, mentor and New York Times Bestselling Author, Gabby Bernstein’s FREE 3-part video training that will get you into action to be abundant and make an impact doing what you love.

In this first video, Gabby shares 3 steps you can take to truly own your confidence and get into action now.

She took these 3 steps to become a speaker, author and public figure with zero background in her field.

Like Gabby, you’ll gain the confidence to embrace the fact that you have a divine purpose — and start taking inspired action so it can unfold.

Click here to watch the video and learn:

-The 3 steps to owning your confidence and getting into action now
-The secret to conquering doubt and uncertainty
-How to feel strongly connected to your purpose

Watch now for an instant confidence boost!


What you’ll learn in Episode 261:

  • How angels can help you
  • The difference between trans-medium and mental-medium
  • What happens when souls don’t cross over
  • The difference between ghosts and angels
  • How to recognize if you’re on the wrong path
  • What to do when you hit a road-block on the way to your goals
  • Charlotte the beagle reaches out from the afterlife!
  • What are your pets trying to tell you?
  • Are you past lives controlling your present?
  • What you can and can’t ask a psychic
  • How your triggers can become positive spiritual experiences
  • How to clear away painful energy
  • Which three angels to call on for healing, clearing energy and finding lost things
  • How to unblock your creativity


Our favorite moments:

@1:52 Seriously it works, it’s crazy

@16:40 Just ask for what you want

@46:00 Clearly there’s not a shark in the pool

@50:40 Let’s see what happens

@1:00:30 Put yourself in the light


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