#283: Embrace Money and Become Your Own Super Woman with Boss Bitch Nicole Lapin


Whoever told you money can’t buy happiness was probably not good at managing it. In today’s episode, learn from Nicole Lapin’s experience and see how simple tricks can change your financials, career, and relationships.


Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling Author of the books Boss Bitch, Rich Bitch, and her new book Becoming Super Woman. She’s also the host of the nationally syndicated business reality competition show, “Hatched,” and has been an anchor on CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg, but her story started much differently. Nicole started out making 20k/year and getting into almost as much in credit card debt. What was ironic is that she took a job as a finance anchor at the time… but was a mess with her own. She eventually got out of this mess, and when she finally did, she learned a valuable lesson… and today she’s going to share it with us!



In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to have a healthy relationship with money
  • Practical holiday spending tips
  • The 3 E’s of spending
  • Why you need to treat yourself once in a while
  • The phrase we need to say less

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