Taught by one of our absolute favorite podcasts guests, Magda Freedom Rod, Conscious Eating 101 is about aligning your food choices with your values in order to 

Lose weight effortlessly and increase your health and happiness!

 The course includes 15 lessons to help you transform your food choices into ones that support your health as well as the health of animals and the world at large. When purchased, you’ll receive the new lessons weekly, and have access to them for a full year.


Week1: Conscious Eating Defined. Self Love, Animal Love. Planet Love.

Lesson 1:Why Conscious Eating?

Lesson 2: Why Organic Matters & GMO’s

Lesson 3: Heart Opening Meditation

Week2-Getting Started-What to add & avoid

Lesson 4: What to Add & What to Avoid

Lesson 5: Conscious Label Reading + Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Week 3:What do I eat? An introduction to Alternatives

Lesson 6: Plant-Based Proteins

Lesson7: Dairy Alternatives

Lesson 8: The Sugar Story & Healthy Alternatives

Week 4-How to Stay Healthy on a Plant-Based Diet

Lesson 9: Essential Plant Based Nutrition

Lesson 10: Equipping the Kitchen

Week 5-Go Green Week! Why and how to incorporate more greens into your daily routine

Lesson 11: Juicing vs. Blending

Lesson 12: The Wonderful World of Greens

Week 6-Takin it to the Next Level

Lesson 13: Superfoods

Lesson 14: Soaking & Sprouting

Lesson 15: Healthy Desserts

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