151: Anti-Aging Secrets & DNA Detoxing Methods You’ve Never Heard of with the Jing Slingers


When you eat the whole plant, you’re getting the whole deal. That’s why we find so many healing plants in nature. Interestingly, almost every pharmaceutical medicine has its roots in nature. But modern medicine extracts one compound and turns it into pill form (with undesirable side effects). When you eat a whole plant however, you’re getting all the other nutrients working synergistically together to heal your body. Food Heals favorites Joy and Jay are passionate about whole tonic herbs. From that passion, Jing Slingers were born.

Joy is a badass cop turned anti-aging superfood master. Jay is a yogi and tonic herbalist with over 50,000 tonic elixirs to his name. Together they create cleverly conscious comfort food that’s as good as your granny’s banana bread with the added benefits of supercharging your health all the way to your cells. (We tried their superfood caramel and can testify to this – best. Caramel. EVER).

Since they were last on the show, the Jing Slingers have been working on a tonic to rival all tonics. Most modern diseases result from a dysfunction of the mitochondria, our cells’ power-producers. These are the molecules responsible for our core life energy. But we live in concrete jungles, breathe in polluted air, are bombarded by wifi radiation, drink chemical water—our cells are overwhelmed. They need a detox tonic. Enter the DNA Detox, an aqueous zeolight solution that penetrates deep into the cells’ mitochondria, binds to environmental toxins, heavy metals, and even BPA’s, and escorts them out of your body. A next level solution to the next level toxicity we are dealing with.

But that’s not all, they’ve also moved back to nature. At their retreat, Waterstone in North Carolina, you can experience life away from wifi signals, polluted air, and stress, and enjoy forest bathing, foraging, and of course, Joy and Jay’s mind-blowing culinary delights. We’ll definitely be going 🙂


What you’ll learn:

  • The surprising benefits of basil
  • The best healthy sugar-free alternatives
  • What monk fruit is and why it needs to feature in your diet
  • Which xylitol products to avoid
  • How to get more Vitamin D out of your mushrooms
  • What goes into a green goddess dressing
  • How walking through nature heals body and soul
  • How to make good bread without the junk
  • Joy’s secret anti-aging superfoods
  • The best tonic herbs for stress
  • How big pharma works
  • The detrimental effects of wifi and what you can do about it
  • The health issues of flying and how to mitigate the risk
  • How to stop aging (it’s all about altering the way your genes are expressed)
  • Why and how sugar ages you
  • Why good cholesterol heals your body
  • How to make healthy salted caramel


Our favorite moments:

@2:13 The real deal.

@6:58 Strawberry basil lemontini

@16:35 Getting naked in the forest.

@43:45 Blowing my mind right now!

@1:12:50 How to turn the clock back.



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