84: How to lose 100 lbs & vibrate at a higher frequency


We were so excited to interview Food Network fan favorite Charles Chen. A celebrity chef and regular wellness event host, Charles advocates a holistic approach to healthy living that takes care of the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. He fell in love with cooking, and that’s when the journey started. “I love the work that I do, I’m super passionate about it.” For Charles, it’s all about making a difference.


But Charles wasn’t always healthy. Spending the first years of his life in Taiwan, he found it hard to settle in the US. His parents’ divorce and a difficult time at school took its toll on him—he used junk food to numb his emotions. By the age of 15, Charles was at rock bottom. At 260 pounds, he was tired all the time and unmotivated. His wake up call came during a routine check up when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. “It was a huge wake up call,” he knew he had to change his lifestyle.


Setting the intention to get healthy or lose weight can be incredibly hard. “That’s why you have to connect it to a bigger picture.” Charles felt he wanted to be of service to the world, to help others transform their lives. With this in mind, he set about healing himself. His transformation didn’t just come from a change of diet, it came from completely overhauling his thoughts and shifting to a more positive, mindful and loving state of mind.


He went from eating a diet of highly processed nutrient-deficient food to cooking meals from fresh produce. After just one week of eating high vibrational fruits and vegetables from the farmers’ market, Charles noticed a shift. His mood improved, his energy levels skyrocketed. Meditating and being mindful helped. “It doesn’t matter how healthy your diet is, if your mind is not in a loving state, you’re not going to process or absorb any of the nutrients.” Likewise, Charles recommends eating healthy food in a state of gratitude, giving thanks to the farmers and the people who made the food available. It’s important to be in tune with the body and to look at health from a physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint. If someone is eating everything right but isn’t feeling the benefits, they need to ask themselves: is there another reason behind that? Perhaps something they haven’t let go of, a person they haven’t forgiven (including themselves)?


Do you want to know how to stop counting calories, ditch those scales, release guilt and shame, and experience no-deprivation living? Charles shares his philosophy and tips on living your dream life. Discover how to become more in tune with your body and nurture your health on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. “The universe is conspiring for your dreams to come true – you just have to allow it and recognize it.”


Charles Chen’s Bio

Charles Chen is a Celebrity Chef & TV Host. Recently seen on Food Network’s Chopped quickly becoming the fan favorite promoting health & wellness. Charles is also host of TLC Discovery’s “Fun Taiwan” discovering food & culture all over Asia. Charles is on a wellness tour hosting healthy wellness presentations with Mother’s Market, William Sonoma, Whole Foods Market all over Orange County & Los Angeles Area in collaboration with American Heart Association.


Charles Chen’s Links

Website: charleschen.tv







Our Favorite Moments:

@5:55 Dude if you’ve been on the Food Network you’re a celebrity chef.

@11:58 Oh my god, I have chills!!

@23:24 If you’re going to eat it, I want you to feel good about it.

@32:10 Probiotics people!

@45:55 Your playing small does not serve the world.


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Links from show:

  • A massive thank you to Stephanie from Stage & Table for connecting us! Check out her website for tasty vegan recipes.
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.04.38 PMThe Hidden Messages in Water by Dr Emoto: We highly recommend this book which illustrates the way thoughts can affect the physical world





  • Charles will be hosting wellness presentations all over Orange County, visiting Mother’s Market, Whole Foods and William Sonoma in collaboration with the American Heart Association.



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