By the time I was 26 years old, I was an orphan. I had lost both my parents to long, debilitating battles with cancer. When my parents were sick, I asked the doctor, “Does nutrition matter?” He said no. And thus my parents continued to eat a poor diet. Would this knowledge have saved my parent’s life? I’ll never know. But shouldn’t every single person have the tools, knowledge, and opportunity to make an informed & educated decision about their own health? Carlos Caridad is helping people make those informed decisions by showing the world what is possible. I was honored to be interviewed about how I overcame the trauma of losing my parents and turned it into a positive mission to spread awareness of nutrition and healing unresolved issues in order to live a healthy, vibrant life. I am so excited to be part of Carlos’s Healing Cancer in This Century Summit. Thank you, Carlos for the opportunity to be a part of your incredible project. Remember, your body can heal itself if you give it the tools it needs to do so! Food Heals!


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This online video conference creates a shift in human consciousness of the awareness that we are not just a physical body. Emotional trauma, chronic negatives emotions that affect our health are at the root cause of cancer and other health conditions, which illustrates the importance of emotional healing.


The Healing Cancer in This Century Summit brings together, in an unprecedented way, over 40 Speakers including doctors/experts in the field of integrative/holistic/alternative cancer treatments, with Energy Healers from different modalities, experts in the fields of Emotional Healing and Healing Arts like Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, survivors who healed themselves and more. All cutting edge Healing Methods for this Century!


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In the podcast studio filming with the amazing Carlos Caridad for the Healing Cancer in this Century Online Summit

In the podcast studio filming with the amazing Carlos Caridad for the Healing Cancer in this Century Online Summit

How The “Healing Cancer In This Century” was born…

By Carlos Caridad

In 2004 my son was 4 years old and diagnosed with a terrible auto-immune disease -nephrotic syndrome- caused by excessive vaccinations… he received 23 vaccines at the age of 3… My son ended in the emergency room with his belly swollen like a basket ball…

His immune system was so confused, distorted and messed up that was shutting down his kidneys and he couldn’t urinate…

After 6 months suffering because the medical community doesn’t know nor have any solution for that problem, other that shutting down his immune system by giving him steroids so the immune system doesn’t attack his kidneys and disable them, we found an Homeopathic doctor in India who told us “your son will be healed in about 3 weeks”. We couldn’t go to India and he sent us the name of the homeopathic remedies by email.

I didn’t want to wait any longer, I followed a suggestion of a friend of mine, an energy healer, and I went to a Healing – Energy Healing 3-day workshop, where I was going to be a surrogate to facilitate my son’s healing. At that time I had been working for 15 years in an integrative-Hyperthermia cancer clinic, surrounded by doctors and nurses…

I had no idea what Energy Healing was neither I knew the word “surrogate” existed in the English language!!!

However for my son I’ll do any thing like all of you would do for your children, friends, loved ones and family.

My son was healed during that workshop lead by a renown Energy Healer: Jo Dunning…

As a scientist, having a MS on electronics engineering practicing meditation and Yoga Pranayams, I realized there was something very powerful with those healing energies. I started to learn and practice…

During my 23 years working at the Valley Cancer Institute, an Hyperthermia cancer clinic in Los Angeles, California, I talked to hundred of patients and interviewed many cancer free patients.

All women with breast cancer told me they had been under enormous amount of stress from toxic relationships, bitter breakups or divorces, not dealing with unresolved emotional trauma and other emotional issues.

Men reported similar emotional situations.

I realized there was a clear connection between emotional trauma, chronic stress, unresolved emotional issues and the lost of our health: from pain to cancer and all in between.

In 2009 I interview the German and Italian doctors you see in our Summit, wanting to do an Hyperthermia Cancer Treatments on;line video Summit. I didn’t have the support and those videos were sitting gathering dust.

Since 2013 I was entertaining the possibility to do an online video conference aimed to disseminate the healing message of Energy Healing. I was’t ready…

Until December 2015, when I decided to bring all this knowledge to the general public, bridging emotional traumas and how it affects our health in this “Healing Cancer In This Century,  The Spirit, Mind Body Connection.

Sign up for The Healing Cancer in This Century Summit now and get free access to the conference.  The Pre-Launch is April 18th and the entire Summit will officially launch May 9th!