89: Q & A with Allison and Suzy & The Healing Cancer Summit


We’re talking about the Healing Cancer in this Century Summit and answering your burning questions on today’s episode!

The Summit raises awareness of the true emotional causes of cancer, and different ways to heal and let go of emotional blockages that can hold us back and create disease. Get all the details at Foodhealsnation.com/healingcancer. The summit launched on 9th of May and until the 15th you can access all the speakers’ full interviews. Plus, sign up today and get two amazing free gifts! You’ll get a copy of Evita Ramparte’s bestselling book The Bliss of Cancer—you can learn more about Evita’s inspiring story and how she healed her ovarian cancer without drugs, by cleansing both her diet and her emotions in our Podcast Episode 57—this is a must read book! You’ll also receive a free distance energy healing session with Carlos Caridad. It’s a truly beautiful experience that everyone should take advantage of.


Our first question is from Pamela. She wants to spread the message of the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet, but has only time for one activity—she asks whether she should make videos or start podcasting.

Both are very powerful ways of getting your message out, but your choice will depend on a couple of factors: are you comfortable on camera? If yes, go for video. If not, you may feel happier podcasting. But in terms of reaching people, you’ll reach more by podcasting. Podcasts are what YouTube was ten years ago, there’s less competition in the audio-world right now. Plus, for the first two months of your podcast, iTunes puts you on their New and Noteworthy list for free – it’s a great platform to be on. Or you could try video podcasting like J.J. Flizanes – if you have the equipment and the time, go for it! But if you only have time for one, podcasting is quicker and easier to learn; and when it comes to reaching a lot of people quickly and cheaply, audio is your best bet. We are currently working on a class to share all our knowledge on how to set up and monetize your podcast – we’ll keep you posted, but you can sign up to get more info at FoodHealsVIP.com


Our next question comes from Monique. She wants to know how to give loving advice about nutrition without sounding like she is judging or criticising… or in other words “How do you tactfully tell parents that they are killing their kids?”

We’ve often wondered what motivates parents to give their children something from the “kid’s menu”, often something they consider unhealthy, just to appease the child. If your friend or client is making healthy choices for herself but not for her children, she might be feeling that she doesn’t have control, or she may feel it would be too hard to change the children’s diet. Kids take their cues from their parents and look to them for information. It’s therefore essential that parents teach their children that it’s essential to eat fruits and vegetables.


You can lead by example. Take her to places where children are being encouraged to eat healthy food, and show her how successful it can be; or tell her about celebrities, like Jamie Oliver, who are doing great work in that field. If she has a garden, encourage her to grow food and get her kids involved. There are certain people it will be difficult to get your message across to. So as much as we may want to preach the plant-based word and convert everyone, we have to accept that not everyone is receptive at this time.


For the second part of this episode, we spoke to Carlos Caridad, founder of the Healing Cancer in this Century Summit. At the tender age of 3, Carlos’s son suffered from an autoimmune disease called nephrotic syndrome, which was caused by receiving 23 vaccinations! The medical system didn’t offer any solution, other than to say he might probably recover when he became a teenager. But Carlos knew he couldn’t wait. He began using homeopathic remedies from a Homeopathic doctor in India. Following a friend’s suggestion, he went to Jo Dunning’s energy healing workshop and the very same day, his son was healed. Carlos realized there was something very powerful in those healing energies and since then has studied with Jo Dunning to clear energy blockages, as well as learning Reiki.


When Carlos worked at the Valley Cancer Institute, he spoke to hundreds of patient who were cancer free. Through these conversations he realized the clear relationship between toxic relationships, emotions and cancer. It’s now his mission to bring this awareness to others


There is a lot of evidence demonstrating the link between emotions and particular body parts and health issues. Sexual abuse for example is one of the root causes of ovarian and breast cancer. Prostate cancer can often be linked to disappointment or hurt in love. Anger can affect the liver. When we suppress ourselves at work or in relationships, we can experience throat problems. Learning to forgive and letting go of the negative emotions associated with past experiences can heal the body. Many of the speakers at the Summit have gone through emotional turmoil and are bravely standing up and sharing their story so that others can benefit.


When we heal our energy bodies and emotions, we facilitate the healing of our physical body.


Our Favorite Moments:

@6:05 It all rolls nicely into one little ball.

@13:34 Wow!

@21:21 Don’t judge me, I have two kids, you don’t know what it’s like!

@25:30 You’ve got to be kidding me

@41:00 I love the way you say my name!


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Healing Cancer In This Century: Today Show is sponsored by the conference Healing Cancer in this Century which is an online Summit that is completely free for you.   Century Summit bridges the gap between modern integrative medical science mind-body connection energy healing science and spiritual science.  Carlos Caridad is the host of Healing Cancer in the Century, he traveled around the world in search for new answers for cancer bringing about the best speakers from Europe, Asia and the Americas so don’t miss this opportunity to learn for free from over 40 a life-changing speakers and Educators.  It’s so important to sign up now at FoodHealsNation.com/healingcancer next week is the full launch of the summit.  You’ll receive seven different interviews per day and the interviews will be available for Replay for 48 hours.  There are some amazing speakers  on modern integrative Cancer Treatments from incredible doctors like Dr. Thomas Lodi and  energy healers like Star Fuentes and even a speech from naturopathic oncology Dr. Adam McLeod.  Go to FoodHealsNation.com/healingcancer  to find out how to sign up absolutely free.


Links from show:

Dr. Thomas Lodi (integrative oncology)

Starr Fluentes (energy healer)

Dr. Adam McLeod (naturopathic oncology)



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