Episode 282 Pura Vita: A Virgo, a Vegan and a Paleo Walk Into a Bar


Today we’re coming to you from Pura Vita restaurant! We’re chatting about good food, the delicious world of eating gluten free, and going vegan with JJ Flizanes and chef Tara Punzone. 


Tara has strong Italian roots. Her parents had a sandwich shop in Brooklyn, and both of them were amazing cooks. She’s always been into the food aspect of her culture, and as she grew up, she began to develop a stronger passion for it.


She started cooking at age 10 and found she was really interested in it. Around that time, Tara decided she didn’t want to eat meat any more and become a vegetarian. Even though she wanted to give up meat, she didn’t want to give up the foods her parents would cook. Thankfully her parents were very accommodating and jumped in the kitchen to make foods that worked for her!



After a few years of being vegetarian, she went fully vegan and eventually became the owner of Pura Vita, a vegan Italian restaurant in Los Angeles that offers tons of gluten-free options – Allison and JJ think it’s one of the best restaurants in LA! Pura Vita is a product of her passions combined with her love of Italian food and it really shows in the dishes she creates. 


As an entrepreneur and chef, Tara has had to overcome various challenges throughout her journey. Her advice? Don’t listen to anyone. Be polite and then forget everything they said. Take risks and believe in yourself. If you fail, dust yourself off and do it again. Life is relentless, you just have to keep going! 


Tara worked hard to get where she is now… and she also manifested the shit out of Pura Vita. Tune in to this special episode to learn more about Tara and how she is making an impact on the world.


What You’ll Learn

  • How Tara got to where she is today
  • How to overcome feeling alone on a journey
  • Tara’s dream of owning a restaurant
  • Steps to help live out your dream
  • Tips for cooking gluten free
  • What’s next for Tara?
  • The Kick-Starter campaign
  • The law of attraction
  • How to handle the holidays



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