88: Healing Cancer in This Century with Carlos Caridad


We are hugely excited to be part of Carlos Caridad’s Healing Cancer in This Century Global Summit, which officially goes live on 9th May. So we thought we’d give you a taster by sharing Allison’s interview with Carlos.


The Healing Cancer in This Century Summit bridges the gap between modern western medicine, energy healing science and spiritual science. It will be attended by experts in the field such as Dr. Ben Johnson, Evita Ramparte (a previous guest who healed her ovarian cancer with a plant based diet – check out Episode 57 to learn about her amazingly inspiring story) and Dr. Oz’s Reiki Healer Pamela Miles. Carlos founded the Summit after holistic medicine helped heal his son’s auto-immune disease, to spread awareness of the alternatives to western treatments.


After losing her parents to cancer, Allison decided to study spiritual psychology. She knew nutrition played a key role in health and can reverse chronic disease. But she also knew that wasn’t the whole story. What about emotional trauma? Unresolved emotions—or energy blockages as they’re known in the world of healing—can turn toxic in the body and end up causing chronic illness.


Cancer is a multifactorial disease. It isn’t just about genes, or just about diet—it is a result of a combination of factors like diet, environment, emotions. This means that there isn’t a one-size-fits- all cure for cancer; you have to look at, and heal, all the causes. Beliefs especially can have a huge impact. Telling patients how long they have left to live is a big flaw in Western medicine—when a doctor gives a person 3 weeks, that person internalizes that belief and makes it happen. But you have more time if you believe you have more time. This has been scientifically proven by Dr. Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief.


Another exciting scientific development in this field is the ACE score, which was commissioned by the CDC. This is a study of Adverse Childhood Experience and how these experiences can affect our adult lives. It works as a predictor of future lifestyle and chronic disease, and clearly demonstrates the link between emotions and physical health.


Attitude is key to being your most vibrant self. What are you telling yourself on a day to day basis? No matter how healthy that green juice is, if you’re drinking it while criticising yourself or telling yourself it isn’t enough, you’re not going to get the full nutritional benefits. “If you don’t believe in it, it’s not going to work for you.” Setting intentions is a very powerful way you can heal yourself. Your intention can change the energetic structure of your food—simply intending that what you’re about to eat will bring health and vitality can make a huge difference to your health.



Allison’s number one tip to start improving your health is Write and Burn. This is something that you can do right now to open yourself up to loving healing energy. Grab a pen and paper and write about everything that makes your angry—really go for it, don’t censor yourself, don’t worry about your handwriting, just get it all out on paper. Then destroy it, burn it, tear it up, flush it down the toilet. It’s a spiritually and emotionally cleansing experience that allows you to release negative emotion and replace it with self-love.




Carlos Caridad’s Bio

Carlos Caridad became an energy healer, a Reiki Master, when after working as Director of Engineering for 15 years at the Valley Cancer Institute, an Integrative cancer Treatment in Los Angeles, California, his 3 years son was healed from a terrible autoimmune disease cause by excessive vaccinations: 23 at age  3…

His son’s immune system was so distorted, confused and messed up that attacked his own kidneys. He couldn’t urinate and ended up in the emergency room. After 6 months of suffering, his wife and he found a Homeopathic Doctor in India and an Energy Healer in the US who facilitated their son’s healing in about 3 weeks Carlos promised himself that if he found a cure for his son, since the medical establishment didn’t have any, he will spread the word around the world.

This is what inspired Carlos study, practice Energy Healing and to create the Healing Cancer In This Century, to bring a shift on consciousness, making the general public aware we are not just a physical body and how emotional trauma affects our health.  Carlos spends his time helping clients getting their message of health and wellness through videos on the internet, practicing and teaching Energy healing.



Our Favorite Moments:

@10:45 There’s no pill for that!

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@34:23 That’s why I talk about my shit!


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