85: Q & A Tuesday with Allison and Suzy


Firstly, a massive thank you to Sabrina, who sent us Levo Wine, biodynamic organic wine from Santa Barbara County—it is delicious, flavorful, dry at the finish, we love it!


Our first question comes from Tiffany. She was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura). As so many people in similar situations, she was given steroids and told that diet and lifestyle made no difference to the condition. However, since listening to Food Heals, she’s gotten off the medication and is feeling full of energy. Despite this, she finds herself struggling with stress and anxiety, and asks for some DIY tips and tricks to train the mind towards positive thinking and self love.


Well, firstly we want to give you a massive thumbs up for taking your health into your own hands and getting off the meds! Autoimmune diseases seem to be on the rise, and we’ve discussed these at length with several of our guests; check out Episode 71 with Robin Shirley and Episode 48 with and Ann Boroch to learn more. We know however, that a change of diet and a change of mind-set can reverse these conditions: autoimmune diseases do not have to be a life sentence. You’re on the right path!


Moving on to self love. We know all about depression and feeling low. Suzy struggled for years with clinical depression, and Allison experienced great loss in her life. So, day to day, what can you do? Depression happens when you torment yourself about your past, while anxiety is caused by worrying about the future. When you’re truly present, in the moment, you’re free from those feelings—you’re neither in the past nor the future. In the words of Deepak Chopra, “you can only manifest abundance when you’re in the present”.


Our second question comes from Jennifer. She is a marathon runner, and has eight children which she home schools. She’s always extremely busy and suffers from anxiety. Medication and therapy have helped, but the results don’t last and she’s looking for a more holistic approach. We asked Master Intuitive and Love Coach Tracy Crossley to answer Jennifer’s question. Check out Episode 58 when we interviewed Tracy about intuition, reincarnation, and being yourself. Tracy senses that Jennifer is spending all her time looking after others but not taking care of herself. Anxiety is a merry-go- round, thoughts going round and round non stop—and usually these thoughts have nothing to do with the actual anxiety, because anxiety is related to the deep beliefs you hold about yourself and your trust in the world.


Meditation, journaling, and putting in place more loving self care are great first steps to understanding what is going on in your mind, letting go of anxiety, and stepping into a new,more peaceful self.


We know that our listeners are after some practical steps, so here are our best tips to let go of the past that holds you back, start loving yourself and being your best:


Lose Yourself

Lose yourself in the present moment. Find something that you love to do, whether that’s dancing, writing, spending time with your family, walking your dog. Be fully present in those moments, recognize them, and write them down. These times of peace will help you in meditation to more deeply connect with yourself and work on whatever you need to, whether that is letting go of painful emotions or setting positive intentions.


Tap into Your Pleasure

Check out the book Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, which teaches women how to tap into their pleasure (take that as you will!). It is another way of tapping into the present moment and connecting with your inner goddess.


Write and Burn

This is Allison’s favorite way of getting over regrets about the past and fear of the future. Find a quiet moment alone, in a safe space, where you know you will not be disturbed. Set your intention that you will let go of everything that doesn’t serve you, and invite loving energy to come in. Start writing—or verbal vomiting—everything that gets to you. Begin with what’s annoying you superficially (job, friends, whatever), and as you do, you’ll notice that what you write about gets deeper or older. Take as long as you need, there’s no “right” amount of time. When you feel like you’ve written everything, it’s time to get rid of it. Burn it, tear it up, cross it out, destroy it. As you do, all that negative stuff will leave your body, and you will feel flooded with loving energy. This is a really strong tool, but you can’t just do it once. Often our emotions have layers and it will take more than just one write & burn session to get it all out. Don’t give up and you will heal yourself.


Loving Routine

Include healing and self loving behaviors to your daily routine. Whether it’s write & burn, meditation, exercise, diet—make it a part of your routine, make it a commitment, make it a habit. One time is great, but the more you do it, the more you’re healing and the more you’ll be in a happy, peaceful state.



Exercise is another way of getting you into the present moment. Whatever exercise might feel good to you—running, walking, fitness classes. Yoga and meditation are fantastic tools because they help you connect with the present moment through being in tune with your body and your breath.



Try Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It can free you of a lot of things, from trapped emotions to physical pain. Better still, you can do it in your own home, for free. Check out Brad Yates, Nick Orter and Gabrielle Bernstein and YouTube.



Gratitude and compassion are powerfully healing emotions. Compassion brings you closer to everyone else, and unites us. Look back on your experiences with love and gratitude—although this may feel difficult, everything that has happened in your life is part of who you are.


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