410: How to Overcome Emotional Eating with a Food and Mood Journal, Avoid Self-Sabotage by Cultivating Self-Love, and Manifest True Health by Setting Healthy Boundaries (Healthy AF: Part 1)


Emotional eating is a common phenomenon that many people struggle with, but often goes unnoticed. It involves turning to food to cope with difficult emotions, rather than eating because you are hungry. Emotional eating can lead to consuming more calories than your body needs or can use, which can cause health problems. However, there are ways to overcome emotional eating and manifest true health by setting healthy boundaries and cultivating self-love.

In this 2-part series, we will hear from experts in mindful eating, emotional healing, self-doubt, and setting healthy boundaries. We’ll explore some behaviors and thought patterns that may increase your likelihood of becoming an emotional eater, and how to change them.

In the first two clips, Allison will discuss an overview of how to get healthy AF, then we’ll talk about mindful eating and how to become aware of your emotional eating habits and how to change them with a food and mood journal.

Then, we have JJ Flizanes discussing self-doubt, avoiding self-sabotage, emotional healing, and the law of attraction. JJ says we can’t create long-lasting change when we are doing it from a place of “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll be good enough when I am fit, healthy, thin.” Instead, she encourages us to get healthy AF from a place of self-love.

Finally, we end with Laura Powers talking about how to set healthy boundaries. Laura emphasizes that whatever we are choosing, we get sent more of that. Therefore, it’s essential to show the universe what we want more of by creating more of that in our lives every day.

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