What if, in just 4 months, you could feel fucking fantastic? What if you could completely reboot your health, reset your body, allowing you the energy, clarity and drive to live the life you have been dreaming about?

This is not a quick fix. This is not an overnight success. This is making conscious choices every day to improve your health until it becomes an innate part of your day. Until it becomes as habitual as drinking your morning coffee (which yes, I will try to convince you to switch to green juice;) 

Over the course of four months you will be educated, inspired, and encouraged to gently change your habits so that you can have a total health transformation in 4 months. And it doesn’t end there. After 4 months you will have the tools you need to continue to improve your health in every way possible with the 4 steps to total transformation.

Alli, yes I am in!

Healthy AF: 4 Steps to Completely Transform Your Health with Functional Medicine, Peptide Therapy, Daily Habits, and Emotional Healing with Allison Melody on Food Heals

The Four Steps to Total Transformation:

Step 1: Functional Medicine Testing: Work with a Functional medicine practitioner to determine the perfect diet, supplementation, and hormones for your body – (and you know I have recommendations and discount code!)

Step 2: Peptide Therapy: Weekly peptides can reduce cravings, suppress appetite and help you achieve your goal weight… hint Elon Musk is already on board and rumor has it, the Kardashians are too!

Step 3: Game-Changing Daily Habits: Cultivate a daily practice of moving your body, adding plants to your plate, hydration optimization, and intermittent fasting. These 4 simple practices can have massive results!

Step 4: Emotional Healing: Change your relationship to food by identifying the underlying emotions holding you back from having the healthiest happiest life and heal those for good. They say you gotta feel it to heal it, but let me give you the short cut!

We will meet every Wednesday for 1 hour each week. I invite you to join live for the best experience but replays will always be available if you miss a meeting. You will be supported by myself and a team of experts hand selected by me (many of the will be your favorites from Food Heals!) to guide you along your health and wellness journey.

Are you ready to change your life? 

In just a few months from now you could have the tools, strategies, practices and mindset to end emotional eating, drop the body shame, lose the weight, have more energy, transform your life and finally find food freedom for good.

You in?! Let’s do this!

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PAYMENT TERMS: By making your payment, you agree that:

  • The refund policy is 7 days. No exceptions.
  • You are responsible for an additional costs incurred during this program. If you choose to do the functional medicine testing, this starts at $140. If you choose to do the peptide therapy, this starts at $250/2 months. Allison will give her recommendations, but you are free to use any doctor or service that you choose.