Spirit Junkie Series Begins June 13th with Special Guest Gabby Bernstein

May 26, 2017

UPDATE! Gabby’s FREE video series has dropped! Check it out:

Video 1: Three Steps to Own Your Confidence and Take Action Now

Video 2: The 3 Major Blocks to Your Abundance and How to Fix Them

Video 3: The #1 Way to Stand Out and Make an Impact Doing What You Love – COMING SOON

What You Will Learn in Gabby’s FREE Training Series:

– The 3 steps to owning your confidence and getting into action now
– How to overcome doubt and uncertainty
– The #1 way to feel connected to your purpose
– Bust the myth that it’s “not spiritual” to earn for your great work!
– Gabby’s step-by-step process for bringing purpose into your career.
– The 3 things that block your abundance — and how to fix them.
– How to make publicity and marketing FUN!.
– The #1 way to stand out & make an impact doing what you love.
– Gabby’s secret method for being standing out and being heard


So… Do you have a big dream but struggle to take action on it?

So many people have told us that they have a vision that really excites them — but something holds them back from putting that dream into action.

We know how it feels, because we used to be the same way. Fear kept us from actually *doing* what we dreamed of.

So we enrolled in Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass, the transformational course that guides you to gain the confidence to own your purpose.

Gabby taught us how to take spiritually aligned actions and show up for our dreams. She guided us through deep-dive spiritual practices and gave us practical business tools which we have now used to create one of the Top Health & Wellness brands in the country.

We also got to meet an incredible class of extraordinary women who are leading the most abundant, fulfilling lives, living their purpose and being in radiant health. These women taught us that we can have it all!

Now we are paying it forward. We have brought together a group of 8 incredible women who were once just dreamers, but who are now earth-shakers and dream-makers to give you guidance, tools and tips to truly have it all!

The free podcast series debuts June 13th, 2017 with special guest Gabby Bernstein! Subscribe to The Food Heals Podcast today at FoodHealsPodcast.com and don’t miss out on your opportunity to change your career and your life!

Don’t miss:

– Step-by-step guidance from Spirit Junkie Alumni on how to start or grow your spiritual business, infuse your work with your spiritual beliefs, get noticed by the media and be abundant doing what you love.

– How to turn your wellness blog into a business, publish a book, lead a talk and create digital courses so that you can create passive revenue for your great work.

– And healing stories from people who have completely changed their lives- mind, body & spirit!

The series is absolutely FREE and will run from June 13th-June 29th. Subscribe  FoodHealsPodcast.com 

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Spirit Junkie Podcast Series Begins June 13th on The Food Heals Podcast

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing?
Do you want to take your career, your business and your brand to the next level? The Food Heals Podcast wants to help you BUILD YOUR DREAMS!

Whether you want to become a world renowned author, blogger, brand, speaker or spiritual lifestyle coach, whether you’ve always dreamed of hosting transformational retreats or simply want to become a digital nomad spreading a message of peace and love to the world, we want to give you the tools you need to do so. Let’s do this!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not meant to spend the best part of our lives in unfulfilling jobs. We are beings of consciousness, on this earth to deeply connect with the Universe and each other, to experience beauty and bliss in every way, and to be unashamedly ourselves.

Do you wake up every day doing what you love or dreading what you do? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start each day with a beaming smile, excited about what’s in store? Well, you can! No more living for the weekend. You can live for every day!

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be stuck in a job you hate, and you don’t need to drag yourself to an office you despise to do mind-numbing tasks you have no interest in. And the best part? With the right tools, transforming your career from soul-destroying to soul-enhancing is easy!

Imagine being able to work from anywhere you want. Whether that’s your sunlit kitchen while the kids play outside, a tropical beach, a secluded forest chalet, or a wooden cabin in the mountains. The Spirit Junkie Podcast Series will teach you to build the business of your dreams, so that you can do work that feeds your soul and sets you free.

Join us for the FREE Spirit Junkie Podcast Series starting June 13th with special guest Gabby Bernstein! Subscribe to The Food Heals Podcast today and don’t miss out on your opportunity to change your career and your life!

P.S. WE are proud affiliates of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course. We deeply believe in her and this program and may earn a referral fee if you sign up from our recommendation. This helps with our green juice addiction!


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