217: Get Loved Up with Yoga Superstar Koya Webb and Sexy Fit Vegan Ella Magers


With so many different types of yoga (bikram, kundalini, goat) out there, you might not know where to start.


 Same for fitness. Do you go hard and fast, or slow and gentle? Thai kick-boxing or asana flow? Or maybe it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re moving and appreciating your body.


Koya Webb is a yoga superstar and celebrity holistic health coach, has appeared on NBC and was the main character on the reality show Yoga Girls. If you want to feel inspired, her Instagram is the most beautiful feed, full of motivational posts.


But life wasn’t always this rewarding.


As a teen, Koya was insecure, with no sense of self-worth or self-love. What set her out of that dark tunnel in her life and into the light was track athletics. But just before she was about to make it big…she got a stress fracture.


It was the end of one dream. She quickly retreated back to that very dark place of her youth.


And that’s when a school counselor stepped in and suggested yoga.


From the first class, Koya felt connected to her spirit in a way she’d never experienced before. Within a year, she’d healed her body through yoga and meditation. From there, she kept studying and decided to become a yoga teacher to inspire people into a healthier lifestyle. In the end, Koya found that the secret lies in balance.


You don’t have to be dogmatic about yoga, just like you don’t have to be dogmatic about your diet.


When Alli went from non-vegan to super hardcore raw veganism, she got sick. She had to find her sweet spot. Everyone is different. Some people love to eat first thing in the morning. Other people enjoy intermittent fasting. And what you need may change depending on what’s happening in your life. You need to eat and fuel up based on your lifestyle.


And the most important ingredient for total health? Self-love. Always self-love.



We need to get loved up. Pure and simple. Most of us are givers and lovers and nurturers, but we also need to learn how to receive love. Otherwise our cup gets empty and we get exhausted.


Koya created the Get Loved Up University, a yoga teacher training academy to give more women the tools to teach other women, and spread the beautiful message of love, unity, health and plant-based nutrition. If this sounds like what you need, join Koya on her yoga retreat in Thailand in December! No matter your shape, size, nationality or yoga ability, you are invited to come and get loved up!


What you’ll learn in Episode 217:

  • The secrets behind yoga’s healing potential
  • Why the best type of yoga depends on your goals
  • Koya’s healthy go-to staples and optimal living tips
  • Alli’s number one practice to get out of a funk
  • Why yoga can help you release old emotional wounds
  • The foods that make a plant-based diet super affordable
  • The antidote to shame
  • The one thing Ella did to eliminate post-meal bloating
  • The most impactful thing you can do to build a strong mind
  • How Koya and Ella became plant-powered entrepreneurs
  • How many burpees does it take to work-off 3 Oreos?


Our favorite moments:

@5:50 Yoga’s a beautiful thing

@9:09 We are one

@19:53 You’ve got to feel it to heal it

@37:15 That literally changed my life

@50:38 It comes off faster if you love it

@1:03:38 You can’t outrun your fork


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