204: Go Vegan Effortlessly, Share Your Story, and Save The World with The Vegan Bros


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When you’re on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation, pretty amazing things can happen. There comes a point when you hear the call to share the lessons you have learned in your life . . . and that’s exactly what happened for today’s guests: Phil and Matt, aka The Vegan Bros.


Serial entrepreneurs Matt and Phil are experts in the field of veganism and the science and art of social change. They’ve been featured in Vice, Business Insider, the Guardian and many more. Their views on veganism may be polarizing, but we LOVE their passion, drive and mission.


No one would ever guess that the obese kid and the skinny socially awkward kid, raised in a “Jesus-club-on-acid” environment (where vegetarians are considered a strange subspecies, and where drinking alcohol sends you straight to hell) would end up revolutionizing the world.


But Matt and Phil believe every journey we take in life happens for a reason and that challenges only make you a stronger, wiser person. Having been through some crazy shit themselves – from being offered hypertension medication at just 20 years old and losing 100 pounds, to being a vegan animal activist in deep bible-belt America – the Vegan Bros’ mission is to bring the vegan world and the rest of the world together.


Their book, Vodka is Vegan: A Manifesto For Better Living And Not Being An Asshole is the definitive guide to becoming a vegan, without any of the drama or judgement. This book will get you to think about the vegan approach in a completely new way . . . like realizing that if you’re opposed to animal abuse, you’re already 90% vegan – your diet is just the last 10%. We know making that change isn’t easy! Especially if you’ve spent your entire life eating meat, or punishing yourself for still using honey.  With this book, you can follow Matt and Phil’s foot-in-the-door technique: take it slow, go at your own pace and find what works for YOU. Start with a shot of vodka (it’s vegan, after all, and gluten free). And keep an open mind! Remember, most of what you already eat is accidentally vegan


Get your copy of Vodka is Vegan and let The Vegan Bros guide you on an effortless, judgement-free 14-week trip into plant-based living. It’s out NOW, and you can also get it on Audible.


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Like Gabby, you’ll gain the confidence to embrace the fact that you have a divine purpose — and start taking inspired action so it can unfold (just like it did for The Vegan Bros).


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What you’ll learn in Episode 204:

  • How YOU can change the world
  • How to be more accepting of others
  • Is there a link between Christianity and eating meat?
  • Is there such a thing as divine intervention?
  • How to bridge the cultural divide between veganism and the rest of the world
  • Why it’s really not “us vs. vegans”
  • The magic formula to help others go vegan
  • How two dudes people said “would never change” transformed their lives
  • Is it bad to eat an Impossible Burger?
  • How to achieve grace, no matter what you believe
  • How to forgive your past
  • Is the meat industry going vegan?
  • The benefits of drinking vodka (or wine!)


Our favorite moments:

@8:45 We’re down with everyone

@15:07 It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through

@17:28 I’ve found my truth, and my truth is vodka

@30:30 It’s like Jesus being right there

@51:28 Truly revolutionary

@1:02:20 We’re no longer the weirdos!

@1:17:20 Dudes feel too!

@1:29:15 One person can change the whole world.




Vodka is Vegan book


Unity documentary

Beyond Belief by Melanie Joy

What is the Bible? by Rob Bell

Death on a Factory Farm documentary

World Peace Diet


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