159: Transforming Trauma into Purpose, The Incredible Power of Al-Anon & Using Social Media to Spread Goodness


Tara LaDue grew up in an alcoholic household and is a survivor of incest. She had always been an intuitive child, but her chaotic childhood didn’t allow her to connect with her gift. She overcame all of that—healing her trauma and repairing her relationship with her mom. She’s now a certified Angel Card Reader and Angel Intuitive, a Social Media Maven, is writing her healing memoir Came to Believe, and is just a few weeks away from becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher!


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Whatever you are being called to do, now is the time to do it. Your story, your voice, your journey is unique and that is what helps others heal. You can be anything you want, a holistic podcaster, a spiritual coach, a blogger, a singer, a plant-based chef, a light-worker. The world needs your gifts! More people need light workers, than there are light workers in the world.


Spirit Junkie Masterclass changed Tara’s life. The training cracked her open, and helped her get to the core of her limiting beliefs, so she could conquer her fears and gain the confidence to go out and do what she wanted to do.


Tara has built a hugely successful media platform (and has helped us with ours!) and wants to help you do the same. Check out her social media coaching, or grab her fantastic e-book Social Media Guidebook for Spiritual Entrepreneurs (you get $5 with the FoodHeals coupon code!). Get on the waiting list for her beautiful healing memoir Came to Believe by clicking here.



What you’ll learn:

  • Why NOW is the time to do what you want
  • How Tara went from having no followers to having a super successful social media platform
  • How EFT/Tapping rewires your brain
  • The most transformational healing tool
  • How we can use Angel cards to heal
  • How to transform your traumas into your dream life, help others AND get paid for it
  • Which hashtags to use to maximize your posts
  • The best PR



Tara’s social media tips and tricks: how you can take your wellness brand to next level organically:

  1. Authenticity – if you’re not feeling what you’re posting, other people won’t feel it either.
  2. Make sure your usernames match
  3. Make your profile pic your photo
  4. Your bio is important – make it brief but punchy
  5. Use fewer hashtags – just the top 15
  6. No canned comments! Be authentic.
  7. Don’t be afraid to follow people
  8. You can get more tips in her Social Media Guidebook for Spiritual Entrepreneurs



Our favorite moments:

@6:11 how your story heals

@20:36 I do it in the car…

@20:54 I’m 40 and I don’t care anymore.

@28:35 Getting emotional!

@32:35 Manifesting the f*** out of that

@39:02 Hardcore vegan







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