214: How Not To Die with Doctor Michael Greger


Can you believe we used to consider smoking healthy???


For so long (too long), it was just a fact of life – everyone smoked, even doctors. It took over 20 years, and 7000(!) studies, before the first official report against smoking was published.


Now, how long will it take before the truth comes out about the modern pills we take (and diets we choose)?


Well, thanks to Dr. Michael Greger, we don’t need to wait any longer!


Dr. Greger, the super-influential physician, speaker and author, was inspired into the medical profession by his grandma’s inspiring story of healing. She’d had so many bypass operations that doctors said there was nothing more to be done. They sent her home to die.


She was only 65.


But after working with of one of the original lifestyle medicine pioneers, Nathan Pritikin, she healed herself and went on to live another 31 healthy, happy years.


Having witnessed the healing power of a plant-based diet, Dr. Greger is on a mission to bring the truth about nutrition to as many people as possible. He founded the free, non-profit, science-based website NutritionFacts.org, which provides the latest in evidence-based nutrition research.



We love his NYT-Best-Selling book How Not to Die, where he breaks down the top 15 causes of death in the US, and explains how nutrition works BETTER than prescription meds to prevent and reverse disease, heal your body and help you live longer. It’s so refreshing and necessary to see a modern physician standing up for what is right and good in treating the commonest and scariest of diseases. How Not To Die is a practical guide that will help you design a lifestyle that supports your complete well-being.


After you’ve finished the book, you can download the free Daily Dozen app, which gives you simple daily strategies to fight disease and feel great, even on a budget. And the best thing? 100% of the proceeds of his books are donated to charity.


The message is loud and clear: WE have the power to prevent and reverse chronic disease with a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Greger is also working on a new book, How Not To Diet, which will be out in December 2019. He’s discovered some unique metabolic quirks to accelerate weight loss. We can’t wait to read it!!


Dr. Greger’s recommendations to prevent and reverse chronic disease:

  • It’s all about the day-to-day
  • Avoid the worst foods (soda, processed meats, trans-fats, dairy)
  • Add in the best foods (beans, berries, leafy greens, chia seeds) whenever you can
  • Pack in as many whole healthy plant foods as possible – real food that grows out of the ground


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What you’ll learn in Episode 214:

  • Why you need to merge treadmills and laptops
  • The difference between acute disease and chronic disease
  • What inspired Dr. Greger into this work
  • Why you must never give up hope
  • What happened when Dr. Greger was a witness in Oprah’s meat defamation trial
  • The ugly truth about animal feed
  • What you can do to fight the plant-based fight
  • What processed meat as asbestos have in common
  • Dr. Greger’s tips for healing your body


Our favorite moments:

@2:01 I’m on a treadmill right now!

@9:30 Can people beat the odds?

@11:14 We can heal our bodies.

@21:07 There’s so much crazy cool stuff!

@26:01 You don’t know till you give it a try




Dr. Greger Website

How Not To Die



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