203: Free Yourself From Chronic Backpain And Transform Your Life Through Posture With Dr. Krista Burns


These days, it seem like everyone’s got back pain.


80% of Americans experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. Plus, it’s now considered the number one reason people go to their doctor! No surprise really…we spend so much of our time sitting – at our desks, on our sofas, in our cars, over our cellphones Therefore, poor posture is definitely to blame for our ailments. And this might surprise you, but poor posture quickly makes for a poor attitude (it’s been proven!).


Growing up, Dr. Krista Burns wanted nothing more than to be a professional skier. But a back injury put an end to that dream, and conventional treatment only made matters worse (surprise, surprise…). Despite all of the setbacks, she knew there had to be a way to heal herself.


After obtaining her first doctorate, she designed a 3-component system to address back pain. Through: 


  1. spinal alignment
  2. posture rehabilitation
  3. posture habit re-education,


She freed herself from the chronic pain she had been experiencing for years. Since then, she has been determined to help people prevent or overcome back problems.


Dr. Krista is now a certified chiropractic doctor, inspiring public speaker, and published author. She’s co-founded the American Posture Institute, where she and her team train healthcare providers to teach their patients proper posture. She’s also the brains behind www.posturearchetype.com. Take the free assessment to check your own posture archetype and receive a postural transformation solution designed specifically for you.


Now, How Exactly Does Posture Affect Mood?

How you stand directly impacts how you feel. Similarly, how you feel directly impacts how you stand. It’s a vicious cycle. When you feel depressed, you hunch your shoulders, cross your arms, hold your head low. When you feel uplifted, you stand straight, shoulders back, head held high. But the truth is, at any moment you can choose to feel uplifted…or choose to feel depressed.


By changing your posture, you can achieve a new emotional state.


This fact is supported by science. Studies have shown that people with poor posture are more likely to experience negative moods and be self-critical. In the same way, people with good posture are happier, feel more confident, have a positive body image. You have the power to change your mood, simply by changing how you hold your body.


Dr. Krista’s Tips for Back Pain Relief:

  • First and foremost, get to the root cause of your pain (take the archetype assessment)
  • Move the area where you feel pain
  • Strengthen your core – it will help support your spine and maintain postural alignment
  • Bring your cellphone or laptop up to eye level so you’re not constantly looking down in a slumped posture. Avoid tech-neck!
  • Create an active workspace. Standing desk, active sitting (like sitting on an exercise ball or posture cushion).
  • Take frequent posture breaks; get up and stretch.
  • Use a posture reminder – this will help you create long lasting back-friendly habits.
  • Have a postural evaluation every year, just like you’d have a health check.


Plus, Eco Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen’s Tips To Go Vegan:

  • You don’t need to be perfect. Allow yourself time to transition.
  • Don’t be afraid of what other people think.
  • There’s a lot to learn about veganism; it’s harder than going vegetarian. Give yourself the resources (podcasts, documentaries, blogs, etc.) to make it easier to transition.
  • Add more plants to your diet; we’ve got some great tips for this coming up in Episode 204 with Vegan Bros!
  • Reach out to a vegan community. www.ecoveganpal.com is a great resource and supportive plant-based network.
  • Replace non-vegan foods you love with delicious plant-based versions. Shop online if there are no options near you: www.happycow.com, www.veganessentials.com, and www.thrivemarket.com are good places to start.
  • Make your own delicious vegan food by getting inspiration online. Try the Plan to Eat app to find recipes, meal plans and shopping lists.
  • Check out Whitney’s book Healthy Organic Vegan on a Budget: www.veganebook.com



What you’ll learn in Episode 203:

  • Whitney Lauritsen’s advice to go vegan for good
  • What is postural collapse?
  • How to avoid positions that compromise your back
  • How to avoid postural degeneration
  • A simple standing pose that will drop your stress hormones instantly
  • How you can change your mood and your physical chemistry for the better
  • A 30 second move to bring your body back into alignment
  • How your posture and productivity go together
  • The healthiest way to sit in front of the tv


Our favorite moments:

@7:03 That’s so brave!

@31:20 The best way to heal back pain

@37:38 And then things start to shift

@51:40 The perfect time to think about your posture

@53:03 Sitting is the new smoking

@57:50 Do a digital detox!








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