232: Reversing Diabetes and Building Healthy Communities With Plant-Powered Senator Eric L. Adams


Health is the cornerstone of prosperity. If our body isn’t functioning properly…


…we can’t do anything! We can’t lead joyful lives.


We normalize aches and pains, bloating, exhaustion, headaches, ill-health – all the things caused by our lifestyle. We come to believe that to be human means to get progressively sicker every year. But that simply isn’t true. There’s no reason we can’t be vibrant and active even after turning 90. Today’s guest is a perfect example.


Eric L. Adams is a former Democratic State Senator and police officer, and current Borough President of Brooklyn (and social justice warrior). He knows first-hand how powerful a simple lifestyle change can be. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with advanced Type 2 Diabetes. He had stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, permanent nerve damage to his hands and feet…and had lost sight in his right eye(!). Specialists told him that because diabetes ran in his family, he was inevitably heading towards kidney failure, blindness and possible foot amputation.


So he made a change. After reading Dr Greger’s How Not To Die (check out Episode 214), and watching Forks over Knives, he cleaned out his kitchen cupboards and swapped his Standard American Diet for a whole foods plant-based diet. 3 weeks later?


  • His vision cleared up
  • His stomach ulcers disappeared
  • All nerve damage was reverse.


A complete turn-around.



Now, Eric is determined to empower people to heal themselves. Because after all, there’s no such thing as prosperity without a healthy community. He’s teamed up with schools to teach children to grow food, and runs initiatives like Meatless Mondays and 10-day challenges for people suffering with disease, as well as hosting events to demystify veganism.


But his most exciting work is happening at Bellevue hospital. The first ever plant-based unit will be set up, run by functional medicine doctors, dietitians and nutritionists to show patients how to heal themselves, reverse disease and come off their prescription meds with a whole-food plant-based diet. Could this model be rolled out on a global scale? We sure hope so!


This could change the conversation around medicine for good. The future’s looking bright. Check out Eric’s Instagram to learn more!


What you’ll learn in Episode 232:

  • How to give yourself a perfect reset
  • How Eric reversed vision loss in just 3 weeks
  • What you need to do to start your body’s healing process
  • Why health and prosperity are connected
  • Can you have an active sex life into your 80’s?
  • Why veganism is super affordable
  • How Eric is helping communities fight food insecurity
  • How you can create global change
  • Are you a wounded warrior?
  • How Eric’s mum reversed her high blood pressure at 80 years old


Our favorite moments:

@3:26 This might just change your life

@8:29 There’s a lot of hope

@14:06 The body wants to heal

@25:05 Ride off into the sunset


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