86: Matthew Kenney on Changing the World with Plant-Based Food


Dubbed America’s best new chef by Food & Wine magazine, Matthew Kenney is passionate about raising awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based diet. As a classically trained chef, Matthew felt his food was pretty healthy. Having always focused on health and wellness, he started to realize that a plant-based diet was a better option, not only for our health, but the planet’s health as well.


The transition to plant-based was both gradual and instant. One evening he visited a raw food restaurant with a friend. While the food wasn’t anything spectacular, the little place was packed with people who were glowing with health. “There was something different about them and their aura.” The very next day, he shifted his entire focus and became 100% committed to going plant-based. He saw the potential of what could be achieved if a classically trained chef applied his skills to plant foods. “That was my vision from the very first day and I’ve stuck with it since then.” Matthew’s brand focuses entirely on plant-based lifestyle, through education, hospitality, and media.


As well as being a restaurateur Matthew has written many books. One of these, Cooked Raw, tells the story of how he left mainstream cooking to launch into the world of raw and plant-based cuisine. Matthew is currently working on the 90-Day Raw Food Diet. The focus is on simple, tasty recipes. “Food has to taste good, it has to be appealing. It has to fill you up, it needs to have flavor”. The book is designed to be a tool to help readers transition to a way of life that is more in line with what the body really wants: wholesome plant-based goodness.


For Matthew, the best tasting food is food which makes his body feel good, helps the animals, and is environmentally sustainable. The only way to accomplish a food revolution is to show people that the most pleasurable, delicious, beautiful, flavorful food is plant-based food. The Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy was set up to educate and encourage students to explore their passion for raw vegan cuisine and help them create the best dishes in the world, that way sparking a culinary revolution.


The plant-based diet is a perfect roadmap for creating a sustainable way to feed the world. By simply making a diet more plant centric, everything becomes more sustainable – reduced health care cost through improved health, less stress on the land, no animal cruelty.


Matthew is motivated by the vision of what the world could be like if a switch to plant-based nutrition was made. Tune in to discover Matthew’s great tips for growing your own edible garden, why it’s important to buy seasonal produce, and how to create delicious, healthy, vibrant sauces to transform your veggies into taste sensations!



Matthew Kenney’s Bio

Matthew Kenney is an American celebrity chef, author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur specializing in plant-based food. He has authored 12 cookbooks and is the founder of Matthew Kenney Cuisine, an integrated lifestyle company as well as the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, a raw food education center offering courses online, in Venice, CA, Belfast, Maine, Miami, FL and Hua Hin, Thailand


Matthew Kenney’s Links

Website: matthewkenneycuisine.com





Our Favorite Moments:

@7:50 That would be weird, that would be very “high-school”

@21:21 Matthew’s super quick sweet potato bake

@23:34 It’s so simple, I feel my answer isn’t sufficient

@35:15 I have never known anyone that got fat from sesame seeds – Just saying!


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