69: Adam Sud Part 2 – Sharing the Journey to Health


Three years ago, Adam weighed 300 pounds, was diabetic, suffered from depression, and was addicted to drugs and junk food. Since overcoming his addiction and healing his diabetes with a plant-based vegan diet, Adam’s life has completely changed for the better.

When he noticed that his twin brother Bobby was in the same position he had been in previously, he reached out. A few months ago, he suggested Bobby move in, and follow the same diet and exercise regime Adam was on. Bobby accepted, and has been following Adam’s health routine for about a month in a half.

Even in such a short time, the results are astounding: Bobby has lost 20 pounds, balanced his blood sugar levels and improved his blood pressure. There have been challenges—change isn’t easy—but Bobby already feels happier and healthier and says looking at it as his very own “hero’s journey” helps to keep him motivated.

Adam and Bobby want to make the world a healthier place and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental health. “People need to recover out loud. We need to remove the shame around addiction” says Adam. They will be taking part in the Ice Breaker Run—an event that aims to break the ice around talking about mental illness. The run will be 3100 miles long, spanning from Los Angeles to Washington DC and its end will kick off Mental Health Awareness Week. You can follow their progress through their website and look out for their podcast- coming soon!

We also answer a question from one of our listeners, who is in the process of changing her lifestyle and wants to know how she can heal herself naturally and holistically, and the best way to come off prescription medication for depression and ADD. Thank you for reaching out! We always advocate talking to a doctor about coming off medications and doing so gradually. There are many things you can do to get your brain balanced, such as positive thinking and giving your brain proper nutrients. For the full story about Bobby’s journey, and great tips from Adam and ourselves on how to live a more natural and holistic life, tune in now!


Adam Sud’s Bio

​A little over 3 years ago Adam Sud weighed 300lbs,  was a type II diabetic, a drug addict, fast food addict, and suffering from severe depression. Adam was diagnosed as a diabetic his first day at in-patient rehab.  After rehab he moved to California into a sober-living house.  Adam took it upon himself to reverse his type II diabetes and so he implemented a plant strong nutrition plan into his recovery program of medication and therapy. What Adam didn’t know was nutrition would become the backbone of his entire recovery.  Within 6 months Adam reversed his diabetes and today he is over 3 years sober and weighs 170lbs.   Adam realized that nutrition has an amazing power in regards to addiction recovery.  Adam became a certified holistic lifestyle coach and developed a program using nutrition as a tool for addiction recovery and relapse prevention.  He now run groups at sober-living houses and Intensive Out-Patient Therapy centers in LA.  He recently had the honor of speaking at Rip Esselstyn’s Engine 2 plant based health immersion in Arizona and has been invited back as a speaker for 2016.   Adam has had the honor of being a guest on the Rich Roll podcast, Running To Mental Health podcast, and has been featured on Forks Over Knives.


Adam Sud’s Links

Website:  www.sudbrothers.com




Our Favorite Moments:

@11:45 What makes Suzy go “No Shit!”?

@19:00 How did Suzy set her bathtub on fire?

@26:15 A sample of Adam and Bobby’s super healthy diet


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