429: Bringing Birth Back to Basics: The Power of Drug-Free Delivery & Plant-Powered Pregnancy


Gone are the scenes from movies with agonizing screams and bustling hospital rooms. Instead, in today’s throwback episode of Food Heals, we discover the power of Hypnobirthing, where women can experience a connective and intensely powerful birthing journey.

Join us as we explore a birthing technique that involves self-hypnosis to alleviate fear and pain during labor, eliminating the need for medication.

In this episode you’ll hear from:

  • Katherine Maslen, a clinical naturopath, nutritionist, author, and host of the Shift podcast, who shares her own incredible natural birth story.
  • Laura Petersen, a best-selling author and self-publishing coach, who is opting for a natural hospital birth using the Mongan Method.
  • Melissa Tucker, a podcast host and marketing expert who opted for a home Hypnobirthing experience, embracing self-hypnosis to maintain a calm, focused, and centered state throughout her delivery.
  • Dr. Stephen Cabral, a functional medicine practitioner, about achieving a happy and healthy vegan pregnancy.

We delve into topics such as the power of affirmations, understanding the difference between pain and childbirth, techniques to breathe your baby out, the drawbacks of epidurals, ways to boost your microbiome and your baby’s, the inhibiting effects of inducing drugs on the natural birthing process, the potential damage c-sections can cause to a baby’s immune system, strategies to distract your brain from pain, optimal birthing positions, the benefits of water birthing, choosing the right people for your birthing circle, and more!

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