233: Kick Your Sugar Addiction & Free Yourself From Overeating For Good with Weight Loss Expert David Zappasodi


When Allison hired weight-loss expert David Zappasodi, he told her to stop exercising and go buy a bunch of junk food…


….now, you’re thinking WHAT!?!? (But it worked.)


Did you know only 3% of all the people who try losing weight every year actually succeed? From the moment David stepped into the health and wellness industry, over 20 years ago, he knew he had to find a new method that challenged common weight-loss approaches. So he developed a revolutionary strategy to reprogram your brain to give up junk food and stop over-eating for good. 


The first step? Create brain-flips around your cravings.

How Do Brain Flips Work?

We have two aspects to our brain.

  1. The Thinking Brain – We use it to fix problems and make our lives better. The thinking brain knows that certain foods are an issue and it wants to get rid of the craving. This is the part of the brain most of us will try to use to lose weight, and it never works.
  2. The Sensory Brain – This one’s a little different. It just functions through your senses – hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste – but it doesn’t have a concept of what it’s seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, etc. The sensory brain is a deep-set mechanism, keeping you safe by creating familiar associations.


Example Of The Two Brains In Action: Let’s say as a child you fell and scraped your knee. Your mom bandaged it up, and gave you an ice-cream. Your thinking brain is aware the bandaging is what’s helping, but your sensory brain just links the taste of ice-cream to the physical sensation of feeling better – it creates a program that says ice-cream equals feeling good. The result? A craving for ice-cream that lasts into adulthood.


The story changes, the food changes, but it’s pretty much the same for everyone and all cravings. Your thinking brain might know that this is happening, but that won’t solve the problem. Unless you can reprogram your sensory brain too, you will keep having those cravings.


You need a brain-flip. But to create this brain-flip, you need a pain tool.


Pain Tool:

David gets his clients to make an audio that goes deep into what their life will look like if they don’t solve this problem, which they listen to while eating the ice-cream (to stick with our example) they crave. This pain tool plants a seed in the sensory brain that says ice-cream is not enjoyable after all. It’s a small seed, but it begins to decrease the cravings. Within a few days, this new programming takes over.


Your brain no longer associates the ice-cream with comfort…it associates it with pain. The result? You don’t crave that food any more. You are free.


And that’s just Phase 1.


In Phase 2 and Phase 3, you go even deeper by brain-flipping your beliefs about overeating and working out. David dives deep into all the phases on today’s podcast episode!


Alli has just completed Phase 1, and has gone from eating dessert every single day to not even wanting anything sweet. She feels like a completely new person – and you can too!


If you’ve tried program after program and are seriously struggling with weight-loss, you can schedule a free coaching call with David at www.empoweredhealthnow.com/talk.


What you’ll learn in Episode 233:

  • What cravings and bullies have in common
  • Why you are unable to let go of your cravings
  • How to reprogram your brain and free yourself of cravings in just 10 days
  • The difference between the subconscious and the sensory brain
  • Why willpower is not effective
  • Alli’s journey from daily sugar addiction to not needing any sweets at all
  • The 3 things that make a meal satisfying
  • How to create a centering tool to tackle your overeating
  • A 5-minute strategy that will make exercise something you can’t wait to do
  • David’s process to get you out of food addiction and into your skinny jeans!


Our favorite moments:

@3:50 Face the craving

@9:58 How the brain-flip works

@27:05 Can we talk about the pain tools?

@38:05 This works every single time

@57:07 Your life will be fundamentally changed forever


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