150: The Truth About Cystitis and How to Heal with a High-Raw Vegan Diet


Marina Yanay-Triner is the soul behind Soul in the Raw, a website dedicated to helping people go vegan in a sane, healthy, and delicious way.

Marina’s journey towards a raw vegan lifestyle began when she witnessed her mum’s healing transformation. Marina’s mum had interstitial cystitis, a chronic bladder disorder that left her unable to live a normal life. Doctor after doctor prescribed pills and injections but nothing worked. Taking matters into her own hands, she went on a 28-day water fast, before transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle. She completely healed herself.

Witnessing her mother’s amazing recovery made Marina want to reconnect with her body. In high-school, she’d been sexually assaulted by her boyfriend. This caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which affected her digestion and emotions. But when she got into raw plant-based food, she was able to heal her physical and emotional trauma.

Marina set up Soul in the Raw to show vegans and wannabe vegans how delicious and flavorful raw plant-based food can be. It’s not just about being vegan or gluten free, it’s about eating whole, plant-based, unprocessed, natural foods! Sign up to her online course and discover how to go vegan, improve your digestion and make delicious raw foods!


Marina’s tips for digestion:

Did you know that only 3% of Americans get enough fiber? A diet high in processed foods, alck of fiber, and even negative emotions can have an impact on your digestion. Here are a few of Marina’s tips for healthy digestion:

  • Remove oil – oil is a processed food that your body can struggle to process.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Always add a little fat (nuts and seeds) and fiber to your meals
  • Eat simple – have lots of healthy carbs
  • Take care of your gut bacteria – be smart about eating foods that have prebiotics


What you’ll learn:

  • What is the high-raw diet?
  • How to include more living foods into your diet.
  • How eating a little bit less can help your body heal and rejuvenate.
  • How to fast safely.
  • How to reduce your cortisol levels.
  • How to use raw and cooked food to help with energy and sleep.
  • Why oil is difficult to digest, and how to replace it.
  • Why raw food fills you up.
  • Which foods are better cooked.
  • Marina’s secret tip to fight inflammation.


Our favorite moments:

@5:09 She’s bad-ass!

@15:45 Ready to run a marathon!

@24:30 Healthy is delicious!

@28:21 A bad joke.

@33:52 Not just salad!

@37:45 Super tip to fight inflammation



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