231: Productivity Hacks, Best Vegan Party Gifts, and Healthy Holiday Tips


We can’t achieve our goals without being productive…but doesn’t it feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day?


Kris McPeak is a certified life coach, author, blogger, podcast host, founder of the Silver Peak Performance swim team… and she also holds a full-time job. We couldn’t think of anyone better to give us holiday productivity hacks!


How does she do it all? Prioritization, routine and self-care. It all goes hand in hand. Kris spends 8 hours at the office, makes sure she gets 8 hours sleep, and that leaves 8 hours to elevate. And Kris really has made the most of those 8 hours. She’s written the books Shake it Off: Ten 10 Minute Resets For Your Day (Making Work Work For You), and Elevate Your 8: 21 Days to Prosperous Time Management, AND launched her new podcast Elevate Your 8. All this in just a few months, after attending our Rise & Bloom Mastermind in April.


Whatever your goals, or no matter how long you’ve been an entrepreneur, you can always learn new ways to be productive.


Kris’s Productivity Hacks:

  • See the time it takes to do the little things – showering, commuting, cooking – then figure out how much time you have left for the most important tasks.
  • Value your time – could you create more time for yourself by delegating or hiring someone?
  • Treat time like it’s money – get the urgent things done first.
  • Set a social media timer – so you don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole.
  • Prioritize – figure out what needs to be done and when. Is it urgent or can it wait till the weekend?
  • Go with the flow – recognize your schedule can get messed up, and learn to be flexible.
  • Don’t judge yourself on what you didn’t get done.
  • Develop a morning routine.



But what about this time of year? The holidays let us connect with loved ones and new people…but it’s also easy to get overwhelmed by it all (and for the family visits to mess with your schedule).


Here are Kris and Leslie’s tips for getting through the holidays while staying healthy and productive:

  • Don’t feel like you have to go to every party – it’s ok to turn down invitations to honor your self-care.
  • Plan ahead – fuel with good food and choose the healthiest dishes at parties.
  • Discover JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out 
  • Always bring food! (duh)
  • Bring a plant-based wine – our favorite is Le Grand Courtage sparkling wine (or just try Brown Brother’s dessert wine – straight from Oz, but available in the US.


A Delicious Holiday Detox?

And of course, we all want to look and feel fabulous during the holidays. This is a time when it’s even more important to detox, because we’re eating a little more and drinking a few extra glasses of wine. No one wants to feel sluggish and bloated. What if you could add something to your regular routine that helps your body to detox naturally? Well, you can, with Teami blends.


Detoxing helps get rid of these extra holiday toxins, improve your energy levels, clear up your skin, boost your metabolism and clear out the digestive tract. We love detoxing, but this usually means fasting, which is not easy to do at this time of year…


That’s why we’re excited for you to try Teami Blends, a fun way to detox that fits into your normal day-to-day. In other words, you can eat and cleanse at the same time. What’s more, you can turn them into a delicious Mocha Choca latte – you’ll have to tune into the podcast for the recipe!


Right now, you can get 20% off Teami Blends with discount code FoodHeals.


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What you’ll learn in Episode 231:

  • How not to get sucked into the social media rabbit hole
  • Kris’s morning routine for success
  • The best time to start the day
  • Alli’s go-to vegan dish to bring to parties (and it will please EVERYONE)
  • Tips and tricks for super simple vegan party food
  • The recipe for Allis’ special guilt-free Mocha Choca Latte – a perfect drink for the holidays
  • Leslie’s top vegan cheesecake flavors
  • The truth about soy – why you can chill out about tofu!
  • Great vegan cheese and wine parings to sophisticate your parties
  • The power of becoming uncomfortable
  • The different languages of love


Our favorite moments:

@11:20 Stop scrolling start…

@22:50 The joy of missing out

@29:10 An Alli original recipe

@34:50 Start before you’re ready

@55:37 Let me hold you like a taco


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Shake it Off: Ten 10 Minute Resets For Your Day (Making Work Work For You)

Elevate Your 8: 21 Days to Prosperous Time Management

Elevate Your 8 podcast

Silver Peak Performance Swim Team – join our team (your first workout is free!)


Le Grand Courtage Wine

Barnivore.com to check if wine is vegan or not

Five Languages of Love book

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