219: Vegan Wine You Can Drink Guilt-Free and Success Tips From a Fierce Female Entrepreneur


There’s nothing like coming home after a long, hard day and pouring yourself a glass of wine…


…but did you know most wines aren’t vegan???


Crazy, right? Traditional alcohol production uses ingredients such as egg whites (no thank you), gelatin (yikes) or dried fish bladders (wow…just wow) to filter the grapes – suddenly that glass of vino doesn’t seem like such a good idea!


Thankfully, brands have stepped up with delicious vegan options. Our favorite is Le Grand Courtage. It’s founded by Tawnya Falkner, a fierce female entrepreneur who didn’t let anything hold her back from following her passion.



During her many travels (43 countries so far…nbd), Tawnya realized the important role wine plays in all cultures. It brings people together, it highlights celebrations, it helps us to unwind. But wine tasting can also turn snobby real quick, and some expensive brands don’t even taste that nice (and aren’t even plant-based!).


Tawnya wanted to create a sparkling wine that’s delicious, affordable, and vegan – a vegan wine suitable for every day and every celebration. So she moved from San Francisco to France to make it happen.


Despite being a highly male-dominated industry, she’s succeeded! Without pre-conceived notions of what wine should be, she’s been able to create a light, refreshing, sparkling wine and grow her business from nothing.


Her motto? Don’t let anything hold you back, especially not insecurity. Dream big and go for it!


Le Grand Courtage bottles are available to buy State-wide. Her latest wine, Très Chic Rosé, has our thumbs up over and above other brands. It’s perfect on its own, or made into cocktails. We love it! You can get yours here.


What you’ll learn in Episode 219:

  • The secret about wine pricing (and it’s not what’s actually in the bottle!)
  • The best wine for parties
  • Alli’s tips for sophisticated eco-shopping
  • How to combine sophistication and veganism
  • Best foods to eat with sparkling wine
  • How Tawnya raised capital for her business
  • Tawnya’s tips for entrepreneurship
  • The secret ingredient for success
  • When mistakes lead to self-knowledge
  • The three F’s to banish from your life
  • What you really need in your life


Our favorite moments:

@1:49 The best sparkles I’ve ever had

@15:50 Let’s do it now!

@24:26 Bubbles are breakfast

@34:30 This is why I drink

@37:04 That’s when the magic happens

@43:55 This is all you really need in life


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