409: From Aerospace Engineer to Cannabinoid Wellness Leader: Overcoming Depression and Finding Purpose with CURED Nutrition Founder Joe Sheehey


His shoes were hanging off the ledge and he was about to let go. He was trapped in a deep depression. At this crossroads moment of his life, he had a realization – he would let his depression make something of him or he could make something of it. He chose the latter and Cured Nutrition was born

This is the story of today’s guest, Joe Sheehey. 

What are cannabinoids and how can they help us when it comes to sleep, depression, and anxiety? Why would an aerospace engineer leave corporate America to help people heal naturally and elevate their consciousness? Answers to these questions and more on today’s episode of Food Heals.

Joe Sheehey is the Founder and CEO of CURED Nutrition, a leading cannabinoid wellness brand. Joe, a former NASA contributing aerospace engineer, shares his personal journey of leaving corporate America and committing to a future of health that looks much different than the past.

Joe’s life was governed by a strict set of rules and adherence to socially-acceptable paths until he found himself trapped in a deep depression. At a crossroads moment, he realized that he could let his depression make something of him or he could make something of it. He chose the latter and CURED Nutrition was born.

Joe’s mission is to change the narrative around cannabis and elevate consciousness on all fronts, guiding others towards a radical sense of self-actualization. He shares his story of resilience, perseverance, and renewed self-awareness, triumphing through periods of anxiety, depression, and suicidal attempts.

In this episode, Joe discusses cannabinoids and how they can help with sleep, depression, and anxiety. He also talks about why he left his career as an aerospace engineer to help people heal naturally and elevate their consciousness. Listeners can check out CURED Nutrition at curednutrition.com and use the code “foodheals” to save 20% off their order. Tune in to this inspiring episode to learn more about Joe’s journey and his commitment to pushing boundaries and changing the future of health.

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