158: Medical Mysteries Solved! How to Reverse Auto-Immune Diseases & Detox Your Body Naturally


Millions of people struggle with autoimmune conditions – maybe you’re one of them. If you are, then listen up: You CAN heal yourself. You don’t have to go through a lifetime on prescription pills, just managing your symptoms, masking your pain. You can heal, and you can thrive. Today’s guest is living proof that the body can heal itself if given the tools it needs to do so.


From the age of 12, Lauren Tatarchuk was a medical mystery. Diagnoses were proclaimed: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, Lyme disease. She struggled with chronic pain, exhaustion, muscle weakness, severe migraines—she didn’t have the strength to get out of bed without Adderall. Lauren was so heavily medicated that she doesn’t remember much of her adolescence. She was on a shoebox of pills every day – until that day she snapped, ripped the medicine box off the wall and threw the pills across the room. She fell to the floor, sobbing. Enough was enough. Enough with the pills, and enough with the victim mentality. She’d had enough of the medical crutches, she was going to let her pain fuel her motivation to get well naturally.


Lauren is now a regenerative detoxification specialist, biofeedback expert, and is leading the Heal Yourself Revolution. She uses iridology and bio-resonance to help people release old emotions and heal physical conditions. Having healed herself of her autoimmune conditions, she knows it IS possible and wants to be a message of hope to anyone suffering with chronic illness. Lauren wants to use her story to move the masses from being victims to taking charge of their health. Lauren’s coaching program starts in August and you can get on the waiting list by clicking here.


For Lauren, being a Spirit Junkie is all about standing up for what you believe and being unapologetic about expressing who you are on an authentic level. And if you want to be part of this growing community, we’re excited to announce that enrollment for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is open (but only until Thursday June 29th!). There has never been a better time to create the life you want and dive into your heart-centered business. When you sign up, you’ll also get over bonuses worth over $1900, including two coaching calls with Gabby and all the tools and resources you’ll need to to take that next step to living abundantly. And of course, you get access to the Spirit Junkie community, where you’ll get support and accountability from beautiful souls who are on the same path as you. There’s a reason you’re being called to this training. Now is the time to listen to that call.



What you’ll learn:

  • The real cause of auto-immune diseases
  • How your lymphatic system can heal your body
  • What you can achieve through biofeedback
  • What makes your body the perfect breeding ground for parasites (and how to avoid it!)
  • How to check if your lymph system is healthy
  • How to use iridology to identify health conditions
  • The secret to healing any disease
  • Why you need to eat like an ape
  • How to get real hydration
  • How to breathe to boost healing



Our favorite moments:

@7:48 What will you have me do

@17:00 Lauren’s powerful moment

@18:02 There has to be a better way

@28:01 The biggest fallacy in the world

@33:37 Crazy insane fruitoholic

@42:57 Your body loves you

@49:28 The best version of yourself

@51:25 Do you know how to breathe?





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