218: Two Vegan Vixens Share the Secrets to Healing Acid Reflux, Getting Rid of Eczema and Going Plant-Based


There’s never been a better, easier time to go plant-based. Faced with an epidemic of disease and the threat of global warming, it’s the one thing all of us can do to make a positive difference – both for our health, and the planet.


Today’s two guests made the shift to veganism after watching the groundbreaking (and super powerful) documentary Earthlings. Now, they want to help other people transition to plant-based living, and better health.


Melissa is a plant-powered personal chef and founder of ForkinPlants. We’re so inspired by her story. After studying healthcare and working in an office for years, she quit her 9 to 5 to follow her dreams and focus on her passions: cooking and helping people live healthy lives.


But she wasn’t always on this vibe. In fact, before going vegan she used to eat cheese out of a can! Fifteen years ago, she had to take a 14-day course of antibiotics to clear an H-Pylori stomach infection. The result was a destroyed digestive system, chronic acid reflux and really bad eczema. Through research and Chinese medicine, she discovered that some of the top superfoods, like turmeric, were actually making her condition worse.


Now, having fully healed herself through food, she helps others do the same. Read her blog post to find out how she healed her skin issues.



Elana’s got a very similar journey. She suffered from chronic acid reflux from the age of 16. Of course, doctors just gave her a pill to take…unsurprisingly, this didn’t work long-term.


She had her light-bulb moment at a retreat where the host made everyone watch Earthlings. Now vegan and healthy, Elana is a plant-based influencer and foodie, spreading vegan holistic health knowledge to those who need it most. She runs vegan events, and is about to quit her office job to follow her passion full-time. Her website Klean-Slate focuses on being real about food – because let’s face it, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about making small sustainable changes that last. Check out Episode 120 for Elana’s first appearance on the show, where she shares tips to re-balance your gut microflora.


Our favorite vegan substitutes:


What you’ll learn in Episode 218:

  • One thing NOT to do when you’re on a fast
  • When turmeric isn’t good for you
  • Easy ways to get your family to eat vegan
  • Why just one meal can make a difference
  • How to make simple changes to save the planet AND be healthier
  • How to eat mindfully
  • The BEST way to improve your alkalinity
  • How to give up dairy cheese without withdrawal symptoms!
  • The vegan cheeses we love (and which ones you should avoid)
  • What happened when we reviewed the Impossible Burger
  • What NOT to do if you have eczema (and what actually works)
  • Simple tips to go plant-based effortlessly


Our favorite moments:

@19:37 If you’re eating something delicious, just enjoy it

@21:25 Jesus wine?

@45:45 Everything started to change


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